Days in detention · Living conditions

We are 4 sisters in Nauru with our mother

I am Aina and I am nearly 15 years old. My younger sister Mizbah is the girl in the blue clothes on the other post and she is 13. We want to introduce ourselves to you to meet you. We are very happy to have all of your kind messages and we are in shocked. We are 4 sisters in Nauru with our mother. Faizar and Laibar are our young sisters. This is my movie about my baby sister talking for you. We all love pretty things and education. Thank you from Aina xoxox

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Amanda O'neill

Amanda O’neill Hello beautiful girls……. We are thinking of you everyday and hope to see you in a local school, playing in a local park and growing up Australian…… Very soon.

Jasmine Devereaux

Jasmine Devereaux Great to hear from you.

IshaRa Deborah Coulthard

IshaRa Deborah Coulthard heart emoticon you will be a wonderful teacher one day heart emoticon

Amy Cee

Amy Cee Hey Aina. Say hello to your sisters and mum for me. I miss you girls xx

Bek Cramp

Bek Cramp Thinking of you.

Sara Henderson

Sara Henderson Such a lovely voice bless you and your family

Lynda Fletcher

Lynda Fletcher heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon bless you all and your mother. We hope your dreams come true xx

Linda Rossen

Linda Rossen Darlings girls i am thinking of you and your Mother and I will continue to advocate on your behalf so you dreams can come true. I am a teacher and I hope one day I will see you become a teacher too! 💕💕

Elizabeth Hobman

Elizabeth Hobman So sweet.

Chris Bedding

Chris Bedding We will keep working to set you free. It is wonderful to hear your voices!

Marie Wilson

Marie Wilson Hello girls and Mum. I am praying to my loving God that you will be free soon. Please don’t give up hope and know that many many Australians are thinking and praying for your freedom.

James Eade

James Eade Sharing your videos with all my friends so they can see the real you xxx

Fiona de Garis

Fiona de Garis Isn’t it great to have sisters! I have just one, you are lucky to have so many more smile emoticon


Kara Jane

Kara Jane Hello we would love you to join us in our beautiful country australia and be free to play and go to school like you should be. I hope that day will be soon. Stay strong and no not everyone acts like out heartless government.

Anna Bettels

Anna Bettels Hallo beautiful girls, we are thinking of you and wishing you happiness.

Sarah Kavanagh

Sarah Kavanagh Stay strong beautiful girls! We think of you every day! you will be free one day xx

Helen O'Dare

Helen O’Dare I love that you love stories. May you hear many good ones!

Elizabeth Anne Holt

Elizabeth Anne Holt Yes I hear what you want, I hope you will get it, many people are trying for you

Angela Lee

Maggie McGuiness We are thinking of you all

Virginia Valentino

Virginia Valentino Hi Aina and Mizbah, my family sends you all our love and best wishes. We hope that your family are soon able to leave Nauru and begin a wonderful life.

Heather Stevens

Heather Stevens What a beautiful smile smile emoticon We hope you will be free very soon. heart emoticon

Jenny Tranter

Jenny Tranter You are cute.

Mia McGregor

Bronwen Gill lovely to hear your voice. You are not forgotten xxx

Meghan Douglas Dowling

Meghan Douglas Dowling Hello girls. We are thinking of you and your mum.

Jo Taylor

Jo Taylor smile emoticon

Merryn Auldist

Merryn Auldist You will realize your dreams xxxx

Ruth Gledhill

Ruth Gledhill Hi Aina, lovely to see your video. I am a teacher and I am hoping you will one day realise your dream. Stay strong xxx

Amy Cee

Amy Cee Sarah Sarah Young Rhys Helleman Kimberley Jean the most I’ve ever heard Laibar speak! Melts my heart.

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Wendy Steed

Wendy Steed Hi beautiful girls, I have two girls grown up now, and they loved barbie dolls too. I hope one day freedom comes for you all, if there is anything you need please let us know, I wonder if you need blankets, or clothes, it is hard for us on the outside because we don’t know how to help you…. Lots of love and hugs from Wendy

Glenda Woolnough

Glenda Woolnough Lots of love to you wonderful girls. Keep up your education and you can do and be anything.

Cornelia Boelke

Cornelia Boelke You girls are so precious! Please never forget that. Never underestimate your abilities ’cause others say so. There’s so much light in all of you. So much you can give to this world. I’m deeply in awe you’re treated this way at an age when you need guidance and protection the most. Sending love

Katie Spinks

Katie Spinks Such beautiful girls heart emoticon

Jaime Garbutt

Jaime Garbutt Oh darling girl you would make the very best teacher. It is very special to hear your voice I wish you all the best for you and your family.

Trish Abbott

Trish Abbott We send you our love and hope that you will be free very soon to do the things you love to do

Ann Martin

Ann Martin How lovely to hear you and see you! We will never forget about you.

Narelle Young

Narelle Young Hi, my name is Mahalia. I am 6 years old. I like to go in the pool near my home because there is a big ring to float on. I am sad you live on Naru. I hope you can come to Australia soon. What is it like in your place?

Mariella Attard

Mariella Attard Hello to you, your sisters and mother! Sending love from my family to yours. Xx

Phil Young

Phil Young Thank you Aina. Lovely to hear your voice. Youll have your chance to be a teacher. We have muchbto learn from you.

Clare Pascoe

Clare Pascoe What brave girls you are, to be willing to tell us your names! Our government has no idea what they’re missing out on by keeping such brave and clever children out of our country. Stay strong and look after each other; you will get through this. And hopefully one day you’ll be able to be free in Australia.

George Goring

George Goring Bless the Little Darlings. May you and all the adults and children on Nauru and Manus soon be free.

Alison Moran

Alison Moran Sending our love and wishing you a safe happy place to live soon. Thank you for your messages. We think of you all everyday heart emoticon

Philippa Bromfield

Philippa Bromfield Lovely to meet you!

Fiona Hildebrand You’re both so grown up now! Beautiful English language too Laibar, I can imagine your Mum is so proud of all of her girls. wish I could play another game of uno with you! Nurse Fiona xxoo

Anna Cristina Pertierra

Anna Cristina Pertierra Thank you for your story girls. My daughter and I like watching movies and cartoons too. smile emoticon heart emoticon

Tiffany Rimmington

Tiffany Rimmington You will be an amazing teacher

Patrick McCluskey

Patrick McCluskey Wonderful to hear your voice!

