Messages from the kids

Hello lovely FreethechildrenNAURU friends

Hello lovely FreethechildrenNAURU friends,
The children managing this page send you their heartfelt thanks for all your kind words and offers of assistance. They were overwhelmed, delighted and a bit confused by the volume of your support. They never expected it having felt forgotten for so long.
The issue with Facebook has been resolved as an adult in Australia has provided their details as Administrator. The children still manage the page as Editors but under the protection of trusted adults that they know. Thank you for all the offers to help moderate and administer the page, but I’m sure you understand the risks of providing such access to people unknown to the children. This page is their initiative and we aim to keep it that way.
The teenage Editors of this page have also regrouped and recruited more children in Nauru, inside and outside the camp, to assist with the page management and will try to respond to as many comments as possible. Do keep in mind that the internet in Nauru is very slow and they have to use proxy servers to access Facebook which slows it down even more. So even if your comment is not replied to, it has been read and appreciated. It is for this reason also, that the private message function has been removed from the page.
They have also requested the assistance of trusted adults to monitor the page for trolls. Out of over 24,000 likes in 48 hours, 21 users have been blocked for posting awful comments. The children want this page to be a peaceful and positive space and request that you do not reply to negative comments, they will be deleted and blocked by adult moderators.
Thank you also friends for the many generous offers of gifts for the children. We are in the process of compiling a mailing list from those that have emailed and will email out instructions on how to send gifts to Nauru and other detention centres in Australia as soon as possible. This needs to be managed in an equitable manner to ensure all children on Nauru are included.
That’s it from me, now back to the children …..

Lucious Fox

Lucious Fox Power to the kids!

Carly Whittaker
Carly Whittaker stay brave, and remember we’re all thinking of you xx
if you want to come over and play with my dog and my cats when you get to australia, you’re most welcome heart emoticon

Amo Kura

Amo Kura kia kaha tamariki ma (be strong and brave children)

Joanna Hunter

Joanna Hunter Keep up the great work kids and helpers : )

Mary Blight

Mary Blight Thanks so much for the information! Good work kids! I love this fb page. Long may it last! PS. I am descended from a young girl who came out to Australia with her 14 year old sister from Ireland in the 1860s. They were not exactly welcome here when they arrived, but my ancestor went on to live a good life. heart emoticon

Micah Mills

Micah Mills Thinking of you all, sorry, sorry, sorry we are governed by cowards. Hopefully compassion will come your way soon🏽

Jenni Powell

Jenni Powell *Always* in our hearts and minds brave young people.

Vicki Hunter O'Donnell ʚϊɞ

Vicki Hunter O’Donnell ʚϊɞ Sending lots of love and hugs from Perth, Australia. Stay positive and brave and know that people care very much for your happiness and wellbeing heart emoticon

Nadia Belci

Nadia Belci We are thinking of you and wishing I could give you a big warm hug xxx

Bryan Simmons

Bryan Simmons We are with you, watching, listening and thinking of you.

Nicky Henderson

Nicky Henderson Such great news!!! Well done.

Sharon Grimley

Sharon Grimley Proud to stand with you all. xx

Mary Trimble

Mary Trimble Dear children, you are heard and you are seen by the world — keep faith, keep courage, we are sending you love every minute.

Shizue Sameshima

Shizue Sameshima Big hugs from NZ. The world is watching and waiting for your release. Stay strong!!! x

Superchicken Tanja

Superchicken Tanja Well done on keeping the page. Stay strong! We are thinking of you and want your freedom! Xxx

Julie Lawrence

Julie Lawrence I am SO so so sorry that you are locked up. I would do anything to change that. Much love to you all xxx

Wonda Woomn

Wonda Woomn Wonderful news, keep talking, educate people, it’s the only way to mend what is so very broken.

Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson great news. Keep at it young people.

Shamim Aslani

Shamim Aslani Bianca, Kirsty, Jessica, Katija – really cool initiative

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Sheila Ryan

Sheila Ryan We think of you and send our love.

Gail Weston

Gail Weston Great news! Let’s keep the communication channels open.

Kelso Kel

Kelso Kel To the children on Nauru. I am so sorry our government has locked you up. You are so very welcome in Australia and in my family’s home. I hope you are free to run and play very soon.

Skye Starkey

Skye Starkey When there were Bosnian refugees in Australia my sisters & I sent letters & gifts to Bosnian refugee children. Now I’m an adult & a mother I would like to know if there is any way to exchange letters with asylum seekers. Is anyone aware of any programs available for this?

