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A thank you message sent from Ahmed

A thank you message sent from Ahmed, the Iraqi BOY profiled previously on this page. His mother called last night, with joy and amazement in her voice as she exclaimed “Australian people love refugee!”. The last time I saw her, she was in tears of despair. Your support, your love, has buoyed their spirits and let in some light for this beautiful family. So thank you from everyone at FtCN too.

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Sherie Patel

Sherie Patel We love you Ahmed heart emoticon

Anna Wilson

Anna Wilson Stay strong! ๐Ÿ’•

Krissoula Syrmis

Krissoula Syrmis We all would love to play soccer with you, maybe one day soon we can play a game. I know my son would love it! I hope one day we can all welcome you here. xxxxx

Maria Fitzgerald

Maria Fitzgerald Ahmed you’re a beautiful boy x

Alison Moran

Alison Moran Wonderful! Love to you all from so many of us in Australia

Caitlin Jones

Caitlin Jones Hello Ahmed! Be brave and stay strong.

Melissa Jo

Melissa Jo Hello Ahmed! Thank you for your beautiful message – we all hope to see you settled and happy and playing in Australia soon!! xx

Sabina Gugler

Sabina Gugler Oh how beautiful! We welcome you Ahmed and we Love you to! Keep playing and practicing your soccer! heart emoticon

Nancy Gaskin

Nancy Gaskin Hi Ahmed. Give your mother a big hug from me heart emoticon

Kate Veling

Kate Veling We love you too! I hope very soon you can go to school and play soccer with other Aussie kids. You will have lots of friends smile emoticon

Alexia Mayer

Alexia Mayer Hello Ahmed. Stay strong. Sending love to you and your mother.

Sam Nelson

Sam Nelson Stay strong, hopefully you will make your home in Australia. We will welcome you xxxx

Nicola Moore

Nicola Moore Oh Ahmed, we would love to have you come and live here and we will keep pushing our government until they give in. I would love you to be friends with my kids.

Rachel Davey

Rachel Davey Hi Ahmed. Your english is great! Keep up the good work. I really hope that soon you’ll be able to go to school and play soccer in a safe and free place. And love to your mum too. xx

Sue Meredith

Sue Meredith I would like to watch you play soccer here in Australia Ahmed – I reckon you could kick a few good goals. Sending warm wishes to you and you Mum

Chantico Love

Chantico Love Love you little man and hope one day very soon we can welcome you into our country and you can play soccer and go to a wonderful welcoming school x bless

Victoria Mackey

Victoria Mackey Fantastic English Ahmed. My daughter loves soccer too. Lots of love from us X

Georgina Kaye Wilks

Georgina Kaye Wilks We DO love you! We want you here and you are not forgotten. We are fighting for you. Stay strong! xx

Lady-Shaula Salathe

Lady-Shaula Salathe Hi darling Ahmed. We’ll keep working hard to get you here in Australia. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could be at school here, playing soccer or football! grin emoticon Stay strong. x

Rhii Cousens

Rhii Cousens So cute. He can live with me whenever he pleases

Robyn Leonie Revell

Robyn Leonie Revell Soften the hearts of the Australian Government and let these poor sad children on Nauru go Free

Road to Refuge

Road to Refuge heart emoticon this beautiful page and its message. Stay strong xo

Sue Merrotsy

Sue Merrotsy Hello beautiful we want you to come here xxx

Lisa Roulston Croft

Lisa Roulston Croft Bless you Ahmed. You are welcome here. We care. We see you xxxx

Stellar Lunar

Stellar Lunar We support you!

Lady-Shaula Salathe

Lady-Shaula Salathe Dear Ahmed’s Mamma, we DO love refugees – almost all of us here were refugees at one point of our family history. Be brave Mamma and patient. We are working hard to make people understand it is time for you to be here in Australia.