P x


Luisa Vivarelli Stay strong. Praying for your freedom. Precious children xx

Cynthia Shannon

Cynthia Shannon Such a beautiful video. Dear Aina, I so hope you, your sisters and mum leave Nauru soon and you can live safely and with lots of love in your community. So many thousands of us here in Australia think it’s very wrong you are in detention on Nauru.
Take care and much love

Tamara Dodd

Tamara Dodd Hello beautiful little girls, I hope you are free soon.xxxx

Rosalia Vearing

Rosalia Vearing Hello Aina! Thanks for sharing the video of your sister, she is gorgeous and I’m sure she will achieve all her goals as you all will. You have done an excellent editing job on the video too. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Mary AndJohn Kemp

Mary AndJohn Kemp Beautiful little soul! My prayers and good wishes go to you and the other children of Nauru, that you will soon be free and safe!

Rachael Tidd

Rachael Tidd Aina, Mizbah, Faizar and Laibar I will tell your names to my children, you are already teaching us so much, I hope we can learn from you. Thank you and sorry and bonne chance, bon courage xo

Sheila Ryan

Sheila Ryan Hello Aina and your Sisters.I hope you find a place to live soon and that you and your family will be safe and happy

Virginia Isaac

Virginia Isaac You are such beautiful and courageous girls!

Megha Jolly

Lena Zhan ah my heart melted!! I wish you all the best please stay safe and i hope soon enough our politicians will change their minds heart emoticon

Marsha Edwards

Marsha Edwards You are beautiful girls. Keep loving one another

Saz Sweeney

Saz Sweeney Hi Aina, Mizbah, Faizar and Laibar. You are beautiful and brave.

Tina Nematian

Jacqueline Renee

Jacqueline Renee If she makes it to Perth I will help her be a teacher! I’m a teacher too, and I think she would make a fantastic teacher.

Janet Thomas

Janet Thomas I’m so happy to see you are still on Facebook. Thank you for the movie’ I’m looking forward to seeing more.

Hina Khan

Hina Khan Thank you for sharing with us your life experiences, passions and dreams. I think you would be a great teacher, I enjoy listening to you and what you have to say xx

Emmanuel Mallison

Emmanuel Mallison We will get you out!

Lynn Jackson

Lynn Jackson Love to you all, clever girls!

Sarah Gleeson

Sarah Gleeson heart emoticon heart emoticon Thinking of you and sending you hugs! You all seem so bright and full of promise. I wish and hope that you will be out in the big world soon. heart emoticon heart emoticon

Janine Knowles

Janine Knowles heart emoticon

Shauna Egan

Shauna Egan We are here for you beautiful children.

Alistair Grinbergs

Alistair Grinbergs Keep strong and stay positive. You will get out of there and you will have the opportunities you yearn for.

You would live Perth. Great weather, wonderful beaches, great schools.

Santhini Kumaran

Santhini Kumaran we will keep fighting for your future and the futures of all children and families in detention. Keep your spirits up and stay strong!

Sky Windsong

Sky Windsong You are beautiful and you will go on to do many great things in this world. Bless your soul. heart emoticon

Catherine Currie

Catherine Currie Freja Leonard….must still be up & running!!

Cait McMahon

Cait McMahon Wonderful to see you children back. I wish you love and warm wishes, and freedom. You do not deserve what you are receiving from our government or what adults bestow on you. Know that you are welcome in Australia.

Lauren Keim

Lauren Keim What a lovely movie! Lots of luck and love from Melbourne.

Liliana Zavaglia

Liliana Zavaglia You are both beautiful Laibar and Aina. heart emoticon

Charlie Spencer

Charlie Spencer Thank you for sharing your video with us. Sending you great love and hugs.

Rachel Regan

Rachel Regan Hello Aina! It is lovely to hear from you. I am Rachel, a teacher and a mother of a 9 year old little girl and a 6 year old boy. Their names are Isla and Riley. I love your movie smile emoticon stay strong! We haven’t forgotten you smile emoticon

Alli Grimison

Alli Grimison Well done girls!

Kate Wilson

Kate Wilson I think you will be a wonderful teacher when you grow up. You will be able to share your strength and love with others x

Cherie Low

Cherie Low Thank you for the lovely video of your gorgeous little sister. Her English is very good. I hope that you will all be in Australia with your family very soon. Sending lots of love to you all.

Josephine Frankland

Josephine Frankland Thank you lovely girls.

Jo Dernedde

Jo Dernedde heart emoticon Hi Aina, Thank you for sharing Laibar’s message, she’s adorable!

Ali McPhee Harris

Ali McPhee Harris Hi Aina, Mizbah, Faizar and Laibar, my name is Edie and my sister’s name is Nell (Ali is my mum). I am 10 and my sister is nearly 9. We like to watch movies and play with Barbies too. We hope you find a good home soon, and that you won’t be on Nauru for too much longer.

Lizzy Mellick

Lizzy Mellick Thank you for your beautiful hearts and courageous spirits! You are awesome and we love you!

June Hampson

June Hampson I remember those eyes

Janelle Kennard

Janelle Kennard Good luck to you girls. I hope the education you value comes your way.

Alexia Mayer

Alexia Mayer Nice to meet you, clever, brave girls. I hope that you and all the other children, women and men will be freed from Nauru and Manus Island soon. I wish you strength, hope, love and freedom.

Sharon Egan

Sharon Egan Hi Aina thank you so much for sharing with us. Laibar, it was lovely to hear your voice. My daughter’s name is Maisie and she is also five. She’s starting school next year and loves stories too. Take care beautiful girls.

Maysoon El-Ahmad

Maysoon El-Ahmad Adorable Ruba El-Ahmad she sounds like Lamis!

Ela Ela

Ela Ela So nice to hear from you and see you girls. We are thinking of you all and hope you can come and be with us soon! xxxxxx

Avis Williamson

Avis Williamson Hello Aina. Thank you for sharing your little sister with us. She looks like a sweet little girl. I hope she gets her Barbie doll very soon.

Penelope Forlano

Penelope Forlano Beautiful little movie. Well done. Thinking of you and wishing you love and freedom

Amanda Goodchild

Amanda Goodchild Beautiful girls.