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU Email us at, and we can help you smile emoticon

Rebecca Collopy

Rebecca Collopy Thank-you for this page smile emoticon I am happy to assist with anything I can smile emoticon

Aaren Renny Stillwell

Aaren Renny Stillwell Sending love and strength!

Paul Totterdell

Paul Totterdell Very good. Hang in there kids smile emoticon

Elizabeth Farge

Elizabeth Farge Wonderful that the Australian stepped in!

Ann Martin

Ann Martin Great news, Janet!

Wendy Garthon

Wendy Garthon You are fabulous. Hello, kids. smile emoticon

Stefanie Schmidt

Stefanie Schmidt I cannot imagine your struggles and suffering, but I am in awe of who you are and who you will become.

Jo Craig

Jo Craig Wow, what amazing kids! Always praying for you darlings & our government too, that they would end this now & bring you beautiful kids over to Aus & let you be free…as all children should be.

Sylvia Harmon

Sylvia Harmon Wonderful news.

Janine Holland

Janine Holland So sorry to see you growing up in such a terrible place. Love and strength to you all. Take care of each other.

Sophia Katz

Sophia Katz Hello children. How are you today? I’m thinking of you constantly and I would love to be able to send you letters and presents if you are allowed and you would like them. My daughter Ocean is 11 and she said she loves you and that she is trying to help bring you to Australia. I hope today brings you some love and cuddles and fun things.

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU Email us at and we can help you smile emoticon

Beth Marshall

Beth Marshall You are not forgotten. Never!

Steve Saul

Steve Saul Wonderful, wonderful news. Keep spreading the love.

Katie Smith

Katie Smith Great work. You know, it is so good to see the vast numbers of supporters do actually out-number the haters. This is something I always believed but it’s hard to prove when the haters are so vocal. They are the noisy minority … something for our politicians to take note of, don’t you think?

Lucinda McKay

Lucinda McKay That is why it is important to block the haters. Trolls get a thrill out of hijacking a thread, getting everyone to waste time and energy arguing with them. Blocking them gives a chance for the supporters to be seen.

Ruth Leahy

Ruth Leahy Yes. Never understand why some Admins don’t just BLOCK bad people. One Strike, Out. No such thing as Freedom of Speech or Benefit of the Doubt for obviously Toxic people.

Mary Blight
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Jeanette Green

Jeanette Green Keep communicating with us all..know you are cared about and thought about…

Toni Colette Meyer

Toni Colette Meyer Keep your spirits up young precious people. I’m so so sorry our government keeps you locked up – none of you deserve it… You all deserve to be safe, loved & free.

Shirl Durrant

Shirl Durrant Your courage brings a smile to my face today

Kelyn Flynn

Kelyn Flynn Thank you for the update. So happy to hear that this has worked out for these children.

Sophia Katz

Sophia Katz The person who verified the identity. Thank you. Very much thank you.

Jill Coghlan

Jill Coghlan Great to have this communication as it provides transparancy which is whats needed to free you from Nauru. Hoping you are inundated with good and kind messages & your facebook page grows and grows. You’re in our thoughts always.

Patrick Walsh
Patrick Walsh Stay strong, keep smiling, and be the amazing, loving people that you are.
REAL Australians love you, care about you and wish you were here to hug you.

Portia Dill Sherrard

Portia Dill Sherrard This makes me happy that you have a voice and sad you need it

Marg Marshall

Marg Marshall Fabulous!! Social media is a powerful tool when used well. Big love to all of you

Charlie Spencer

Charlie Spencer Thank you for the opportunity to send gifts. I am so glad this page is continuing. And I am so very sorry for what this government is doing to you. It is certainly not is my name.

Amanda Jane Brown

Amanda Jane Brown Good morning everyone I hope you all slept better knowing we are thinking of you . I hope today is a better day for you all and I wish you were here with us in Australia x

Cathy Boley

Cathy Boley Hi from my family in Perth, please know we love and support you. Hopefully there is joy for you soon.

Alida MacGregor

Alida MacGregor Fabulous! Good on those who are helping with the admin of this page.

Melinda Hughes

Melinda Hughes Our government does not represent all of us, many of us wish things were very different and we are saddened by what is happening. Stay strong and we will all keep trying on our end.

Ali McPhee Harris

Ali McPhee Harris Thank you for the update. I have emailed requesting to be added to the mailing list.