Justine Boow

Justine Boow love and support you xxxxxxxx

Julie Morris

Julie Morris Hi Ahmed there are a lot of Australian people thinking of you all. We hope one day you will be allowed to live here to you and your family

Carolyn Roberts

Carolyn Roberts that is beautiful….it’s all about the children, the less trauma during this stage, the better! Nice to know they are all doing well…

Shaz Lye

Shaz Lye Welcome to Australia Ahmed

Doris Pozzi

Doris Pozzi Yes we LOVE refugees and we are trying as hard as we can to bring you to Australia. Stay strong and have faith. We know you are there and we pray for you every day.

Soo Jay

Soo Jay Hoping you and your Mum will soon be living free and happy in Australia. smile emoticon smile emoticon

Tania Safi

Tania Safi Hi Ahmed! Many Australians wish that you could all live with us right now. heart emoticon

Mark Leahy

Mark Leahy Hopefully we will be able to welcome you to Australia some day soon. Hug to you and your mother.

Tek Paul

Tek Paul Would love to have you in Australia soon xo

Jan Syme

Jan Syme Isn’t that wonderful

Kerstin Holata Schuetz

Kerstin Holata Schuetz We care about you and hope that soon you will be treated with The love and respect you deserve so much!

Therese Zuke Zucchinis

Therese Zuke Zucchinis We want you in Australia, handsome young man. smile emoticon

Sara Annie

Sara Annie I wish you could be free to play soccer and go to school in Australia Ahmed!

Patrick McCluskey

Patrick McCluskey G’day Ahmed!

Hope you can go to school and play soccer here in Australia very soon!

Lynne van Veen

Lynne van Veen I hope one day soon you can all lead a better, happier life. We think of all the refugees often and pray for you.

Stan Armstrong

Stan Armstrong You can play soccer with my boys any time.

Jac Taylor

Jac Taylor Awesome! heart emoticon

Cheryle Mia Jones

Cheryle Mia Jones cry emoticon Sending love to Ahmed and Ahmed’s Mum.xx

Elizabeth Strauss

Elizabeth Strauss Hi Ahmed. On tv in Australia we are always talking about refugees and want children and families to come to Australia.

Liana Peterson

Liana Peterson Some of us are deeply ashamed of what our government is doing to your families. I think you all should live your lives in peace and happiness wherever that may be. If there’s something people like me can do just let me know.

Elizabeth Jane Robinson

Elizabeth Jane Robinson Love and peace. Stay strong and hopeful. ๐Ÿผ

Jenny Griffin

Jenny Griffin We love you and think about you every day. We won’t give up until you are free.

Mary Blight

Mary Blight Thank you for that wonderful message Ahmad! heart emoticon

Ronda Rutherford

Ronda Rutherford Sending love and support to Ahmed and Ahmed’s mum and all the refugees on Nauru. Please pass on our best wishes.

Kate Kunoichi

Kate Kunoichi Hope Ahmed gets to play soccer here with Aussie kids

Fiona Sweet-Formiatti

Fiona Sweet-Formiatti Assalamu aleikum Ahmed and Ahmed’s mother. Sending you a big hello from my family. Wishing you a future in Australia, a good education, and many soccer games. heart emoticon

Liliana Zavaglia

Liliana Zavaglia Ahmed, who could not love you? You are beautiful!

Ron Pieres

Ron Pieres Be safe ! We love you and hope you arecare

Katie Rose

Katie Rose heart emoticon

Matthew Evans

Matthew Evans Children deserve to be given love, safety and a future.

Cynthia Swiatlowski Powers

Cynthia Swiatlowski Powers What a great video! Your English is good for such a young boy!

Sharyn Paton Clement

Sharyn Paton Clement We do want you here

Qazi Tusher

Qazi Tusher I thank you for Ahmed. Hopefully stays in your area and we Love you

Kathryn Loton

Kathryn Loton Hello Ahmed ! Your English is very good. I Iike your post.I hope that you stay happy and busy doing things that you enjoy while you are in Nauru. We hope that you are resettled soon .Many many people in Australia want you and your family to enjoy a life without fighting and if Australia becomes your new home …we will welcome you!!! You are very sweet.Stay happy and healthy

Jacqui Tung

Jacqui Tung Love you Can’t wait for you to get here heart emoticon

Sarah Butler

Sarah Butler Thanks Ahmed for your message! Hope you can come and play soccer in Australia soon

Sylvia Harmon

Sylvia Harmon Another lovely message. Big hugs to the children and to their brave and wonderful parents.