Julie Morris

Julie Morris Hi girls good luck with everything and thank you for sharing the video I also have a 15 yo daughter

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Sue Merrotsy

Sue Merrotsy Hello Aina and Mizbah and Faizar and Laibar thank you for sharing your story. I am sure you will achieve your dreams xxx

Vicki Kyriakakis

Vicki Kyriakakis So lovely to meet you. Thank you for sharing your story beautiful girls. Never stop dreaming.

Sarah Elizabeth

Sarah Elizabeth Precious girls…. Sending you lots of love and courage & I hope you’re here in Australia soon xxx

Rach Downey

Rach Downey Oh bless you sweet children x

Therese Zuke Zucchinis

Therese Zuke Zucchinis Lovely to meet you, Aina.

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Ally Grenfell

Ally Grenfell Sending you lots of love. You are both beautiful xx

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Adrian Broadby

Adrian Broadby Oh please Australia…stop the cruelty and let these lovely people come to our country so these children can have a life.

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Karen Goldsmith

Karen Goldsmith I keep hope and love in my heart for you all

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Sasha Stubbs

Sasha Stubbs Lovely to meet you both. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best. Hang in there, many people care about you even though it might not seem that way

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Robyn James

Robyn James Lovely to meet you xx

Lisa Toohey

Lisa Toohey There are so many people in Australia who are thinking of you and want you to live happy and free in our country. Stay strong.

Sylvia Harmon

Sylvia Harmon Thank you for this lovely post. xx

Brendan Rogan
Brendan Rogan Welcome girls. I have three daughters so I know what its like to have a lot of girls in the house!
I hope you can all settle in Australia one day.

Liz Joshua

Liz Joshua Thank you for sharing your story.

Raji Sivapalan

Raji Sivapalan Hello Aina, I am a Montessori teacher and I am going to share your story with the children. Hang on to your dreams and I wish you and your family the very best.

Pamela Clingman

Pamela Clingman How lovely to meet you and your sisters and Mother. Stay strong and know you arr not forgotten. I want you all to have a beautiful life here in Australia an will loby our politicians again so they know we don’t support your detention xxx

Michele Chaseling

Michele Chaseling Thank you for sharing your story, lovely to meet you. Take care and don’t give up hope.

Sarah Hicks

Sarah Hicks Thankyou for sharing, sending lots of you love to you and your family xx

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Maree Smith

Maree Smith HI Aina, Mizbah,Faizar and Laibar, lovely to see your movie. I hope you and your mother are well. Look forward to further messages and you release from detention very soon. Hugs and Kisses, stay safe.

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Yve Weinberg

Yve Weinberg Thank-you for sharing your movie, Aina. Good luck

Sue Hassell

Sue Hassell heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon Bless you all, I hope you get all of your dreams coming true very soon

Alison Tagney

Alison Tagney Thanks for sharing your movie Aina. Your little sisters are very lucky to have you as their big sister xx

Davey Heeller

Davey Heeller Aina, thankyou for sharing your little sister’s story. I hope that one day you and your whole family can follow the dreams that you have to live a normal life. This is the right of every human being on earth. May the solidarity of working class peopleSee More

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Leigh Holdaway

Leigh Holdaway Hi Aina, thank you for sharing. I hope you, your sisters and your Mum can make it to Australia one day to enjoy more education, stories, and a peaceful life smile emoticon heart emoticon

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Louise Clancy

Louise Clancy I hope you all get to realise your dreams one day. Stay safe, and take care of one another xx

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Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU Thanks everyone for your beautiful messages .

Olivia Reynolds

Olivia Reynolds I love you

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Elaine Fishwick

Elaine Fishwick Hi Aina, great to hear from you. Your little sister sounds very grown up!

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Margaret Sinclair

Margaret Sinclair Hi Aina, I am sure you will make one wonderful teacher one day. I hope you and your family get to achieve your dreams.

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Karen Farley Dowling

Karen Farley Dowling Thankyou for sharing beautiful girls sending lots of love and strength x

Clare Danaher

Clare Danaher I am so sorry for the way you are being treated. You are not forgotten, you are in the hearts of many. And we will keep fighting for your freedom. Thank you for your stories and for being so brave. So much love

Susan Smith

Susan Smith I hope you will all be out of there real soon and have a safe, happy and peaceful life here in our beautiful country. I am sure you will all be able to live your dreams here. You deserve to after such a hard life filled with uncertainty. Just be assured that the wait will be worth it and keep strong. xo

Elisabetta Tabacco

Elisabetta Tabacco Much much love to you.

Angela Economakis

Angela Economakis We send you huge hugs and love from the island of Cyprus! you are so brave and strong and I wish that all your dreams will come true for all of you. We love you! Xxxxxxxxx

Gillian Logan Hamilton

Gillian Logan Hamilton I love hearing from you and I’m sure you will make a wonderful teacher when you grow up.

Estelle Philp

Estelle Philp Good girls. I’m sure you are very good sisters to each other. Your English is very good already. Thanks for the cute video smile emoticon

Goodrum Phoenix

Goodrum Phoenix Aina and all your family thankyou for sharing this, your story, many Australians protest about and do not wish for people, families to be treated this way, we want for children and their families to flourish, to have opportunities like we have, including education. You are very much in our thoughts and hearts. Thankyou for your message, your courage. heart emoticon

Cathie Hawes

Cathie Hawes It sounds like Laibar loves everything my daughters loved when they were young. They are big girls now and one of them is studying to be a teacher. I hope that Laibar gets to be a teacher one day and your family end up living a happy life here in Australia.

Cathy Boley

Cathy Boley Please stay strong, don’t give up. Love will find a way to help you all.

Douglas Turnbull

Douglas Turnbull Most Australians are appalled by the conditions and what is happening in the detention centres. We are appealing to the Australian government to close the detention centres and bring the refugees to Australia.

Brian Leslie Blackwell

Brian Leslie Blackwell One day Peter Dutton and his cronies on the Right, Centre and Left of Australian politics will have to face their shame. The children of Nauru are political prisoners.

Catherine Waters

Catherine Waters Laibar sounds like so many little girls. smile emoticon I wish that your whole family were welcomed to our country and living in the community, where those of you old enough could go to school. I am a student teacher and used a movie made from drawings and a recoSee More

Ally-jane Butler

Ally-jane Butler all my love little darlings xx

Betsy Baker

Betsy Baker you are not alone.. there are many people in Australia and all over the world that know about the horrible situation you are in and want to help get you out! Don’t lose faith!

