On 2nd of November 2015 the children on Nauru started a Facebook page.

The children on Nauru are refugees who arrived in Australia by boat since 2011. Under Australian law, asylum seekers who arrive by boat from Indonesia

  1. Are detained indefinitely offshore on either Nauru or Manus island even if they are refugees and even if they are children, including unaccompanied children.
  2. Will never be settled in Australia

Some children have been on Nauru for 4 years.

The Offshore solution as it has come to be known is expensive, punitive and shortsighted.

Both major political parties in Australia support this regime. They are the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal National Party.

Some politicians in the major parties oppose this policy as do all members of the Greens Party.

Many people in Australia oppose this policy also and many groups in Australia are raising their voices to have this policy changed.

Recently it became a criminal offense for anyone who works with the children on Nauru to disclose anything at all about their treatment, the conditions they live in, even if they have been assaulted in any way.

Facebook is banned on Nauru and the refugee children are not allowed smart phones. So their Facebook page is a huge risk for them. It is likely that their page will be shut down any time and their voices silenced.

To prevent this happening, the content of their Facebook page, which is freely available to the public, are being copied by a third party who does not personally know the children or work on Nauru. An ordinary Australian citizen who finds the secrecy around the treatment of these children very worrying and an erosion of Australia’s commitment to freedom and democracy.

So their voices are the ones you will hear on this blog, reflecting the posts on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Free-the-Children-NAURU-839867502797443/?fref=ts



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  1. I do not want my government to psychologically torture children (or adults) in the name of their nasty, mean spiritied, xenophobic policy. Keep up the fight and please pass on my best wishes to the kids of Nauru. There are plenty of people in Australia on your side, stay strong.

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  2. And not only Australians! I’m German and in my master studies of International Migration during a discussion of safeguards for unaccompanied minors or children travelling with their parents we talked about the detention centre in Nauru. I was shocked when I processed all the information… The more people know, care about the Nauru children and protest against those conditions the more likely an improvement will be possible. Keep going!


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