Jane McPhail

Jane McPhail Wonderful news! You are very inspirational & amazing to so many of us who are trying everything in order to obtain your freedom! A positive for social media, stay strong you are so highly thought of by so many Australians. Stay safe

Mary Blight

Mary Blight So this page has now made it into another blog: They do think this page is gone, but that is happily not true. So the message is spreading on the internet!…/the-heartbreaking…

Claire Holloway

Claire Holloway I hope you can keep doing your art. I hope to send you materials for art. There are many people around the world and we are watching. I am embarrassed by my government and hope they lose their jobs at the election next year. Meanwhile, please know that you are not alone. grin emoticon

Ayman Alidina

Ayman Alidina Hang in there

Eileen Sparling

Eileen Sparling Yeah!!! Well done!.. keep up the posting.. love your page and hope youre free soon.. love to all 💕

Chloe Cater

Chloe Cater I try to let as many pool as I can about the children on Nauru. All children deserve the same chance in life. Sending love and support to all children in detention.

Vicki Kyriakakis

Vicki Kyriakakis Sending you so, so much love and hugs that it’d be hard to come out from under it. smile emoticon May all our love be a protective blanket for you to keep you safe from future harm and help heal your hurt.

Annie Wyer

Annie Wyer You are definitely not forgotten. Those of us who do care, think of you every day. Thank you for reaching out to us. 🕊

Krissoula Syrmis

Krissoula Syrmis Excellent and power be to the children, happy to hear you all are supported and thank you to the adults who are helping you have your voice. We are listening. xxxxxxxx

Steve Addison

Steve Addison Keep up this great and very important work

Kellie Beat

Kellie Beat I have added my name to the list and will be spreading the word far and wide.

Alison Manisha

Alison Manisha Good Morning Beautiful Ones, Sending you so much love.

Pickles and Pords

Pickles and Pords To the Little Ones – Not Forgotten

Little ones we know you’re there,See More

Tamzin Rollason

Tamzin Rollason This is amazing.

Yvonne Bristow

Yvonne Bristow We know you are there and are trying to get you out.

Russ Kankan

Russ Kankan i get a tear of joy and hope every time i see the page likes grow. hang in there kids, the real aussies do care

Michael McKay

Michael McKay They are most welcome

Louise Clancy

Louise Clancy Hi kids. Hope you know we are thinking of you every day. No child deserves to be locked up.

Austin Tasman Pickering

Austin Tasman Pickering Don’t worry kids, people care about what happens to you, and hate it that you are stuck there. Don’t worry. It won’t be forever. You will get out of there at some point. Just stay calm and help each other and look after each other while you have the boring wait to get out. You have friends don’t forget that. smile emoticon

Sula Rasiah

Sula Rasiah Glad that the page is staying up! Looking forward to hearing more from you

Tenzin Palyon

Tenzin Palyon May you all quickly be free…much love to everyone Palyon

Humans of the Refuge

Humans of the Refuge Humans of the Refuge welcome back Free the Children NAURU and will be happy to feature the children page in our page to our 39K+ members. If their page faces any troubles in the future, we will be glad to host them and publish their stories through our page. Please be strong and we are all love you and support you heart emoticon

Penny Dadswell Zyl

Penny Dadswell Zyl Wonderful news! I will keep writing!

Dame-Stephani Lauren

Dame-Stephani Lauren I apologise for your awful treatment. There are many good people trying to get you out of there.

Stellar Lunar

Stellar Lunar Our hearts are with you!

Kerry Llewellyn

Kerry Llewellyn Don’t give up hope, we will continue to fight & pray for you heart emoticon

Joanne Smart

Joanne Smart You are all remembered every day.

Jeff Hobbs

Jeff Hobbs Keep up the good work!

Lulu Pendlebury

Lulu Pendlebury Thank you so very much, adult administrators, for taking this risk for them and making sure these voices of these children aren’t silenced.

Alistair Grinbergs

Alistair Grinbergs When you are finally free, you are always welcome in Perth. We’d love you and your families to be our guests.

Natalie Wheeler

Natalie Wheeler I think you are all tremendously brave and would welcome you into Australia with open arms . You kids are the future – stay positive and keep up this great work xxx

Dianna King

Dianna King Hello kids. What an awesome initiative. I just wanted to let you know that I am a primary teacher and I spent about 5 – 6 weeks teaching my class about refugees especially those on Manus and Christmas Islands and Nauru. Please be strenghtened by the fact that Australians do know and care about you.

Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson Our hearts are with you. You are not alone.