Carol Jeanneret

Carol Jeanneret Lovely to meet you all. 😀 Thank you for your message and we hope you are all free to live in Australia soon. We have not forgotten you are there and we wish freedom, safety and happiness to you

Harmony Bow Man

Harmony Bow Man thank you for sharing, I think of you all every single day.

Gaby Schrott

Gaby Schrott Thank you for your story Aina. Thinking of you and your beautiful sisters. Hugs and kisses

Denise Hughes

Denise Hughes What a wonderful video! Thank you for sharing it. I’m going to share it with my friends. The more people hear your stories the better!

Róisín McCann

Róisín McCann Love to you all xxx

Nathalie Nuijens

Nathalie Nuijens What an amazing sister you have! Love to you all xx

Deb Banks

Deb Banks Why is this child locked up?

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Gail Ma

Gail Ma Hello! Its really cool to hear from you smile emoticon Don’t give up…we’re thinking of you girls xx

Carole Wiles
Carole Wiles Thank you for your story.
Love to you and your mother and your sisters.

Allison Costa

Allison Costa You’re already a wonderful teacher! smile emoticon

BJ Wright

BJ Wright The best of wishes to you and your family.

Sheridan Roberts

Sheridan Roberts Dear Aina our thoughts and hearts are with you and you family.

Julie Corby

Julie Corby Hello, so pleased to meet you Aina , Mizbah, Faizar and Laibur heart emoticon Thank you for your story, you will make a wonderful teacher, and I loved to play with Barbie dolls too . Sending you and your mum lots of love and cuddles, and know that we are thinking of you all heart emoticon x

Gail Weston

Gail Weston Stay safe and think of the good days ahead.

Loey Matthews

Loey Matthews Aina and Mizbah, I hope that my government will listen to reason soon and bring you to Australia. My friends and family want to see people like you safe and happy in our country.

Barbara Oh
Barbara Oh Hello Aina, Mizbah, Faizar and Laibar smile emoticon
You have such beautiful names, they sound like sweet music! See More

Eira Clapton

Eira Clapton Thank you girls for sharing your story. We love to hear from you. I hope you get all your wishes and dreams fulfilled.

Cecilia Lamantia

Cecilia Lamantia thank you for sharing x

Bree Burrett

Bree Burrett to you precious little ones. Xxx

Small World Stories

Small World Stories Nice to meet you both.

Billy Zirov

Billy Zirov Don’t worry girls.good days Are coming For All of you.Australians Are waking Up.we love YOU.

Elspeth Hickey

Elspeth Hickey Lovely to meet you girls, I hope you are free soon. You are not forgotten xx

Catherine Murfitt

Catherine Murfitt We are with you, precious girls. Thank you for your story.

Tara Ward

Tara Ward Beautiful message xx

Heather Adams

Heather Adams What a beautiful family! So nice to meet you all xxx thinking of you and the day when you will be free and safe 💕

Tania Demianeuk

Tania Demianeuk Hello from my children!! heart emoticon I tried to send a photo of them saying hello but I couldn’t work it out, so I’ve changed my profile picture to them waving hello, if you want to see them. Please know that your messages are very much talked about in our home, we think you guys are AWESOME! Sending you all our love and thanks for your terrific messages xxx

Pam Thuan

Pam Thuan What a gorgeous video! She has the sweetest voice. Love to you all. Xx

Kat Radi

Kat Radi Thank you for posting your story. I hope soon you can come to Australia and go to school so when you grow up you can be a great teacher. I am ashamed that our government has not set you free. I would love you to come to this country Xx

Celia Chew

Celia Chew I have children who also love to play with Barbie dolls and listen to stories just like you, Aina. We hope that love will prevail and that one day soon you will be able to do those things in freedom. Lots of love to you and all of the children on Nauru.

Nic Mellor

Nic Mellor Hi girls! Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself. I’m Nic, I have two cats and I live in a small town near the ocean. I’m doing some cooking tonight, my friends are coming over for dinner tomorrow evening so I’m trying to prepare as much as posSee More

Sophie Claire

Sophie Claire Zoe Andritsos have a look at the message from these gorgeous kids xx

Clare Smith

Clare Smith Lovely. Sharing xx

Liz Glover

Liz Glover Thank you for sharing your hopes and dreams with us – we will do everything we can to help your dreams come true. You, your sisters and your mother deserve to live free and happy lives. Lots of love and care Susan.

Rachel Yerbury

Rachel Yerbury Thank you for your lovely story. You are a good storyteller. Keep strong and brave

Trish Campbell

Trish Campbell Dear Aina thank you for your story and the video by your little sister. You look like very beautiful girls and I pray you will be free from Nauru soon and one day become a teacher. We will keep trying to help you come to Australia. I wish you lots of love xxx

David Owens

David Owens Great to have you as a teacher in Australia…..and your english is really good…very impressive smile emoticon

Julia Holland

Julia Holland In some ways Australia is a good country and in some ways it is very bad. The worst thing it has done is to lock up beautiful children like you in a terrible place. Take care of each other and know that many people in Australia are asking our government to let you be free and live here.

Carolyn Diamond

Carolyn Diamond Hello Aina, Mizbah, Faizar and Laibur… sisters are the best! I have four sisters (my mother and father were lucky enough to have five girls!), and they are my best friends. I can tell your sisters are very special to you also. Sending you love and hugs… you are all incredible girls smile emoticon

Sarah Clarkson

Sarah Clarkson I hope you have many books to read with lots of wonderful pictures to look at. Keep reading and learning. Using your mind is the most powerful tool you have. I hope you and your family will get all that you wish for. Big hugs.

Mellisa Giancarlo

Mellisa Giancarlo Laibar sounds very smart and I am sure she will make a wonderful teacher one day. Laibar is already teaching the world why we should always make sure children are free and have the opportunity to be the best they can be. Aina, Mizbah, Faizar and Laibar, you are not forgotten.

Anita Valenzisi

Anita Valenzisi You sound like my own daughter, Bianca Valenzisi when she was a young girl. Keep your dreams and laughter in your voice and know that people care and want you and your sister and mother to be free.

Suzanne Tongue

Suzanne Tongue It is so good to see and hear you. There are many people in Australia who want you here. No matter how long it takes stay strong and know that I think of you.

Jenny Zimmerman

Jenny Zimmerman We are waiting to see you in Australia one day – that is my dream. Bless you!

Margit Wright

Margit Wright I care about you and your sisters. Thankyou for giving us the opportunity to contact you.