Dirk Armstrong

Dirk Armstrong Great video Ahmed, you’re going to get along well with the kids in Australia. We look forward to having you here soon

Katie Bunyan

Katie Bunyan Thank you for your message, Ahmed! Your English is excellent, you should be very proud! We hope that you and your family can one day join us here in Australia, where we will welcome you with the love and peace that you and every child and family in this world deserves. Stay strong, stay positive. Know that we care. With love and light from all of us

Adam Cathro

Adam Cathro Good work, Ahmed. I really hope we can welcome you to Australia very soon. You and your family are very welcome here.

Linda Rossen

Linda Rossen Ahmed, we want you to come and play football here! Keep practising your skills, the Socaroos need you!

Steve Lumb

Steve Lumb Great to meet you Ahmed! Hope your life becomes wonderful! We care for you

Jade L'Amour

Jade L’Amour Much love from all of us at my house!!! We all want you here so much xxx

Riina Aapa

Riina Aapa Thanks for the video, Ahmed. I bet you could teach our kids a trick or two at soccer! Stay strong.

Rachael Spinks

Rachael Spinks Lots of love to you Ahmed and all the refugees. heart emoticon smile emoticon

Daniel Golestan

Daniel Golestan Thanks for your message Ahmed. I really like your hair! I used to have long hair just like you, and sometimes people thought I was a girl too. I think it’s a compliment smile emoticon. Hope I can meet you one day!

India Evans

India Evans Thank you for sharing your story . You and your families are in my and many others hearts . Hoping that you are all here with us soon where you belong . Stay safe xo

Noelle Beer

Noelle Beer Ahmed, you speak English very well! I hope you will make it to our country soon!

Jo Dernedde

Jo Dernedde Hi Ahmed thank you for your message, I hope you can come to Australia soon. Please give your mum a big hug for me xx

Sonya Bell

Sonya Bell Hi Ahmed, thank you for your video. I hope you and your mother take strength from the knowledge that many, many Australians care very much about the refugees on Nauru. I think about you all every day. How clever you are to have learned such great English! I don’t know any other languages and imagine it must be a lot of work to learn English. I hope you’re having some fun today xxx

Fiona Hale

Fiona Hale Hello Ahmed, I loved your video. Your English is very good. I am sending hugs to you and your family from my family x

Bronwyn Fletcher

Bronwyn Fletcher Lots of love Ahmed

Simon Hugh Villiers Maynard

Simon Hugh Villiers Maynard Ahmed, keep smiling! Lots of Australian people are working really hard to get the government to let you all come here away from detention. Hopefully soon we will win!

Tracy Goldstein

Tracy Goldstein What an amazing group of kids! It’s wonderful to hear your stories. Please know that not all Australians agree with what our government is doing.

Lani Giesen

Lani Giesen Thank you so much for sharing your video with us, Ahmed. I love soccer too. You and your family are in our hearts and we are hoping and working for the time we can welcome you here in Australia. Peace to you. xx

Lucia Giovine

Lucia Giovine Hello children just wanted to send you love today to you and your families and I hope you have a nice day smile emoticon

Anna Saxon

Anna Saxon Great to see you, thank you for posting! Here’s hoping you will be in Australia very soon!

Lisa Leening

Lisa Leening We are working so hard to get you out little ones! There are so many Australian’s that look forward to the day you are freed and can play with our children. You have so much to offer this country. Until then, be safe and know you are loved xo

Eleni Gotsis

Eleni Gotsis Hi Ahmed, thank you for your video, it was great to hear from you! We are sending lots of hope for a great future for you and your family in Australia!

Annette Marie

Annette Marie I hope we can welcome you and your family to Australia soon Ahmed heart emoticon

Becki Walker

Becki Walker Hey Ahmed, your English is excellent, you must have studied very hard! I hope you can play soccer with some Australian kids very very very soon xxx

Elanra Ananan

Elanra Ananan .thank you….whomever activated all this….it is so beautiful to have an way to share our love each and both ways…….