Jo Taylor

Jo Taylor Great news. Keep up the good work

Carrie Elliott

Carrie Elliott Sending love and strength to the kind hearts of the children in Nauru. It is heart-wrenching but awe inspiring to hear your stories, and I will keep you all with me in my thoughts as we stand, awaiting your freedom heart emoticon

Frances Flanagan

Frances Flanagan Thankyou so much!

Catherine Magraith

Catherine Magraith so glad that they can continue. Good work to everyone

Jenny Griffin

Jenny Griffin We love you and we think about you every single day. We will never stop fighting and advocating for you to get the freedom you deserve.

Sylvia Moyes

Sylvia Moyes We stand with you,and we will not forget you.

Nathaniel Schmidt

Nathaniel Schmidt You are definitely not forgotten!

Watoto Children’s Choir performing Israel…
Hannah Dymond

Hannah Dymond My 9 year old daughter wants to help any way that she can. We have emailed to join your mailing list. Best wishes from New Zealand.

Elizabeth Strauss

Elizabeth Strauss Many people are fighting for you.

Kirsten Stewart

Kirsten Stewart Last Friday I helped with the putting together of shoe boxes full of gifts for newly arrived children to this country. It is a youth driven initiative coordinated by the local support group I’m a part of. Between the outpouring of love and acceptanceSee More

Sabina Gugler

Sabina Gugler I am so very happy to see that this page will continue on and that we can all continue to communicate with you children! You are beautiful and strong and of course supported by so many Australians! Our Love goes straight from our hearts to yours which See More

Grace Chung

Grace Chung Best wishes from Canada! Hope I bring a smile to you as it is what I can give right now!

Karen Bayly

Karen Bayly Well done. Internet groups are difficult to administer and you’ve done a fantastic job of ensuring the group meets the children’s needs. Sending love and light to you all xo

Phillip Ince

Phillip Ince Great to see such initiative, and a heartfelt thanks to the administrators and moderators. Well done

Sonya Bell

Sonya Bell Fantastic news! It makes my heart happy that you finally have a voice.

Kirsty Hall

Kirsty Hall You are in our thoughts and prayers x x x x

Juddie Boyd

Juddie Boyd Sending you much love, little ones! You are in our thoughts and we will keep fighting for you.

Pav Fam

Pav Fam Lots of love to you kids Just thinking about your courage and initiative brings a smile to my face!

Sharon Egan

Sharon Egan To the children: please don’t let those negative users dissuade you from reaching out to us, telling your stories and sharing your art. There are more people on your side than not and we’re advocating for you any way we can. Focus on the love and wishes of peace.

Hanna Jenkin

Hanna Jenkin please sing to one another and don’t forget to dance and laugh and hug one another for life can be fun even when it is hard there is always music and dance and hearts.

Natalie Behncken

Natalie Behncken Thank you so much for giving a voice to these children! I will email you. I would love to know how we can support the children and adults in the compound! Love to all of you! There are many many Australians who care about your welfare! 💕💕💕

Lucia Giovine

Lucia Giovine Hello beautiful children I hope you are well, sending you hugs and just to let you know we are trying to get the message out there smile emoticon keep smiling heart emoticon

Sebnem Alsin

Sebnem Alsin So happy to hear their voices will continue to be heard. We will keep listening.

Chris Gillespie
Chris Gillespie Well done!
So glad you are organising yourselves, and apparently have the resources to solve the main problems.
I was so concerned that you would be forced to disappear – if not by Facebook, then by the draconian laws that control your environment.See More

Narelle Young

Narelle Young Woo hoo! So thankful this one small way of communicating has been allowed to continue (at least for the moment).

Michael Hanneberry

Michael Hanneberry I hope with Christmas coming we can share a little gift to these children.

Anthony Berrick

Anthony Berrick You are in our thoughts always.

Robyn Rylands

Robyn Rylands Don’t worry there are plenty of us who won’t forget you.

James Eade

James Eade Despite what you may be told – most Australians are horrified at what’s being to you. We are fighting our own government to help you xxx

Jay Oh Jo

Jay Oh Jo We would love to see your art and read your stories, please keep posting and sharing your heart and art with us. We love you xxxx

Gillian Logan Hamilton

Gillian Logan Hamilton I agree. Please continue to share your hopes and dreams with us in Australia. Trust that there are many, many Australians who care about you and are trying to make things better.

Helen Larson

Helen Larson Hugs to all the children

Leonie Ryntjes

Leonie Ryntjes It is lovely to hear that the children are being given some hope and encouragement by the messages of goodwill. Believe, there are a huge amount of Australians who are ashamed of your treatment heart emoticon

Fay Allison

Fay Allison good one.. smile emoticon

Deborah DeLaire

Deborah DeLaire We care about you children. Please know you are not forgotten.

