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Australia urges Nauru to uphold rule of law and stop censorship



Free the Children NAURU The ban on Facebook and the slow computers will not stop us talking.
Unlike · Reply · 20 · 5 November at 11:04

Kerri Lee
Kerri Lee You are so brave and strong. I admire you all. 💕
Like · Reply · 1 · 14 November at 09:59

Karen Agha Babaie
Karen Agha Babaie This guy Adeang is one of the worse politicians exsisting.
Like · Reply · 1 · 6 November at 21:16

Mary Blight
Mary Blight It is hypocritical of the Australian government to call on Nauru to stop censorship when they do not allow any information out on what is happening in Nauru. I am so glad this page is here! Good on you! heart emoticon
Like · Reply · 13 · 13 November at 11:21

Marie- Christina Virago
Marie- Christina Virago You are absolutely right Mary! Post shared!
Like · Reply · 1 · 13 November at 13:35 · Edited

Krissoula Syrmis
Krissoula Syrmis Keep posting what you can and we will all share it and try and make it go viral. Good Luck
Unlike · Reply · 7 · 13 November at 11:25

Bea Conley
Bea Conley Stop censorship?? Is this meant to be a joke??
Like · Reply · 3 · 13 November at 14:39

Kishwar Ghazi
Kishwar Ghazi What do you mean?
Like · Reply · 13 November at 14:41

Bea Conley
Bea Conley I mean that after maintaining secrecy about “border protection” policies, and passing laws to deter whistleblowers, the Australian government has an incredible nerve to tell Nauru to end censorship!!
Unlike · Reply · 7 · 13 November at 14:44

Mary Blight
Mary Blight It certainly does!
Like · Reply · 1 · 13 November at 15:34

Kishwar Ghazi
Kishwar Ghazi When you are less compliant with international law than failed states, it’s time to reassess. Nauru is not a signatory to many crucial human rights instruments. But there are ways around that and when Nauru becomes the subject of legal proceedings for these violations, Australia will be prosecuted too.
Unlike · Reply · 10 · 13 November at 14:46

Mary Blight
Mary Blight Good. It should be. I am ashamed that Australia is doing this.
Like · Reply · 2 · 13 November at 15:34

Jo Bain
Jo Bain Looking forward to seeing both Liberal and Labor politicians being confronted in the Hague – they do not act for Australians, they act for their corporate sponsors.
Like · Reply · 4 · 13 November at 17:33

Glen Reeves
Glen Reeves Nauru becoming the subject of legal proceedings? Where? How? If they’re not signatories to the relevant conventions then the ICJ can’t do anything. The ICJ deals with disputes between signatory countries, and no, there’re no “ways around that”.
Like · Reply · 13 November at 21:57
Sarah Swain
Sarah Swain Thank you for sharing your story Salam. I’m so sorry that you are locked up on Nauru and so are many Australians. We will continue the fight and I know that you will be free one day.
Unlike · Reply · 6 · 13 November at 15:45


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