Days in detention

808 days in detention

Megha Jolly There is no reason for you to have spent any time in detention, let alone that 808 days
Thoughts and prayers are with you, stay strong xx

Katy B Plummer
Katy B Plummer Sending you love.

Ron Pieres
Ron Pieres Australia’s Shame

Lisa Leening
Lisa Leening holding you in our hearts xox

Gisela Stieglitz
Gisela Stieglitz Sending love and hope♡♡♡

Amanda O'neill
Amanda O’neill We will keep working towards your first day of freedom….. Hang in there

Laura-Lea Walton
Laura-Lea Walton Sending love and prayers. Please know that we are here and we are listening x

Jasmine Devereaux
Jasmine Devereaux You are not alone. We are here, waiting for you to arrive in Australia.

Kylie Tune
Kylie Tune I’m sorry.

Wendy Frazer
Wendy Frazer One day is too long for any child to be in detention.

Emma Lucia
Emma Lucia So sorry little mate. Our government is terrible and you should not be locked up!

Anna Bettels
Anna Bettels Too many days. You are brave and strong. Keep smiling

Gedda Burke
Gedda Burke Not in my name!

Abigail Abdabs W D
Abigail Abdabs W D I can’t ‘like’ this, but I appreciate you posting it. This is shameful, Australia.

Rachel Kohaly
Rachel Kohaly So sorry this is happening to you.

Carol Boucher
Carol Boucher I’m so sorry. Sending you hugs and love. This should not be happening

Tania Sarunic
Tania Sarunic We wish we could get you out of there and have you in Australia. Lots of love to you.

Janine Knowles
Janine Knowles So sorry for you! We are all sending you our love. X

Kaili Leadbeatter
Kaili Leadbeatter It isnt fair little one heart emoticon

Freja Leonard
Freja Leonard It’s not okay. We’re going to win this, we’re going to get you out. It’s only a matter of when.

Ursula Skjonnemand
Ursula Skjonnemand Keep your hope alive, you are just as valuable as the rest of us. Xx

Mellisa Giancarlo
Mellisa Giancarlo We are fighting for you sweet child. Stay strong. The Australian government will pay dearly for their cruelty to innocent children. We will never stop fighting for your freedom. You are not forgotten.

Jasmine Aslanides
Jasmine Aslanides We are thinking of you! Don’t lose hope.

Christine Meagher
Christine Meagher God bless you little one. I am so sad for you. Sorry for our countries mistake.

Amanda Karo
Amanda Karo Wow…you are amazing….its not good enough!

Leanne Kennelly
Leanne Kennelly Keep strong and please know we cannot wait to welcome you to australia.

Kymlee Hendrix
Kymlee Hendrix I am so sorry, you do not deserve this. Please stay strong

Amy Maynard
Amy Maynard One day, when you tell your story, people will be amazed at what you survived and what a wonderful person you became. Not everyone in Australia wants you in detention, so of us really want you all here.

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Maysoon El-Ahmad
Maysoon El-Ahmad So sorry little man. Stay strong. Things will get better for you. Big hugs and kisses to you 💕

Asha Maria
Asha Maria Hello darling one! What a horribly long time You must be a very brave and enduring person. When you are free your courage, patience and endurance will bring you success in study and work. I am so sorry this is happening.

Kate Wallis
Kate Wallis Love to you, dear children. Know that we think of you.

Patrick McCluskey
Patrick McCluskey We hope you come to Australia some day soon

Mary Blight
Mary Blight This is so wrong. Australia has to change what it is doing to refugees. Locking up refugees is wrong. Locking up children is worse. Please share these photos on fb far and wide!

Natasha Nagy
Natasha Nagy That is so not ok. I hate our government for doing this to any person and especially children.

Helen Larson
Helen Larson I send you a hug!

Amanda Jane Brown
Amanda Jane Brown so sorry wish you were here with us in the hills x

Laura Pengelly Jones
Laura Pengelly Jones I’m so sorry little one, so so sorry. You do not deserve this. Please know that you absolutely do not deserve this and there are people trying all we can to make the authorities give you the freedom you deserve x

Debbie McKay
Debbie McKay Dislike that you have been in detention so long. Stay strong

Anne Harrison
Anne Harrison cry emoticon heart emoticon

Brenda Andreani
Brenda Andreani So sorry our politicians have no heart for you YET

Trish Lunt
Trish Lunt The Australian government is appalling frown emoticon

Geordie Mullan
Geordie Mullan Stay strong, we Australians that are compassionate are hoping for your freedom.

Lyn Fuller
Lyn Fuller I’m so sorry 💕

Leah Wierenga
Leah Wierenga Not good enough Australia 🙁

Jacqui Cook
Jacqui Cook I am sorry, stay strong xx

Jenny Smart
Jenny Smart I too am sorry and so ashamed.

Ruth White
Ruth White Liked to dislike. So sorry.

Kate Hughes
Kate Hughes Not in my name, or that of my husband and 11-year-old son. You would be welcome in our hearts and homes any day.

Linda Laos
Linda Laos So unfair darling. You belong here in Australia with us!

Susan Cook
Susan Cook Nnnnooooo. Hug hug hug

Julie Mcgaw
Julie Mcgaw Keep sharing we are watching

Glenda Woolnough
Glenda Woolnough So sorry our government is doing this to you. Hope these messages give you strength.

Kate Pick
Kate Pick We wish you could come & live in Australia. The Australian people care about you xxx

Sue Wragg
Sue Wragg I’ve liked because I like you, but this detention of children is intolerable.

Hil Mason
Hil Mason You need to live in a real home, not this prison. Love to you.