Sue Hassell

Sue Hassell In tears…I so hope the nightmare ends soon

Voren O'Brien

Voren O’Brien I wanted to post a photo of an Australian animal for you Ahmed but it looks like photos aren’t possible on this site. So I put a sheep sticker here instead smile emoticon

Threasa Lee

Threasa Lee heart emoticon

Lilian Brennan

Lilian Brennan Children are precious and it is criminal to keep them in camps

Lyn Bender

Lyn Bender Heart warming- heartbreaking

Keeva Simon

Keeva Simon and light to you x

Marie-France Laval

Marie-France Laval Ahmed and family I send you some love from Melbourne.

Sheryl Lamb

Sheryl Lamb Ahmed you are an extremely clever boy to speak such good Engish and yes we do want you to come where you and your family will be safe. Many Australians are working on fund raising to help refugees when they get here.

Sheila Ryan

Sheila Ryan Ahmed,we love to hear from you.Be brave and help your Mum.One day it will all work out I am sure.We all send our love.

Clare Pascoe

Clare Pascoe Many, many Australian people do indeed love refugees, and we hate the government policies that have made you feel so unloved and alone. We’re glad you set up this page so that we have the opportunity to let you know that we care.

Anna Bettels

Anna Bettels How nice to hear from you Ahmed. Best wishes to you and your family.

Bec Scheske

Bec Scheske Hello Ahmed smile emoticon I hope you keep smiling and stay strong. May all your dreams come true soon mate. You will soon be free to play soccer and go to school and make many wonderful new friends here in Australia. Thank you for your video, it has made me smile a big smile today grin emoticon

Liana Joy Christensen

Liana Joy Christensen Ahmed – you are a champion. Many, many people are longing to have you and your friends and family join our community.

Sally O'Wheel

Sally O’Wheel Hello Ahmed. Fantastic job! I wish you could come to my school and play soccer here. I hold you close in my heart.

Karen Goldsmith

Karen Goldsmith I’m so glad that we are helping restore hope and love with not only Ahmeds family but to all who have been living with such despair and hardship we keep you in our hearts xxx Thank you for your stories please keep them coming ๐Ÿ’•

Kirsten Stewart

Kirsten Stewart Thank you for your lovely message Ahmed. I hope that you can go to school and play soccer here very soon. Our thoughts are with you

Judith A Westaway

Judith A Westaway Don’t ever give up hope Ahmed. A lot of people here in Australia care very much about you and all the children and families in Nauru.

Zoe van Havre

Zoe van Havre Thank YOU Ahmed! Sending you a BIG hug, and thinking of you smile emoticon

Lizzi Swatland

Lizzi Swatland I do love refugees!!

Elizabeth Thomas

Elizabeth Thomas We love you and care about you very much. Please stay strong in your hearts. Love and big hugs from Liz. xoxoxox

Jenny Addy

Jenny Addy Well done Ahmed, you were very good on camera! We do care about you. We hope our government helps you soon.

Robyn Smith

Robyn Smith Welcome home

Wendy Steed

Wendy Steed I would love to watch you play football, thanks for your sweet message brave boy, I can’t wait until you are all living free in Australia… I want to know how Australian people can send you things, can you let us know how. ……remember the AustraliSee More

Sarah Fereday Nading

Sarah Fereday Nading We all worry about you and want you to be free !! Keep strong you lovely children soon I am sure soon xxxx๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™Š

Peregrin Wildoak

Peregrin Wildoak THANK YOU SO MUCH Ahmed .. many blessings, love and support to you …

Jacquie Coupe

Jacquie Coupe Ahmed, thank you again for your words, i hope one day soon you will come to australia and meet so many people who care for you, your family and all the other asylum seekers on Nauru. Salam, peace xxx

Cathy Glenn

Cathy Glenn Your English is so good! Thankyou for learning our language. My prayer is that you do get to use it in one of our schools as soon as possible, and that you don’t have to wait too much longer. Please stay strong.

