Days in detention

904 days in detention


Suzie Leach Please know that a lot of people are distraught about this, and doing what they can to help. Keep strong young one.

Katy B Plummer

Katy B Plummer Sending you love.

Lisa Leening

Lisa Leening So brave! You are loved xo

Megha Jolly

Megha Jolly Too long, too long, sending love, hugs and prayers

Jess Jagoe

Jess Jagoe I’m so sorry frown emoticon

Gisela Stieglitz

Gisela Stieglitz So sad, sending love and hope ♡♡♡

Emma Lucia

Emma Lucia This is so sad and children should be free. So sorry that you are not free to enjoy your childhood xo

Summer Rose

Summer Rose we all love you heart emoticon

Amanda O'neill

Amanda O’neill We see you and we hear you. Hang tough……

Belinda Loxley

Belinda Loxley Yes,we all love you

Noelle Beer

Noelle Beer Oh my goodness….

Jasmine Devereaux

Jasmine Devereaux Very sad 😕. Stay strong.

Helen Corr

Helen Corr that is far too long – I hope you get off the island soon and get a proper home again

Wendy Frazer

Wendy Frazer One day is too long for any child to be in detention.

Anna Bettels

Anna Bettels Too many days. Stay strong

Danielle Antoinette

Danielle Antoinette It’s vert khayli khayli divonay!! Never put children or anyone in detention ! Azizam I hope you are free soon!!

Gedda Burke

Gedda Burke Not in my name!

Trudi Andersson

Trudi Andersson That is just so wrong.

Matthew Carey

Matthew Carey Your detention is inexcusable. Try to stay strong and hang in there. #NotInMyName

Derya Dilara

Derya Dilara :(( disgraceful

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Carly Phillips

Carly Phillips Sending you lots of love and strength x

Carrie Russell

Carrie Russell frown emoticon hang on and know that there are so many of us who care.

Abigail Abdabs W D

Abigail Abdabs W D I can’t ‘like’ this, but I appreciate you posting it. I am so desperately sorry.

Lynda Wayne Whelan

Lynda Wayne Whelan Im sorry 😙 Not in my name.

Carol Boucher

Carol Boucher I’m so sorry. There are a lot of people trying to get these inhumane waiting periods taken away so you can get to your new home quicker. Sending you love and hugs

Roselyne Chedel

Roselyne Chedel incomprehensible

Leonie Ryntjes

Leonie Ryntjes It is a horrible situation

Shanti Meera

Shanti Meera So very wrong. Not in my name.

Alesha Sangster

Alesha Sangster We wish we could set you free….

Jules Ufton Diamond

Jules Ufton Diamond Sorry sweet heart!!! You are wonderful and deserve happiness and peace

Andreea Stoenescu

Andreea Stoenescu That’s a long time

Stacey Lee Warren

Stacey Lee Warren 904 days? Where is the sense in this? Processing shouldn’t take most of their childhood! I’m so so sorry this is happening.

Tania Sarunic

Tania Sarunic I am so sorry. I want to get you out of there.

Mim Irani

Mim Irani I am sorry, truly sorry.

Janine Knowles

Janine Knowles So sorry for you! We are all sending you our love. X

Heather Bee

Heather Bee I’m so sorry that my government is doing this to you. X

Lynne Thomson

Lynne Thomson Sorry sweety – I hope this stupid cruelty ends soon

Freja Leonard

Freja Leonard So sorry little one. We all want better than this for you. You’re not forgotten.

Elizabeth Jane Robinson

Elizabeth Jane Robinson Stay strong. There are Australians who want to help. Sending love, light, peace and hope.

Liz Williamson

Liz Williamson i am so sorry you have had to endure this. i hope that you are released soon and can come to Australia. Please don’t give up hope heart emoticon

Skadi Nova

Skadi Nova We haven’t forgotten about you and we won’t let our government hide you either. One day this will change. I am so sorry that any of you have to be there.

Kate Hughes

Kate Hughes My heart breaks to see you hold up this sign. I’m so sorry.

Angie Gittus
Angie Gittus I agree frown emoticon
That’s very sad – I hope you are free soon

Miriam Mulcahy

Miriam Mulcahy This is so wrong. I am so very sorry.