Jodie Maybury
Jodie Maybury 808 days to many, little man, bless you

Tammy Safi
Tammy Safi frown emoticon

Erin O'Donnell
Erin O’Donnell God, I am just so sorry.

Bowl Lipson
Bowl Lipson I’m ashamed of Australia.

Zara Sarzin Perlman
Zara Sarzin Perlman I’m ashamed too.

Karen Farley Dowling
Karen Farley Dowling I’m sorry that you are there stay strong little one

Anthony Mazza
Anthony Mazza Wake up Australia!

Justine Boow
Justine Boow Sorry! You shouldn’t be in detention at all !!

Yenda Clifton
Yenda Clifton Know that people care and are ashamed our government has done this to you.

Ann-Maree Claire
Ann-Maree Claire Way too many days. I am so sorry

Kylie Spencer
Kylie Spencer I’m so sorry, little darling. We will keep fighting hard to get you out. Big hugs xoxoxo

Solange Ruiz
Solange Ruiz We love you, you deserved to be loved and respected.

Margot Rodrom-Robertson
Margot Rodrom-Robertson I have let my friends know about you and the others whose photos are on the page. Thank you for letting us know the facts. Take care and stay strong. We are trying to get our government to bring you to Australia.

Fiona Beggs
Fiona Beggs Be strong – one day you will be free to have a better life.

Sue Meredith
Sue Meredith sending you a big hug, I wish you could be free, you should be free, xx heart emoticon

Steven Atheelius
Steven Atheelius This is criminal.

Alison Manisha
Alison Manisha We wish for freedom for you and send hugs

Angela Rooney
Angela Rooney I’m so sorry. Sending you a big hug. Shame on Australian Government.

Sannā Wilson
Sannā Wilson Sending you all love and hoping you are able to stay strong, justice will come! Please don’t lose hope. We won’t give up on you and will welcome you with open arms when our governments criminally inhumane policies are finally shown for what they are. Your little voices are so powerful, keep it up, never be silenced. You all deserve freedom and happiness. heart emoticon

Merle Conyer
Merle Conyer I am so sorry that you are being kept in that place … thank you for sharing with us

Lorraine Schutz
Lorraine Schutz I am so sorry heart emoticon

Sharon Fairbairn
Sharon Fairbairn Sorry to hear, that is so long. Hugs

Rach Downey
Rach Downey You Beautiful soul. 808 days too many. Stay strong. Dont give up. We care and dont want to see you live this life. Sending you love xo

Irene Montefiore
Irene Montefiore So many of us do care. Thank you for being brave x

Dianne Joy
Dianne Joy Every day a day too long..

Misha Lee
Misha Lee I’m with you.

Mary Jane Webb
Mary Jane Webb And that’s 808 days too many. We love you and want you to be free, safe and happy…there is a world outside your detention and we do not forget you. We love you & want better for you
Please keep posting xxx

Jane Griffin
Jane Griffin Sending a big hug

Adam Alami
Adam Alami Other the the Nazi regime and slavery I don’t recall any time in history where children were locked in detention!! Cruel!!

Michael McKay
Michael McKay This is way too sad and totally unacceptable. Stay strong little ones.

Jane McMurray
Jane McMurray All I can say is that this treatment is totally wrong!
Hope you get to safety with your families and manage to have decent lives.

Cait McMahon
Cait McMahon I am so sorry for you. Please know that so many Australians do not want this. You do not deserve this

David Pensa
David Pensa 808 days too long. May you and your family be free.

Duncan Maurice
Duncan Maurice I hope Yu kind find hope in the darkness

Vicki Robertson
Vicki Robertson Hope we can turn this into this 🔜

Janet Mays
Janet Mays Just plain wrong

Chantico Love
Chantico Love The world is watching and many of us care

Emily Mohan
Emily Mohan The sun that rises and the sun that sets is the same sun I see in Australia. We feel the same sun.

Jackie Halpin
Jackie Halpin Big hugs to you all. I am so sorry

Tania Bishop
Tania Bishop the same moon too; when you look at the moon know that people here in Australia are thinking of you.

Anina Rich
Anina Rich I am thinking of you and we are working hard to change the Australian policies that are causing you such harm. I’m sorry.

Natalie Downes
Natalie Downes This is not ok!

Huia Aotearoa
Huia Aotearoa Such a long time when NO child should ever be locked up!!!!!

Roslyn Creevy
Roslyn Creevy How tall have you been growing in this time?

Wendy Garthon
Wendy Garthon Oh heavens above, your day will come and you will be free of that place.

Bee Nadja
Bee Nadja You must be feeling very sad. Many people in Australia feel sad with you. Detention is not for children. Sending hugs.

Julie Thompson
Julie Thompson Nooooo so wrong

Riana Begg
Riana Begg Liking to acknowledge you as a person…. Certainly don’t like kids being in detention – let alone for years!!! Stay strong.

Erling Horgen
Erling Horgen Sorry, our government leaders are self serving, uncaring and irresponsible sociopaths, with no regard for the lives of the young and deliberately disinterested in anyone that can’t get them elected. Strange when most call themselves Christians, must be like the Christians in Ireland, who spend their time hating each other.

Kris Campbell
Kris Campbell You are not forgotten

Anthea Falkenberg
Anthea Falkenberg I am “liking” this to thank you for the photo and the information you are sharing in it, Free The Children NAURU. I definitely do not like that you have been 808 days in detention. Love to you, and I hope you very soon have the freedom you deserve 🌼

Kellie Jones
Kellie Jones We are sorry, Thank you for being so brave. We love you. Grace (aged 12) and Kellie (Grace’s Mum) xoxo


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