Kate Staples

Kate Staples Pls let us know what they need – would love to send something for Xmas.

Nicki Murray

Nicki Murray Yes! This! This comment needs a boost!

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU Email us at and we can help you

Mary Blight
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Robin Shine

Robin Shine So glad to hear your news and see your art. Many people care about you and hope things will be better for you very soon!

Nola Miles

Nola Miles I do hope an increasing number of the children on Nauru gain some hope and encouragement from this page. With more messages of support coming online all the time, I hope they see that there are many people thinking about them and wishing them well.

Amanda Lambert

Amanda Lambert So happy that this page can keep going so we get to know what is happening to these children.

Natalia Evertsz

Natalia Evertsz So great we can send gifts!! And it’s unbelievable that anyone would troll this page. Know that the majority of us viscerally disagree with your detention and we will keep campaigning for your freedom until we get it.

Joan Russell

Joan Russell Natalie, do you know yet how we can send gifts. Joan

Margery Cass

Margery Cass Email us at and we can help you.

Mary Blight
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Joan Russell

Joan Russell Can’t wait to find out how we can send you gifts. Would you please make a list of things the children would like and also mums and dads. There are so many of us wanting to help. Loving you xxx

Ruth Leahy

Ruth Leahy Joan Russell They’ve provided email address, you need to look at earlier Posts.

Joan Russell

Joan Russell I thought so but having probs sending emails at the moment so will call for reinforcements . Thanks Ruth

Mary Blight
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Waulu Mccartney

Waulu Mccartney These kids are just like any other!!! We need to find a way to help them!!!

Jayne Walton

Jayne Walton Children should be free to be children. Tell them that many Australians completely disagree with what our Government has done regarding refugees. We want the best for you & you’re in our prayers.

Geordie Mullan

Geordie Mullan Stay strong children, we care about you and want you free. Love, peace and respect smile emoticon

Ardna Xela

Ardna Xela When the world seems lonely and unfair, don’t forget there are people who think of you and wish you all the courage, freedom and happiness! Xxx

Maria Lange

Maria Lange Nice work grin emoticon too deadly !!!

Christel Marie-Paul

Christel Marie-Paul I am happy to watch out for trolls. What is involved?

Adrian Broadby

Adrian Broadby It must seem like you are forgotten, but you are not. So many people in Australia would love to have you all resettled in our country so that you can start enjoying life again. It is wonderful to have this opportunity to let you know that not everyone in Australia shares the attitude of our government, and I hope that one day soon the government’s policy will change.

Jenny Tranter

Jenny Tranter No you are definitely not forgotten children. I think of you everyday and hope you are okay.

Mark Leahy

Mark Leahy Glad you’re still up. You’re definitely not forgotten. I think about you all the time. be well everyone.

Annette Marie

Annette Marie So glad you are keeping your voice smile emoticon

Clare Pascoe

Clare Pascoe I think it’s wonderful that 1 in every 1000 Australians has liked the page within a 48-hour period. Of course the initial rush is unlikely to be sustained (people are busy, get distracted, lose their initial impetus to post, and so on) but please assurSee More

Wera Teves

Wera Teves i am very happy

Tobie Lee

Tobie Lee It’s wonderful that you’ve found a voice and a way to keep this page going.

IshaRa Deborah Coulthard

IshaRa Deborah Coulthard AWESOME!!! And thanks for cleaning out the trolls – the children don’t deserve that smile emoticon heart emoticon

Margot Rodrom-Robertson

Margot Rodrom-Robertson This is wonderful news! You are dealing with everything so well. It must take a lot of physical and emotional effort. I want to say …. and I am sure there would be many people agreeing with me …. please do not feel you have to respond to everythingSee More

Alistair Killick

Alistair Killick Take that, Dutton, Brandis and yes you, Malcolm…!

Nicola Karen Reiss

Nicola Karen Reiss Good luck with this project – my heart goes out to you all. xxxxxx

Be Potter

Be Potter We have not forgotten you, we just feel helpless in our persuit to have you removed to a better situation. We trust that our new PM will reverse the situation for you. ( He’s currently trying to save face!) Best wishes to tou all.

Cheryl Malloy

Cheryl Malloy We welcome you all and look forward to the day you will arrive in our communities and take up a place in Australian society. Good luck, and I hope the time comes soon.

Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor Hooray! What great news.

Amanda Howling

Amanda Howling Great work keeping the page up.