Nicky Henderson

Nicky Henderson My heart is breaking. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Melanie Satrapa

Melanie Satrapa Heart breaking. Thinking of you. #childlikemine

Ursula Skjonnemand

Ursula Skjonnemand Keep your hope alive, you are just as valuable as the rest of us. Xx

Amelia Strzebonski

Amelia Strzebonski Please know that there are good people in Australia doing everything they can to get you out.

Kaili Leadbeatter

Kaili Leadbeatter I hope for the best possible outcome. Many of us do smile emoticon

Mellisa Giancarlo

Mellisa Giancarlo You are an innocent child and you do not belong in detention. Please try and stay strong. The world knows you are there and they have condemned the Australian government for locking you up. We will never stop fighting for your freedom. You are not forgotten.

Michelle Dunscombe

Michelle Dunscombe Way too long for anyone let alone children. It saddens me that our government isn’t listening.

Jillian Maree

Jillian Maree You poor thing, that’s horrible. I hope you are free soon and I hope the people responsible for your imprisonment rot in hell.

Lisa Kremmer

Lisa Kremmer Keep your chin up. Not all Australians are cold hearted people. We will change government, then bring you here …. one of these days.

Christine Meagher

Christine Meagher I dont LIKE. Sorry for this injustice. Gods loce and Peace

Antonio Pigna

Antonio Pigna But corrupted politicians never go to detention because they got tax payers’ money and can pay 2-3 lawyers.

Brian Leslie Blackwell

Brian Leslie Blackwell Australia…we imprison children.

Amy Maynard

Amy Maynard I wish you were not there. I wish my Government was kinder. I hope you grow strong despite this terrible thing. You are amazing.

Mary Blight

Mary Blight How can Australia justify locking up children like this?

Nicole Crook

Nicole Crook I too, am sorry!

Abbey Batchelor

Abbey Batchelor Robbing children of their best years. Shame on our government

Jess Scully

Jess Scully I’m sorry we are doing this to you. I hope you can join us in Australia soon. Love and strength to you.

Jacob Perry

Jacob Perry I absolutely can’t like this photo

Leanne Kennelly

Leanne Kennelly I pray that one day you will no longer need to hide your face and we will welcome you as an aussie.

Kerrie Thomas

Kerrie Thomas Not all Australians approve of this cruel treatment. Stay hopeful

Asha Maria

Asha Maria Hello darling one! What a horribly long time frown emoticon You must be a very brave and enduring person. When you are free your courage, patience and endurance will bring you success in study and work. I am so sorry this is happening. 💕

Angela Rooney

Angela Rooney I’m sorry this is happening to you. Sending you my thoughts and prayers

Angela Rooney

Angela Rooney Shame Australian Government, shame.

Maysoon El-Ahmad

Maysoon El-Ahmad So sorry little man. Stay strong. Things will get better for you. Big hugs and kisses to you 💕

Nani Garrity

Nani Garrity Wish I could get you out of there

Nicole Horin

Nicole Horin How is this possible!

Mary Blight

Mary Blight I can’t like it either. But I have shared it. Please share as widely as you can everyone.

Patrick McCluskey

Patrick McCluskey So sorry this is happening to you

George Roppingly-Goode

George Roppingly-Goode Just wrong. We all wish we could help. We care about you!!!

Tish Silberbauer

Tish Silberbauer This is just awful. I’m so sorry, children. So very sorry

Lauren O'Connell

Lauren O’Connell I am thinking of you and praying for you every day. Sending you lots of love.

Alec Tibbitts

Alec Tibbitts We are a disgrace.

Georgia Leyendekkers

Georgia Leyendekkers thinking of you kiddo heart emoticon

Merryn Auldist

Merryn Auldist Two and a half years in prison for escaping from the horrors of life – This child did nothing wrong – why are we doing this to people?????????????????

Marian Saines

Marian Saines Definitely NOT okay!

Deborah Katona

Deborah Katona Despicable policies inflicting abuse on children

Terry Russell

Terry Russell Unjust and Inhumane.

Tom Lau

Tom Lau So sorry about that frown emoticon

Isabella Porter

Isabella Porter The government ought to be charged with willfull damage to children.