Rebekah Hayden

Rebekah Hayden You each of you are so valuable. Each of you children could be the inventor, or the surgeon or the brilliant economist our country needs, and rather than learning your skills at school in Australia you are locked up. It is this country that is missing See More

Penny Dadswell Zyl

Penny Dadswell Zyl Dear Ahmed, it was lovely to see and hear your message. We here in Australia will keep in touch with you and do whatever is possible to help you. Love and encouragement from me, my husband, my two daughters and my four grandchildren – Harry, Alyssa, Lily and Ginger

Jemma Grace

Jemma Grace Be strong, we do love you

Suzanne Tongue

Suzanne Tongue Dear Ahmed it is lovely to see and hear you. I will think of you and I hope that one day your wishes will come true, but wherever you are I will remember you.

Lizzy Theoa W

Lizzy Theoa W โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก

Lyn Hotchin

Lyn Hotchin Nobody will forget you Ahmed!

Melanie Dunkley

Melanie Dunkley Hello Ahmed. I help refugees learn English when they arrive in Melbourne. Lots of people here welcome refugees.

Charlie Spencer

Charlie Spencer Dear Ahmed, I love you too. We are trying hard so that we will be to play soccer with you soon. Huge hug and love.

Samantha Phelan

Samantha Phelan I hope you are playing football in Australia soon Ahmed!

Solange Ruiz

Solange Ruiz We love you….you deserved to be loved and respected.

Bim Baird

Bim Baird Love to you and your family Ahmed – I hope you’ll have a real home here in Australia soon!

Buddy Smith

Buddy Smith Great to hear your voice, Ahmed. I hope we can see you here soon smile emoticon

Nikki Hannan

Nikki Hannan Your wish for freedom and safety is also our wish for you.

Debby Myers

Debby Myers I love refugees!

Kate Curry

Kate Curry we love you too!

Robyn Holder

Robyn Holder Have hope Ahmed. One day you’ll be able to leave Nauru. Most of us know you are good people and would make our country better.

Jo Riley-Fitzer

Jo Riley-Fitzer Only wish we could do more! Lovely to meet you over FB Ahmed, very best wishes to you and your family

Demi Kehoe

Demi Kehoe To Ahmed and all refugee children, and their families and friends. I will continue to support the release of refugees from Nauru. You and I want only happiness, peace & security for our families. I’m deeply ashamed my government hasn’t been brave enough to resettle you in Australia.

Lesley Beth Shaw

Lesley Beth Shaw Hi Ahmed. Your English is very good! I am happy to meet you. How do you say Grandma in your language? I have 14 grandchildren so another one would be good!

Freda Henshaw

Freda Henshaw I hope all your wishes come true Ahmed and we send send love from ouR family to yours

Elaine Rodgers

Elaine Rodgers thank you Ahmed,

Margaret Byrne

Margaret Byrne I hope that one day, Ahmed, you will be going to school and playing football with lots of Aussie children.

Katy Vidler

Katy Vidler Ahmed, I hope you are living in Australia very soon. Thank you for your video message. With Love, Katy

Nel Hargrave

Nel Hargrave I’m not Australian but people in England are thinking of you too

Madeleine Chaleyer

Madeleine Chaleyer Ahmed there are many Australian people who would like to share this country with you, thank you for your good will towards us.

Catherine Gemmell

Catherine Gemmell Hello Ahmed I don’t think children should be in Nauru detention and hope you can come to Australia where you will be welcome

Paula Dalley

Paula Dalley Bless you, Ahmed. We send out love to you & your family xxx

Julie Lawrence

Julie Lawrence Ahmed, I so hope you are here with us soon! xxx

Sally Leslie

Sally Leslie Go Ahmed – we do want you here. Remember that on the hard days

Sophia Therese

Sophia Therese Queenie Dagogo oh my god!!! :’)

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Damian Garthwaite

Damian Garthwaite Hi mate – keep your chin up!

Lyn Malone

Lyn Malone Thank you Ahmed. We hope to see you in Australia. Well done on your bravery. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

Nelly Colt

Nelly Colt Hi Ahmed! I hope you and your family come home to Australia soon. Give your mother a big hug from me! โ™ก

Vlasta Vlasta

Vlasta Vlasta โ™กโ™ก

Chrissy Alexander

Chrissy Alexander Hello, Ahmed. I hope you will soon be able to live in Australia and go to school and play soccer. Thank you for talking to us smile emoticon

Jodie Maybury

Jodie Maybury Ahmed, you speak beautifully!!!