Nancy Gaskin

Nancy Gaskin So glad you are all still able to talk to us. Much love to you all…..I would LOVE to wrap my arms around you all and give you loads of hugs and love

Buddy Smith
Buddy Smith Nancy said it perfectly for me too smile emoticon
I’m glad you are still here, beautiful humans heart emoticon

Mary Blight
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Gerry Satrapa

Gerry Satrapa Good on you, kids!

Lynne Kohler

Lynne Kohler You’ve officially become my favorite page! Thank you for the wonderful work that you do! heart emoticon

Rachael Brunsberg

Rachael Brunsberg Im so glad you are able to keep the page open, not least so those that don’t really get it, can see that you are normal children who deserve a home! There are many of us who wish that you could come to Australia TODAY and set up that home. Keep safe and know that there are many who think of you everyday.

Jaharia Lewis

Jaharia Lewis Prays for you here in America

Mia-Love LoveHeart

Mia-Love LoveHeart Love love to you precious little Souls… X

River Gunn

River Gunn Yes, you must be vigilant on the children’s behalf. There are many male Facebook predators. Grown women have been victimized by this as well as teens and children.

Nanna Van Dam

Nanna Van Dam Great news! Let’s hope that policies change soon.

Miriam Robinson

Miriam Robinson Phew! It’s back. I thought this page got taken down last night. Maybe it was just flooded with so many well wishers?

Mellisa Giancarlo

Mellisa Giancarlo Hello lovely children. I am so glad you are able to keep your facebook page going so that you know that there are thousands of Australian people who care about you and want to help you. My family is Australian but we live in Switzerland at the momentSee More

Kim Aubrey

Kim Aubrey Children, please do not think that all Australians are like our politicians. We respect you and we want you to have wonderful lives. We are all here, waiting with open arms. Keep being as brave as you are because one day soon, your bravery will win out over everything.

Rose Limn

Rose Limn Keep up the great work

Erin O'Donnell

Erin O’Donnell We hear you. We see you. We are working to change attitudes in Australia to end this dreadful treatment of you. And we are so ashamed that we, as Australians, are imprisoning you.

Bron Warner

Bron Warner Well said, Erin.

Mary Blight
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Nelly Colt

Nelly Colt This is great news! Don’t give up on your dreams, children. And don’t let the adults around you give up either. I won’t lie to you, there are some horrible, racist people here in Australia. But there are many more people who support your fight for freeSee More

Cathie Nederveen

Cathie Nederveen We hear you, we see you, we love you. We are ashamed. Our government does not represent our views on this matter. Stay strong smile emoticon

Karen Wyatt

Karen Wyatt You will not be forgotten and we will not rest till you are out of detention and safe.

Mai Pham

Mai Pham Hoa We should send something!

Kerstin Holata Schuetz

Kerstin Holata Schuetz Everyone here has said it already. We are thinking of you- stay strong and don’t lose hope in the future!!!!

Peter Beahan

Peter Beahan Heartfelt greetings to all of the children on Nauru and Manus, and to your adult family members. We hope you will join us in Australia, and will try to persuade our government to show compassion and acceptance of you all.

Ann Clancy

Ann Clancy Good on you! Very best wishes from us mob here in Australia.

Katie Bunyan

Katie Bunyan Keep up the wonderful work! You are in our thoughts every single day

Roslyn Creevy

Roslyn Creevy It is wonderful to see your facebook page.

Julie Thompson

Julie Thompson Free the kids in Nauru!

Anna Saxon

Anna Saxon Such good news to know we will still be able to hear from you. Know that you are uppermost in my and many other people’s thoughts.

Catherine Sweeney
Catherine Sweeney What else would you like us to do?
Do you need books
Paper See More

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU Send us an email at: and we can tell you how to help. Thanks! smile emoticon

Lee-Anne Ford

Lee-Anne Ford Children, I send you, all of my love, from Brisbane, Australia. It is wonderful to see your Facebook page, and I hope you get much joy and reassurance from it.

Sal Kirk

Sal Kirk A thousand congratulations to those who started this page. It gives us – the people who want to help all internees – a voice, just as it does the children.