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Sarah Binley

Sarah Binley frown emoticon

Be Potter

Be Potter So sorry…..

Rachel Davey

Rachel Davey We’re thinking of you, buddy. Hang in there.

Natasha Nagy

Natasha Nagy That is so not ok. I hate our government for doing this to any person and especially children.

Robyn Evans

Robyn Evans I wish I could set you free x

Kylie Graham

Kylie Graham I’m so sorry. You don’t deserve this. Sending you much love xxoo

Helen Larson

Helen Larson I send you a hug

Trish Lunt

Trish Lunt This makes me very angry and sad

Linda Laos

Linda Laos So wrong frown emoticon

Mark Blackmore

Mark Blackmore Sorry for you, friend.

Asa Fredriksson

Asa Fredriksson That is so wrong that you have been in detention 904 days. I am so so sorry. We are working here in Australia to get you out! Please keep up the faith.

Danielle OC

Danielle OC Hang in there little man xxx

Barbara Easthope

Barbara Easthope I would set you free

Carolyn Muldoon

Carolyn Muldoon So sorry you cant be free, we care

Lydia Schofield

Lydia Schofield frown emoticon poor bub

Deborah Apthorp

Deborah Apthorp Stay strong darlings. We’re thinking of you.

Admn Blackpaw

Admn Blackpaw cry emoticon heart emoticon we are so sorry

Margaret King

Margaret King GET THEM OUT NOW!

Mary Blight

Mary Blight I could not agree more Margaret!

Margaret King

Margaret King It’s past criminal

Mary Blight
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Kimberley Beasley

Kimberley Beasley I am sorry. You deserve so much more. Sending love.

Eileen Hartley

Eileen Hartley This is so wrong frown emoticon

Wendy Maley

Wendy Maley That is so, so wrong. Almost 2.5 years. How can it take so long?

Geordie Mullan

Geordie Mullan 904 days too many, not all Australians want you locked up, many of us want you free as soon as possible….stay strong

Sheryl Lamb

Sheryl Lamb Sending love and prayers for you and your family to be free….it will happen, stay brave and strong.

Nathan Bending

Nathan Bending I’m sorry for what my country is doing to you heart emoticon

Julie Atkinson

Julie Atkinson Like to dislike!

Leah Wierenga

Leah Wierenga Not good enough Australia 🙁

Jacqui Cook

Jacqui Cook I am so sorry cry emoticon Stay strong xxxx

Lyn Fuller

Lyn Fuller I’m so sorry 💕

Jocelyn Eggins

Jocelyn Eggins I am so sorry… I wish you can come & stay with us like a cultural exchange student… I have two boys 13 & 16 and I feel for you being stuck there… Stay strong & know there are many Australians who do care for refugees and are trying to be heard

Amanda Karo

Amanda Karo Im sorry kiddo

Gill Cowden

Gill Cowden How can we help?

Laura Pengelly Jones

Laura Pengelly Jones Oh sweetheart, this is so so very wrong, I am so sorry for you, you do not deserve this x

Frances Laurie

Frances Laurie hang on – our heart emoticon s are with you

Helen Jeges

Helen Jeges I am SO sorry for what our government is doing to you

Ruth White

Ruth White Liked to dislike. No more detention for asylum seekers. Let’s find our humanity.

Jane Honeyrider

Jane Honeyrider sending heart emoticon and support to you!

Jenny Rae

Jenny Rae I can’t “like” this, but I do send my best wishes for your release

Graeme Rennie

Graeme Rennie This is just appalling. Nichola x

Cornelia Boelke

Cornelia Boelke That are 904 days too much! No detention at all shall be the no1 premise

Annika Boom

Annika Boom This pisses me off frown emoticon

Martin Egglesfield

Martin Egglesfield Australia is a signatory to the 1951 United Nations Convention on refugees, but fails to uphold hardly any of them. Children imprisoned (Australia calls it detention) for over 900 days ( nearly 3 years) is just appalling, especially considering the conditions under which they are held.

Emma Willson Barwick

Emma Willson Barwick Stay strong little love and think of Mandela and Suu Kyi xxx

Roger Boyce

Roger Boyce There are people in this world who think this is wrong. Know that.