Jackie Sannia

Jackie Sannia heart emoticon

Daniel Montgomery

Daniel Montgomery Ahmed you are so brave, I think you are amazing. You inspire me and I hope you and your family will be in Australia soon. We care about you and are trying hard to bring you to Australia.

Brenda Andreani

Brenda Andreani Be brave and patient , young man, Many people here would love to help you

Genevieve Medhurst

Genevieve Medhurst Hi Ahmed, we have not forgotten about you. We will continue to fight for you to come to Australia

Carmen Lee Platt

Carmen Lee Platt Hello to you, what a noble young man! I hope we can soon have you playing soccer with our children. Big hugs to your family. Keep hoping, good must win somehow, sometime!!!!

Kylie Spencer

Kylie Spencer So many of us want you here, and we will keep fighting our government until you are free here in Australia. Well done, Ahmed. Big hugs and love to you all xoxoxo

Ramona Kennedy

Ramona Kennedy I am so happy to hear your voice. Kiss your mother for me.

Paula Pixie Moss

Paula Pixie Moss Have a wonderful Life in Australia Love & Peace to you & your family heart emoticon

Amica Spindrift

Amica Spindrift Hi Ahmed, it’s so good to hear your voice and see your face. I wish you and your family everything good.

Leanne Kennelly

Leanne Kennelly We cannot wait to welcome you to Australia. To us you are already an Aussie.

Amanda Karo

Amanda Karo Yes! We love refugees! In fact my dad was a child refugee too. It would be great to have you here.

Jack H Smit

Jack H Smit Thank you for telling us who you are, Ahmed. Only if we know about you we can think of you properly and send you our supporting thoughts!

Rachel Grimmer

Rachel Grimmer It is wonderful to be able to hear your stories, and I hope that you will have a better place to live soon

Shirley Williams

Shirley Williams Thank you for telling us who you are. We think of you all often. Sending love and prayers your way xx

Beverley Warren

Beverley Warren Thank you Ahmed for sharing your love with us, we love you too.

Megan Willis

Megan Willis Love to you and your family, Ahmed. You are a wonderful young man xo

Cherie Low

Cherie Low We love you too, Ahmed and hope that you will here going to school and playing soccer soon.

Sasha Stubbs

Sasha Stubbs We love you too and wish you were here with us!

Barbara Oh

Barbara Oh Hi Ahmed!!

Melinda Stanners

Melinda Stanners We do! We do love refugees! So many of us and angry and ashamed that our government will not bring you here to be with us.

Wendy Garthon

Wendy Garthon I hope you can come to Australia soon.

Heather Bee

Heather Bee heart emoticon

Lynette Chave

Lynette Chave Hopefully you’ll be able to come and meet some kangaroos! xx

Margaret Mossakowska

Margaret Mossakowska You may not believe it, but most Australians do not agree with keeping refuges in detention centres. I hope you will come to Australia and see this beautiful country. Do you know that you sound Australian already? heart emoticon

Adriana De Michiel

Adriana De Michiel I hope that you can come and live in Australia soon, and make lots of friends to play football with. xx

Natalie Behncken

Natalie Behncken I can’t wait for the refugees to be released from Nauru and start living a free life! Have courage, be brave!

Yvette Belier

Yvette Belier Keep strong heart emoticon

Sue Mercer

Sue Mercer Lovely to see you Ahmed – I’m so sad for all of you & yet so happy to see you here – love & peace to you xxx

Rhonda Taylor

Rhonda Taylor Many Australians are attempting to have all the children on Nauru brought to Australia. You deserve to be living a carefree life in a wonderful place like Australia. I hope this happens soon!

Kathy Bradley

Kathy Bradley I hope ALL the refugees on Nauru wil be free very soon, so that we can welcome all to Australia.

Haig Conolly
Haig Conolly Hope you get here soon so we can have a proper argument – about what is the best football code.
Very happy to show you all of them.