Cathy Glenn

Cathy Glenn Hello beautiful girls, thanks for the lovely message and video. Do hope your dream of being a teacher comes true.

Karin Hage

Karin Hage You are such a great speaker, well done Laibar. You will be a great teacher!

Cynthia Swiatlowski Powers

Cynthia Swiatlowski Powers Hello! I love your video. I hope you are able to grow up and be a teacher too.

Christine Meagher

Christine Meagher Thanks good to meet you . I hope that you will meet some of the people who are posting messages in person one day. How wonderful . Don’t give up

Charm Strickland

Charm Strickland Thank you for sharing your stories. You are all very brave and smart (and your baby sister is adorable!). I hope all your dreams come true. I’d love you to have the chance to visit my country New Zealand one day. Where I live, it is much colder than NaSee More

Roslyn Slater

Roslyn Slater Oh such beautiful little voices

Cynthia Ellis

Cynthia Ellis Dear Laibar, I know another little girl with the same name and she is as cute as you are. I think you are very brave and very smart and I hope one day you can live where it’s not so hot and become the teacher you want to be . here is a four leaf clover they are suppose to bring good luck. XO

Michele Pollock

Michele Pollock Lovely photos! Please try to create as many “pretty things” as you can. Pretty bits of ribbon, pretty mirrors, pretty pieces of hair that have been trimmed – there is so much beauty in this world and I hope you will be able to see it all soon. Thinking of you all…

Amara Hinchcliffe

Amara Hinchcliffe Thanks so much for sharing, my heart is with you all.

Amelia Dale

Amelia Dale thanks for posting this video & sharing your story heart emoticon

Kirsten Lee

Kirsten Lee Im so sorry about our government…. Im sosorry you have een through so much pain… Im sosorry we have protested so many of us but they wont let you go…. We love you and are so sorry you are in pain… We willnever give up!!! so many hundredsof Australians

Sally Leslie

Sally Leslie Hello girls – thank you for your story. We are thinking about you and your mum. Love and look after one another

Sarah Butler

Sarah Butler keep making movies and telling us your stories. Love to you and all the children

Karin Tracey

Karin Tracey I think of you every day and love that this Facebook page can help to Connect you with Australians who really want to welcome you into our country. I am teaching my 6 year old son about what is happening on Nauru. He says, “hello. I hope you are okay”.

Peta H Malins

Peta H Malins thanks for your video. hope you are free soon!! xx

Thia Joy

Thia Joy Such beautiful and intelligent children! #justice

Anne Wood

Anne Wood Keep up your good work girls. Xxo

Penny Dadswell Zyl

Penny Dadswell Zyl It is wonderful to hear that you are getting our messages. We are so happy to learn about thee things you do. We think of you daily and want you to know how much we want you to be free and come to Australia.

Daniel Montgomery

Daniel Montgomery There are alot of friends in Australia that wish you and your family were here with us, and I will do all that I can to get your story out to all of Australia. You are all amazing and inspirational. Be strong and have hope, there are alot of friends fighting for you and your family and friends. Australians care about all of you.

Fiona Sweet-Formiatti

Fiona Sweet-Formiatti Dear Aina, like you I have three sisters. You are very smart and pretty. We all like hearing from you. We are wishing you a good future. Remember there are many people who care about you and your family. Take care. heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon

Bim Baird

Bim Baird Hello Aina, Mizbah, Faizah and Laibah – thank you for your beautiful messages. I hope you’ll be free soon!

Karen Evans

Karen Evans Hugs to you all xxx

Jodie Hanson Dunning

Jodie Hanson Dunning Beautiful girls!!

Eleanor Speed

Eleanor Speed I am holding you all in my heart and sending love.

Skye Fraser

Skye Fraser Keep up the good work girls. There are a lot of people fighting to get you out of there!

Marilyn Gunders

Marilyn Gunders Lots of love to you all. xxxx

Mandy Oram

Mandy Oram So happy to meet you and your sisters, Aina.

Kirsten Stewart

Kirsten Stewart Hello Aina, thank you for showing us your video. I love stories too – sending you and your beautiful family much love. We are thinking of you every day

Valery Valentine

Valery Valentine I am going to visit politicians next Monday at Parliament House in Canverra with 4 other grandmothers to speak about releasing all children & their parents from Naru.

Leah Forsyth

Leah Forsyth Hi Aina, thanks for sharing your video. It’s a pleasure to meet you and your sisters! We are all thinking of you

Alec Tibbitts

Alec Tibbitts What a beautiful message. I hope that Laibar gets her wish and becomes a teacher.

Christina Coombe

Christina Coombe What a beautiful video. Four beautiful girls. Thank you for sharing your family story and your dream. What a beautiful smile you have. I am glad you have a lovely family. I am certain you bring them a lot of joy and that they are very proud of you. Love to you all and to your Mum. You are in our thoughts. xx.

Stephanie Riemer

Stephanie Riemer Hi Laibar, Faizar, Mizbah and Aina sending you love, hope and happiness. ♡♡♡♡ You are smart, strong and beautiful girls thank you for sharing your story with us.

Anne Taylor

Anne Taylor You are beautiful! I hope all your dreams come true for your whole family. xxxxx

Bronny Wilson

Bronny Wilson Thanks for sharing your video! Sending love to you and your sisters and mum

Angharad Evans

Angharad Evans Brave, beautiful and clever! Thank you for your story. Lots of people are trying to help get all children out of detention. I really hope it happens soon. I know lots of people will Australia will welcome you and help you.

Margot Rodrom-Robertson

Margot Rodrom-Robertson Aina, thank you for your effort and your courage! Hearing your little sister’s voice made me smile. She has a lovely voice and her English is so good. Thank you for letting me into your family. You all seem beautiful people, inside and out. Take care and please do not give up hope – there are many people trying to get you out of detention. xx

Misha Rox

Misha Rox Lovely to meet you all, I hope all your dreams come true very soon xxx

Katrina Jones

Katrina Jones It’s so lovely to see you. I have a boy and a girl.

We hope you know that the people of Australia do care about you and we are not happy that you are on Nauru.See More

Wendy Roberts
Wendy Roberts Hi there! 🏻 what a lovely video!!
There are So Many people thinking of you all and wishing you well and wishing for you to get out sometime soon Hope you can keep your spirits up and find good things to do during your time on Nauru. Wishing Peace and wellness for you and your lovely family

Gasim Jamal Mhom

Gasim Jamal Mhom Wow so cute

Suzanne Clarke-Nash

Suzanne Clarke-Nash Hugs from my family in Sydney. You are in our thoughts.