Julie Mauger

Julie Mauger To all the brave children and young people on Nauru: well done for starting up this FB group. I hope you know that thousands of Australians (and people from all over the world) are fighting for your freedom and safety. Nauru will come to an end one dSee More

Mary Knaggs

Mary Knaggs I hope that the children who started this page can see from the comments that they are NOT forgotten heart emoticon

Wendy Ludvigsen

Wendy Ludvigsen Sending lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Heather Harper Richards

Heather Harper Richards Wonderful news that you have found a way to keep this very important page open. I hope that it brings a window to a kinder world for the children and teenagers on Nauru. Xx

Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver Thinking of you all and wishing you were free! Know that not all Australians believe what is happening to you is ok, we are doing what we can to raise awareness

Tamsin Gatewood

Tamsin Gatewood Wonderful news xxx

Janet Thomas

Janet Thomas You do not need to reply to us, we are just happy to read this page and know that your voices are being heard. You do need, however, to know that so many Australians support you and want you to be free.

Heather Kroll

Heather Kroll There are children in Australia praying that you will find peace.

Teresa Sanchez

Teresa Sanchez Greetings from Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia. It is wonderful to see that the Facebook page is still open and you can send your messages to the world. Thinking of you, children of Nauru. You are not forgotten. There are many Australian people who very mSee More

Miranda Stephens

Miranda Stephens Thinking of all the children and their families on Naura.

Bronwen McClelland

Bronwen McClelland Love and peace to you all xx

Diane Caney
Diane Caney Sending love from all true Australians
Our politicians have lost their way
The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CROC) is an International Convention that protects your right as a child xSee More

Holly Aston

Holly Aston Oh how wonderful, well done to everyonexxxx

Karen Elkington

Karen Elkington You are not forgotten dear children and teens on Nauru.

Sirprincepete Butler

Sirprincepete Butler You are not alone, there are people out here campaigning for you. Stay strong and look after each other, and yourselves! heart emoticon

Glenys Ramage

Glenys Ramage Great news and well done. You have lots of support over here. Stay strong and take care of yourselves and families.

Claire Palmer

Claire Palmer I’m praying for your protection and that you find justice soon. I am so sorry for what you have been through xx

Caroline Goosen

Caroline Goosen You are in our thoughts. Look after each other and know that there are many people who care about your safety and will continue to voice the need to free you from Nauru.

Bruce Lattimore

Bruce Lattimore There are people in Australia who want to welcome you to our country despite our Government not wanting that. We want you to have freedom and to be able to enjoy the things all children deserve to enjoy.

Dylan Burgess

Dylan Burgess Real Asylum Hours

Mary Blight
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Sarah Batley

Sarah Batley Stay strong, little ones, you’re in our hearts and minds.

Anne Jenkinson

Anne Jenkinson Great news! heart emoticon

Lorraine Szymanski Warnick

Lorraine Szymanski Warnick You are all in my and my family’s thoughts daily. Please know that most Australians are good people and many want to welcome you into our country despite the cruel actions of our current Government. I promise you that my family and I are doing everythiSee More

Wendy Slee

Wendy Slee Sending love, greetings and a wish for smiles……. heart emoticon

Sonia Tallarida

Sonia Tallarida You are wanted. You are welcomed. You are remembered. We don’t know how to undo the terrible choices our government has made on our behalf. But we hope that in time you will forgive us for not knowing how to help you. Have faith. Turn to each other for support. We send you love.

River A. Maru

River A. Maru We HATE what our government is doing to you (all of you, not just the kids). It is heartbreaking and wrong. We know it, there are those of us who are fighting it. No child should be in that hellhole and we won’t stop until you are free ❤

Frances Vinall

Frances Vinall Always remember that each of you children are really precious children and Austrslian people LOVE YOU AND WANT YOU TO COME TO AUSTRALIA.

Anja Radford

Anja Radford Dear children on nauru i am so glad u have an adult in australia you trust so that the site can stay open. It isnso good to hear from you and i thank you for your bravery and resilliance to share your stories with us. Most of us here in australia are oSee More

Amber Parker

Amber Parker Stay strong, you are not forgotten! 💕💕

Kerry Parkes

Kerry Parkes I am so happy that you have found someone to keep your facebook page alive.I would like to hear from you, what your needs are. Do you have a school? How many of you are there? You are all precious and loved. Please believe that many Australians are working to help you. Your friend

Sunali Lewis

Sunali Lewis Please tell the kids they don’t need to stress about responding to the comments. I hope I speak for many of us when I say – we love hearing from you and seeing your videos and knowing that we can tell you we care. Your general messages are enough without individual responses, we write to send you love, not to create work!

Fadhiilah Ismail

Fadhiilah Ismail I hear you now dear children, all the way from Singapore. Sending you warm hugs and prayers. Keep posting your stories!