Trish Lunt

Trish Lunt Ahmed, you are wonderful!

Gayle Carr

Gayle Carr You are most welcome Ahmed

Tweena Ebejer

Tweena Ebejer heart emoticon

Romney Jones

Romney Jones Thank you for your message Ahmed. I would love to kick a soccer ball with you but you would be much better at it than me! :-)Sending you lots of love and praying for your freedom. xxx

Holly Nott

Holly Nott I see you Ahmed, and you are lovely.

Sunali Lewis

Sunali Lewis Hello Ahmed smile emoticon We love you too.

Natalia Bejar
Natalia Bejar Hello Ahmed, thank you for your lovely message. I hope you can be in Australia very soon, going to school, making new friends, and playing soccer and footy!!!
Much love from Melbourne. Stay strong and let all the other children and adults there with you know that you are all loved and there are many of us supporting you and wanting you to be free. heart emoticon

Lee-Anne Organ

Lee-Anne Organ Lovely to see your message and learn about you! I can’t wait for you to go to school with my children and be free!

Jo Bain

Jo Bain Thank God we can give hope to these families. Keep up the good work you wonderful kids!

Yve Weinberg

Yve Weinberg Hey Ahmad, great to hear you! We send you lots of good wishes.

Shae Leviston

Shae Leviston lots of love to you Ahmed and your Mum …hoping you can come and play here soon!!! smile emoticon

Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson That is great. It is good to be able to do one small thing.

Cheryl Cemeljic

Cheryl Cemeljic i can only imagine how desolate and isolated you are feeling – but we keep raising our voices for you, in hopes that someone with authority, someone who is supposed to act on our behalf, will finally do as we ask. hopefully, it won’t be too long, and you will feel safe, and will be able to build your lives heart emoticon

Tracey Quinn

Tracey Quinn Ahmed I would be proud and honored to know you and your family. I pray that you will get here soon!

Emma Bricknell

Emma Bricknell Ahmed what a wonderful young man you are hope u and your family can get here sopn

Lorraine McCann

Lorraine McCann We do care about you and welcome you to our country!

Liza Green

Liza Green Stay strong!

Rebecca Stevens

Rebecca Stevens Hi Ahmed I hope we can welcome you to Australia very soon. Most Australians do not want refugees locked away in prison but the Australian Government is not listening to us. Please keep your spirits high knowing that you are far from forgotten.

Ricia Ainge

Ricia Ainge Hi Ahmed. We love you too

Jenny Jackson

Jenny Jackson Hello Ahmed. My parents came to Australia as refugees 65 years ago. I hope we can welcome you and your family.

Crea Nolan

Crea Nolan Love from Ireland Ahmed (love your hair) .

Kylie Gillespie

Kylie Gillespie Ahmed, I hope you and your friends are able to come to Australia and go to school and play soccer with our children. Keep hoping, so will we.

Joanne Smart

Joanne Smart It is great to hear from you Ahmed

Leelee Sylvester

Leelee Sylvester To all the people imprisoned on Nauru: we hear you, we see you. We care about you.

Shauna Egan

Shauna Egan It will be wonderful when you come to Australia and go to school and be with many friends. Stay strong, we are going to make sure that this happens for you.

Sally Cripps

Sally Cripps Beautiful kid… hope he gets to kick that soccer ball soon!

Diana Kain

Diana Kain Ahmed, I hope it wont be long before you can live in Australia. Is there anything you need or want that I can send you? Aunty Diana.

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU Dearest Diana, you can connect to Ahmad’s family through if you wish to arrange to send any gifts or personalised messages smile emoticon x

Diana Kain

Diana Kain Will do. But prefer to send him something he actually wants?

Karin Hage

Karin Hage Hi Ahmed, I am doing all I can to bring you to Australia, so you can play soccer here. I hope to meet you one day.


Summer Rose

Summer Rose Hi Ahmed, i love your video, thank you so much for sharing it with us. We all love you and hope to see you in Australia soon heart emoticon

Jasmine Wigley Wigley

Jasmine Wigley Wigley hi Ahmed, i wish i had a fairy wand so that io could wish you free and bring you to Australia.