Karen Knibbs

Karen Knibbs I want all that for you and more so much love dear ones from Perth in Western Australia

Monir Emamvardi

Monir Emamvardi You are so beautiful! I hope all your dreams come true xxxxx

Lauren Battaglia

Lauren Battaglia Beautiful family so much love for u all

Tessa McGrath

Tessa McGrath You are beautiful Aina, miss your lovely face xx

3 Replies
Ron Peters

Ron Peters Stay strong Aina. There are so many people supporting you and your family. Your dream will come true

Sue Nash
Sue Nash Hello precious girl
It’s good to hear you
Sending you lots of loveSee More

Anne Jenkinson

Anne Jenkinson And we are all very happy to hear from you! heart emoticon

Max Cooper

Max Cooper Dear Aina, Mizbah, Faizar and Laibar. I send you my love and thoughts to you all, and your mother, and congratulations on making a beautiful video and Facebook page! Please know that there are many people in Australia that wish that you were not on Nauru and were allowed to come and live here. I hope to see more videos from you all! Much Love from Melbourne

Lawrence Murphy

Lawrence Murphy Please live in hope because one day we will free you to live your life. Lots of Love to you and your family.

Janet Blagg

Janet Blagg Well done Aina. I am sorry for how hard it is there for you and your family on Nauru. Keep your strength for the day you are free. Blessings and love to you.

David Kay

David Kay Love to all of you, Aina.

Mary Moran

Mary Moran Keep hope alive because many extremely kind people work hard to bring you ,your sisters and many others from Nauru .We all loved your Video and know that someday you will be a very Proud Australian.

Katharine Ingram-Sheno

Katharine Ingram-Sheno A beautiful video and lovely family. Sending lots of love and support.

Gopala Romeo

Gopala Romeo I am teacher of ten and eleven year olds in the US. I will tell my students about you all. We read about Nauru but there was no mention of the detention center. We send out love and will think on how to help.

Shelleys All

Shelleys All Lovely to meet you Aina. May you know and feel Gods love for you x

Anne Taib

Anne Taib Darling girls and sweet Laibar. Your video is lovely. Thank you so much for telling us about your life in Nauru. I’m very pleased to hear that you want to be a teacher. I have been a teacher for 36 years and it is a fine, honourable profession. How canSee More

Ardna Xela

Ardna Xela Thank you for the lovely video girls. I pray that sometime soon you will be able to find a safe home close to us. Go to school and play with our children. We think of you and care about you and I wish you and your family courage and happiness!

Jan Govett

Jan Govett Thank you for your video. It is wonderful to read your words, and hear your voices. Thank you. We are trying so hard to bring you all safely to Australia. We will keep working till it happens.

Sabina Gugler

Sabina Gugler Thank you for the beautiful and lovely messages it’s an honour and a blessing to get to know you all better, for now keep smiling and keep up with posting and communicating with all of your supporters on this wonderful page. heart emoticon

Sonya Bell

Sonya Bell Thank you for sharing your wonderful video Laibar and Aina. I too love pretty things and education. You all deserve lots of both and much happiness as well. Sending much love to you and your mother xxx

Mary Blight

Mary Blight Hi Ainu it is lovely to meet you and you family. Please do send them my best regards. So very many of us want you to be free. It is very courageous of you all to have this page up. I have wanted to do something to help for a long time now. I am very soSee More

Bron Dahlstrom

Bron Dahlstrom Love to you both and to everyone on Nauru. I so hope that you can come to Australia. You would be welcome in my town, Inverloch.

Crea Nolan

Crea Nolan Laibar and Aina, I am sending you love and hugs from Ireland

Lady-Shaula Salathe

Lady-Shaula Salathe My little girl loves Barbies too! And she loves stories as well. We can’t wait until you come to Australia. Wait with hope and love. We will keep working to get you here. xxx heart emoticon

Valerie Kennedy

Valerie Kennedy Thank you for your beautiful video, and I hope soon you will be able to meet some of us here in Australia. We will keep working hard to help you and your family have the life you deserve. Stay strong! With love and best wishes from Melbourne.

Lee-Anne Ford

Lee-Anne Ford This is beautiful, Aina. Thank you.

Marianne Kavavangh

Marianne Kavavangh My heart goes out to you forgotten children (and your parents). When one human child suffers every humane mother weeps, sending love to you from me and my children heart emoticon

Rebecca Stevens

Rebecca Stevens Hi Aina, I loved the video you made and very much want for you and all the refugees on Nairu to come to Australia. Please keep your spirits high and know there are many Australians who do not support the governments policy of locking people away for years. Love from Newcastle.

Janina Cartwright

Janina Cartwright My lovely children. Thank you for this beautiful video. I am so sorry that you are kept in this horrible detention centre and I hope with all my heart that you will be able to start a new life here in Australia as soon as possible. I can only apologise for how you are bring treated lots and lots of love to you and your family

Sunali Lewis

Sunali Lewis Beautiful video. Sending you my thoughts, love… and hope.

Annabelle Ioannides

Annabelle Ioannides A message of love, hope, peace, and strength to each and every one of you

Nancy Jehl

Nancy Jehl Trop mignonne cette petite

Kathy Reiter

Kathy Reiter Sweet little voice to go with that lovely face.

Mop Lane

Mop Lane Wow, what a beautiful smile. I think you will be a wonderful teacher. I know that your dreams will come true and we will love to hear more from you and your lovely family. Stay strong and remember the good people in Australia love you.

Ammarah Siddique

Ammarah Siddique My daughter is five n she too wants to be a teacher n loves playing with barbie dolls n watches cartoons n absolutely loves books… So if she has a chance to freedom then my dear u do too!!!

Narelle Underwood

Narelle Underwood Thank you!

John Brennan

John Brennan Good luck for you, your family and all the others in Nauru – I hope we can get you to Australia soon.

Paul Harmon

Paul Harmon You are very brave and have great big wonderful dreams that you must never give up on. You have many friends you have yet to meet

Cosmic Clau

Cosmic Clau Bless you all, much love and strength to you.