Catherine Matter

Catherine Matter We’re in the UK and I’d really love to know if there becomes available a way to write to you. I have a 3 year old daughter and a 19 month old son who I am sure would love to send you some little things to bring you comfort and joy. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for this information! X heart emoticon

Danielle Antoinette

Danielle Antoinette Dooset daram khayli khayli beautiful people! When you get out of that place you WILL find good hearts amongst the Australians.

Rachel Shea

Rachel Shea We think about you every day and hope that our terrible government will grant your freedom soon. Please let us know of anything we can do to help! Big love xx

Sophie Yorkston

Sophie Yorkston You are definitely not forgotten young friends.

Robyn Stevenson

Robyn Stevenson There are many people working hard to free you.

Peggy Gee

Peggy Gee I want you and your families to come to Australia, I would welcome you. (no need to reply)

Mary Beadnell

Mary Beadnell Sending lots of love to you all. I’m so sorry we have an evil government that is doing this to you. If I had my way you would all be living here with us on Australia.

Lynne Hadley

Lynne Hadley Such beautiful children, inside and out. I look forward to the day when they can come freely to Australia.

Pat McMahon

Pat McMahon You were never forgotten our beautiful children. Some people in power have made you feel that way, and would like us to forget you. But we never did, and we never will. Be very sure we are working to free you from all these awful places and we will See More

Sheryl Neill

Sheryl Neill Peace be with you.

Babett Weber

Babett Weber Hello from the uk … Sending lots of love to you all… You never ever be fogotten.. smile emoticon big hug

Lois Hughes

Lois Hughes I am so sorry life has been very difficult for you. Be brave and know that people care about you. A long life is ahead of you and hopefully you will soon get the chance to make it a very happy life. Our thoughts and love are being sent to you xo

Ross La Vel

Ross La Vel Wonderful news that the Administrator problem has been resolved! heart emoticon

Jacquie Coupe

Jacquie Coupe this is great! a facebook page of childrens faces and thoughts…heloo hello hellooooooooo! we see and hear you!! xx

Val Horne

Val Horne Always remember the Australians who are reaching out and welcoming you. Ignore the haters as much as possible – they refuse to know the facts of your lives that are so important.

Cheryle Mia Jones

Cheryle Mia Jones I’m so glad to hear that you can keep the page going. To the children: heart emoticon we are so sad, and sorry for what you have been through, and what you are still going through. We cant wait for the day when you are here with us. Sending you love xxxx

Clare Nerida Schulz Menck

Clare Nerida Schulz Menck Thank you for this brave initiative. We so want to welcome you into our country. My heart breaks a little for you every day. My children are six and three and I pray that one day you will be able to have all the good things that we are able to give to them here in Australia. Stay strong precious ones.

Bronwyn Alice Rees

Bronwyn Alice Rees We love and support you clever children reaching out directly to us for communication. Never give up- one day soon you can come here. I would like to think this country is bigger than its mean government.

Thea Calzoni

Thea Calzoni Great there is contact and an au administrator. Now reach into Mamamia and Women’s Week

Tammy Chen

Tammy Chen Stay strong – remember you are precious & loved!!

Louise Bourchier

Louise Bourchier May your wish to be free come true.

Wendy Carr
Wendy Carr Hello..huge hugs and love from here in Queensland.
Don’t feel many of us care and are doing things to try and get you settled here on the mainland.
Look after each other and don’t give up..See More

Heather Ryan

Heather Ryan Hello from Melbourne! Sending you lots of love and support. We hold onto hope that one day you will be free and safe. So many Australians will not give up the fight until that happens. We are teaching our children about you too. Stay strong, you’re doing so well! Xoxo

Gai Stern

Gai Stern Most Australians (everyone except indigenous Australians) came here from somewhere else. If we were born here, our parents or their parents came from somewhere else. ‘We’ only go back 200 years at most. In other words, we are ALL boat people and we know that what is happening to you is unfair. There are far more of us on your side than you think. And we care.

Sobia Khan

Sobia Khan my heart goes out to u all lovely children….one day…inshallah…you all will be free…have trust and faith in allah and stay strong my beautifuls

Marie Wickens

Marie Wickens It is wonderful to read your writing and see your photos and videos. Many many people in Australia want to our government to bring you to Australia to live…..don’t give up hope!

Anne Albert

Anne Albert That’s right children & parents. Don’t give up! Many people in Australia want you set free to get on with your lives & heal from this sad place your are in. Look to the sky. See those stars? I want you to be bright & sparkley just like them! I want you to have a home where you can be happy & play in safety. Hold on to your good dreams dear friends.


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