Peter Hill

Peter Hill Hi, Ahmed. We are not all monsters. We love you!

Megan Bell

Megan Bell Love you Ahmed heart emoticon

Toni Rhoden

Toni Rhoden Hi Ahmed . We love you

Shirley Frizell

Shirley Frizell Hopefully soon you will be living a normal happy life x people outside are trying to help xx

Eliza Phillips

Eliza Phillips WE know you’re there and WE care heart emoticon xx

Amanda Styles

Amanda Styles Hi Ahmed…we hope that all your dreams are fulfilled. Can’t wait to hear of the day that you are playing soccer with no bars or restrictions.

Lisa Connor

Lisa Connor We heart emoticon U xxxx

Kate M Simelane

Kate M Simelane Wonderful.

Penny Polkinghorne

Penny Polkinghorne Free these children, spending life behind wire.

Jackie Halpin

Jackie Halpin Good on you Ahmed!!! Much love to you and your family

Jackie Halpin

Jackie Halpin Good on you Ahmed! Much love to you and your family

Cathy Jensen

Cathy Jensen I hope you get to play and go to school here soon. Most people in Australia don’t want children to be on Nauru. The others are only afraid.

Jeni Nathanielsz

Jeni Nathanielsz Keep hanging in there, beautiful Ahmed!

Terry Russell

Terry Russell Hello Ahmed, you are a wonderful young man. I think your family must be very proud of you. Lots of Love and Warmest Wishes. Keep doing your study, we need clever young people in Australia.

Gabrielle Alvarez-Sledge

Gabrielle Alvarez-Sledge Bless you sweetheart

Pam Rowley

Pam Rowley such a brave child, you are to send your message to us and keep it up- we are hearing you and wishing you all the best.

Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan Real Australians say welcome! Bless you… Stay strong.

Odette Nightsky

Odette Nightsky heart emoticon Your welcome into my home anytime heart emoticon

Rhyll McMaster

Rhyll McMaster Hey there, Ahmed. Nice to hear from you. Hope you get out of detention very soon.

Asha Maria

Asha Maria We welcome you and your families, sending you much love dear children and love and encouragement to your mothers and your families. Do not lose hope, I am sorry this is happenning. We love hearing your stories. heart emoticon

Sierra Fox

Sierra Fox Bless

Donna Hita

Donna Hita Bring all asylum seekers from these horrid offshore detention centres & process them in Australia now! Real Australians say welcome!

Jenny Mckekers

Jenny Mckekers I hope we will be able to welcome you here in soon Australia Ahmed, along with everyone in detention offshore and in Australia.

Anja Radford

Anja Radford hearing that ahmed’s mum felt joy and a lil happiness just brought a tear to my eye heart emoticon

Megha Jolly

Megha Jolly Thank you for your message Ahmed

Nicky Luna

Nicky Luna Sending love Ahmed xxxo so much love

TC Kop

TC Kop We are trying to help! I think you are all very brave. Please stay strong, there are many Australians who are very angry at the way you’re being treated and are trying hard to change things so you can have a more normal life here in Australia.

Janet Thompson

Janet Thompson Hey there you children, please keep trying to help each other, as we know you will not be trapped forever, and we want you to be safe and well until you come here. Many many people worry about you, and are working to try to get our government to changSee More

Molly Lang

Molly Lang You are loved and we do care. Please keep hope and you will find a home and peace. God give you happiness and faith

Lisette Moore

Lisette Moore These poor babies r in jail! They are so grateful & humble just to be considered, ! Your hope & love for an Australian home is inspiring & you would be a treasure to an Australian future! I pray this will be your home very very soon! We love you! May God bless you and open an amazing blessed door to a beautiful new beginning here in Australia!

Kellie Jones

Kellie Jones We love you and your family too Ahmed. Love from Grace (aged 12) and Kellie (Grace’s Mum). Please tell your mummy that we want you all to be in Australia soon and off of Nauru. xoxox

Roger Ski

Roger Ski It is interesting to note these things happen by this Government that says it works for Australia and yet it screws this country.


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