Wera Teves

Wera Teves be strong lovely girl i pray life will get better for you soon love

Elice Garcia

Elice Garcia I really hope you can join us in Australia very soon thank you for making this lovely message.

Kallena Kucers

Kallena Kucers Lovely to meet you all. Hope so much that you can move to live somewhere much nicer soon. Thank you for making this video to share with us. Much love xox

Theresa Bint

Theresa Bint Lovely to hear your voice – you will make a very good teacher!

Trish Forde
Trish Forde You have spoken so beautifully it is indeed a pleasure to meet you.
Pretty faces with gorgeous smiles. Stay strong little ones, for one day and I do hope it is soon you will be in Australia and going to school having fun and playing games with other children. We are all praying for change.

Christel Marie-Paul

Christel Marie-Paul Bless you lovely girl xx

Nancy Gaskin

Nancy Gaskin What a wonderful introduction. It is so very nice to meet Aina, Mizbah, Faizar and Laibar. Laibar you spoke so beautifully and you speak very good english heart emoticon Bless you little darling and bless your sisters and mother heart emoticon

Linda Downing

Linda Downing You are a beautiful little girl Aina and I hope that all your dreams come true. You speak English very well. I am sure you will make a great teacher.

Vicky Merritt

Vicky Merritt What a lovely girl you are, don’t ever stop dreaming or believing..

Tarquin Twinkle

Tarquin Twinkle My thoughts and very best wishes are with you and all the children there.Please never think you are forgotten heart emoticon

Kim Nester

Kim Nester Stay strong stay safe…my thoughts are with you…sending love to you from me and my children

Stephanie Perrott

Stephanie Perrott Why oh why do we imprison these children ? They are entitled to the same freedoms as Australian children .

Margery Cass

Margery Cass Hi Aina, it’s lovely to hear from you. You sound like someone who is brave, intelligent and caring, and we need more people like that in Australia. Lots of people are trying hard to get you out of Nauru, so keep doing what you are doing – looking after your sisters, working at your education, and never giving up. xxx

Colleen Finn

Colleen Finn What beautiful children, please don’t give up hope for a wonderful future, you deserve it. heart emoticon

Peggy Gee

Peggy Gee My good wishes go to you. I hope you can come here soon. (no need to reply)

Sue Todd

Sue Todd Get them out of that horrible place! !!!

Janene Lee O'Sullivan

Janene Lee O’Sullivan We have not forgotten you. We want you to come to Australia and be safe and happy. What has been done to you is wrong. Don’t give up.

Pamela Collett

Pamela Collett We have NOT forgotten you nor your families. We are trying to change the Australian government’s inhumane policies. CLOSE MANUS. CLOSE NAURU. Bring people to Australia to assess their claims to asylum.

Cathie Nederveen

Cathie Nederveen Hello Aina.

Mark Leahy

Mark Leahy Hello Aina. You have a lovely smile. I am sorry our government keeps you there. But you are not alone. We are thinking of you. I hope you and your family are well.

Dianne Joy

Dianne Joy You are a beautiful teacher already. Thank you for your message.

Rebecca Flanagan

Rebecca Flanagan I truly hope one day soon you can call Australia your home. There are so many people here who care about you and are ready to welcome you in. Don’t give up. Together we can do it.

Louise Craig

Louise Craig Hello Aina, and your siblings and friends. I’m so glad you’ve started this page so we can get to know you all. Australia currently has a very bad government with very bad policies, but there are many people who didn’t vote for them and who want changes, so you can all come to live in Australia and get a good education and live a good life. Best wishes to you all. Many of us are thinking of you.

Cheryle Mia Jones

Cheryle Mia Jones cry emoticon Such sweet little girls. Please know that we do care about you xxx

Paula Dalley

Paula Dalley Hello Aina. Your video is lovely. Sending love to you and your family xxx

Rebecca Dowd

Rebecca Dowd It’s nice to hear your voice, Aina! There are many people in Australia who are thinking of you. I hope that one day we can welcome you in our country smile emoticon Big hugs!

Bijou Po

Bijou Po heart emoticon

Kate Elizabeth

Kate Elizabeth Hello!! It is so lovey to hear your voice! I would give you a big cuddle if I could! I am praying for you dear one, be happy and safe xxxx

Geordie Mullan

Geordie Mullan Thankyou for your video Aina, stay strong, don’t give up and remember there are many Australians with warm hearts ready to welcome you into our country smile emoticon

Kerri Lee
Kerri Lee I share all of your stories with my friends.
We love hearing from you. 💕💕💕

Moemoe Lwin

Moemoe Lwin Yes nrni cry Yu picture

Nikki Hannan

Nikki Hannan Lovely to meet you. I am Australian but now live in New Zealand with my family. You are not forgotten my children and I talk often about you and the other children in detention. We send you love and good thoughts. As the sun comes up and when it goes down and any other time you feel alone please please remember, You are in our hearts and minds every day.

Moemoe Lwin

Moemoe Lwin Nice kit

Kylie Spencer

Kylie Spencer It is such a pleasure to meet you all!! I am so proud of you all, and I hope that we can get you off that island and over to Australia. I am sending my biggest hugs to you all xxxxxx

Lily Lily Lily

Lily Lily Lily Ashley these are some of the refugees on Naru.

1 Reply
Chris Hyde

Chris Hyde Hello Aina. You have a beautiful family and my family and I are sending you all our love

Bernie Richards

Bernie Richards Thank you for sharing your story Aina and Lalibar. We look forward to welcoming to to Australia soon

Susan Harris

Susan Harris Thank you Aina, it is lovely to get your story. There are many Australians who are trying to get your family moved to Australia. Can we send you anything? Best wishes to you all

Anthony Farrelly

Anthony Farrelly Thanks for sharing with us Aina. Your baby sisters English is excellent. I will share her video with my daughters tonight.

Kathy Nicholson

Kathy Nicholson 🌼 Hello Aina thank you for telling me about your family. Anything I can do to help you?

Kate Monica

Kate Monica Thank you Aina! I love your video. It’s fantastic. I’m going to show it to my family too. Stay brave you incredible girls.

Liza Neil

Liza Neil Thank you Aina for your lovely video, it is so nice to meet you and your family! Stay bravce and strong! Maybe one day you will be a film maker for tv!

Ianthe Laraway

Ianthe Laraway Thank you for sharing your story Aina. I hope you and your beautiful family are free soon.

Ali McInerney

Ali McInerney This is my children favourite story. If I could with you right now, I would read this story to you too heart emoticon This video is for you smile emoticon

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU That is a great idea! if you send your story reading or youtube link to we can make sure it gets to the children in Nauru smile emoticon Every kind gesture makes a difference

Kathryn Loton

Kathryn Loton Aina you are gorgeous. I loved hearing about the things that you like.Stay happy . You and your family deserve to live in peace.I hope that you and your family are re settled soon.

Rachael Spinks

Rachael Spinks Lovely to meet you. Good luck to you and your family heart emoticon

Sally Koodiaroff

Sally Koodiaroff You are just about the prettyest little girl I have ever seen, and you speak English very well indeed, best wishes from my family to yours

Fiona Hale

Fiona Hale isn’t this wonderful that we can communicate like this, for you to know there are so many people in Australia who wish you were part of our community, it will happen, it must happen. Keep learning your english, you speak very well and I am sure with your determination and support of your sisters and family you will all one day get the lives you deserve – and the lives that so many of us here take for granted x

Cristin Cricco-Powell

Cristin Cricco-Powell Hello from the US! My family wants you to know that we also support you and your family. I love that you have taken a difficult situation and found a way to make it better for yourself, to let your voice be heard. Girls like you will change the world! Keep being your shining self, and a wonderful role model for your sisters, who obviously love you very much. X

T.J. Fabiani

T.J. Fabiani I’ m so sad to hear that. I was though you’re family in mainland. Insha allah may Allah her all of you.

Buddy Smith

Buddy Smith It is so lovely to hear your voice, Laibar smile emoticon Being a teacher is a wonderful goal, teachers are so important in the world, helping the children to grow up well and love learning. I hope we see you here soon heart emoticon

Kate Curry

Kate Curry such a lovely pretty face! thanks for sharing Aina. i hope one day to meet you all inperson

Katy Vidler

Katy Vidler Hi Aina. I hope you and your family will be in Australia soon. Love Katy.

Damian Garthwaite

Damian Garthwaite Thankyou Aina – keep smiling!!

Sally Herbert

Sally Herbert Welcome to Australia girls. Please understand that many Australians are ashamed at the way you and your family are being detained. We want this to change. We don’t know how. Stay strong. Keep up the great Facebook work you are doing. Peace. X

1 Reply
Beverley Warren

Beverley Warren Thank you for sharing your lives with us. Welove to hear from you.

Monika Szigeti

Monika Szigeti Hi Aina, Laibar, Faizar and Mizbah it is a great pleasure and honour to meet you! You show great courage and spirit! Xoxoxo Monika

Adriana De Michiel

Adriana De Michiel Hello Aina, I hope you can come and live in Australia soon, with all your family. xxxx

Bar Finch

Bar Finch It is exciting to be introduced to these lovely children. We are working to try to bring the children to Australia and to house them in communities. Many Australians, like me, think our immigration policy is a disgrace. Thanks to all of you for sharing this facebook site.

Trish Lunt

Trish Lunt Hi Laibar, Faizar, Mizbah and Aina. You are marvellous. Thank you for speaking to with us x

Stephany Panhuysen

Stephany Panhuysen Thank you Aina, Laibar, Faizar, and Mizbah. It is lovely to be able to see you and hear your story. I hope you get the life you wish for in Australia and that you will not be in Nauru much longer. heart emoticon

Emma Bricknell

Emma Bricknell Welcome. I have four daughters as well. What a lovely young lady you are

Louise Cameron-Duxbury

Louise Cameron-Duxbury Wow you speak very well, I think one day you will be a wonderful teacher. Sending lots of love to you and your family and good luck.

Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor Hi Aina! I have a sister too and I think sisters are the best.

Penny Dadswell Zyl

Penny Dadswell Zyl Dear Aina, Laibar, Faizar, Mizbah and your mother, it is marvelous to hear from you all and we send our love and hope to free you soon from Nauru. I have been there briefly many years ago and I did not enjoy it at all. So try not to give up hope, we will continue to try to help you gain freedom here in Australia. With loving thoughts from me, my husband, my two daughters and my four grandchildren xox

Maya Iriondo

Maya Iriondo My daughter Pandora is dictating to me her own message: “I’m sorry that you have to live in a place far away from where you wanted to be. I’m almost 7, and I was born in O’ahu, Hawaii, which is also a small island but very different from Nauru. I have no sisters, like you, but I have one brother. Do you want to be friends? Because I never met you but we could be in touch and tell each other about how we are doing.”

Terry Russell

Terry Russell Thankyou Aina, you are a very lovely family. I hope it will be soon that you all are living in Australia. Your Family will definitely make Australia a much nicer place. I pray that you are all safe, you have a very good talent. Please keep making your films. . Say hello to my daughter Mina Taherkhani .

Sharon Pearson

Sharon Pearson Thank you Aina, you speak very good english n youll make an excellent teacher , you probably teach yr family lots already. I hope you n yr family wil be set free. Alot of caring australians not happy with yr living conditions n we sign petitions to seSee More

Asha Maria

Asha Maria Hello dear Aina, thank you for sharing your story. I have many sisters too and it’s wonderful, especially when you grow up because you have so many wonderful women loving you who know you so well. Keep learning as much as you can and let your family know we see this lovely story. heart emoticon

Sharyn Paton Clement

Sharyn Paton Clement Hello Aina xxx you will be a wonderful teacher because you are a wonderful girl xxx

Liz Kennedy

Liz Kennedy How nice to meet you two lovely girls, Aina and Laibar. It looks like you guys are taking care of each other in stinky old Nauru, which is nice to see. My family and all my friends think it is terrible that you are stuck on that island when you should be free to live your lives how you want to. Give my love to your mother, who must be pretty awesome to have raised such great daughters under such hard conditions.

Julie-Ann Carr

Julie-Ann Carr Oh you are beautiful and precious. You keep that dream of becoming a teacher. I am ashamed our government does not have enough compassion to @Free The Children of NAURU.

Sally Elizabeth Brown

Sally Elizabeth Brown I cannot listen to this precious little girl without crying. What kinds of animals work in Parliament HOuse in Canberra who condone this?

Alex Ocana

Alex Ocana Hi sisters. I am writing from a small island where I live in the Caribbean, its called Dominica. Its not nearly as small as Nauru and it has tall mountains and jungles, farmland, reefs and its not too hot or too cold, although there are plenty of insecSee More


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