Lisa Pears

Lisa Pears frown emoticon

Lara BoBara

Lara BoBara There are tens of thousands of people, maybe even millions of Australians who hope that one day you’ll be able to call Australia home. I’m sorry it’s taking so long. We’re waiting for you, with love

Rose Chiminello

Rose Chiminello oh darling we love you and try hard to get you out.

Susan Cook

Susan Cook This is disgusting…..stay strong little one

Emmanuel Mallison

Emmanuel Mallison nearly 3 years in prison for escaping repression#fuckoffdutton #notinmyname

Verity Pearce

Verity Pearce I’m so sorry. We support your right to a free and good life. Don’t give up hope x

Julie Mcgaw

Julie Mcgaw Thank you for sharing your 904 days photo. Not in my name it isn’t. Keep on being strong. And keep on sharing with us because we care

Marie Pak'nam

Marie Pak’nam I don’t like it at all. Poor little guy. I really wish Australian government is going to close those camps. Kids should never go through that

Emma Le Strange

Emma Le Strange we may not be there with you in person, but we are there in spirit! Stay strong!

Saba UmSafwan

Saba UmSafwan I wish there was a dislike button. Shame on the Australian government

Nancy Gaskin

Nancy Gaskin 904 days too long frown emoticon

Sus Anne

Sus Anne I am so sorry you are in detention – I would far rather have you living at my house and playing with me and my dog. I will do everything I can to get you out – we are ashamed of our country. xxx

Kate Pick

Kate Pick So sad for you. We want you out too.

Glenda Woolnough

Glenda Woolnough So sorry. I’m so ashamed my country is doing this to you.

Jodie Maybury

Jodie Maybury That’s 904 days to many. Bless you, child of the earth.

Vicki Robertson

Vicki Robertson I wish I could turn your sad face into a smiling one. 🔜

Charlie Spencer

Charlie Spencer I’m very sorry you have been detained for so long. You should not be detained at all.

Clare Danaher

Clare Danaher I am so sorry. This is sickening.

Erin Elizabeth

Erin Elizabeth I’m sorry frown emoticon Please don’t give up

Yenda Clifton

Yenda Clifton I’m liking to dislike. What a disgrace. Get these kids out of detention!

Veronica Naylon

Veronica Naylon You should not be in detention at all.

Christopher Haggarty-Weir

Christopher Haggarty-Weir What can we do to really help? There is well wishing and platitudes, but that doesn’t really do much. I would love to help more.

John Fry

John Fry That is 904 days to long. Many Australians know that this is wrong and cruel and we are trying to have the rules changed.

Nathalie Nuijens

Nathalie Nuijens That is 904 days too many. frown emoticon

Lynne Murphy

Lynne Murphy More than half his life in detention. So sad for you little one. frown emoticon

Kirsty Sadler

Kirsty Sadler I’m so sorry, this should never have happened, there are many many people in Australia who would welcome you here to start a new life! I am ashamed of our government. You deserve our love and support not this.

Kate Curry

Kate Curry I am soooo sad for you! Please don’t give up. We are thinking of you

Joyce Tozer

Joyce Tozer We will o everything we can to get you free.

Maria Cournane

Maria Cournane Bless you, if i could take you and you’re family in i would

Monica Redden

Monica Redden It’s so stupid when you realise how much these people could be doing to contribute to Australia. Our strength comes from the diversity of our immigrants. Such a stupid waste of human resources that could strengthen our remote and rural communities.

Margaret Mylius

Margaret Mylius Far far too long. Imagine if it was your own child or grandchild.

Berril Creswell

Berril Creswell So sorry we have absolutely disgusting politicians in Australia, but a lot of us keep trying to change that, hang in there we will get you out!

Rebecca Digney

Rebecca Digney Hang in there Kiddo! You’re doing a really good job at being brave and strong. There are lots of people all over Australia doing whatever little thing they can to try and make things better for you.

Karen Farley Dowling

Karen Farley Dowling I wish u didn’t have to spend another day in that place! I’m sorry for the way you are being treated stay strong

Lizzie Stary

Lizzie Stary nothing to like about that frown emoticon wishing you freedom soon

Haldor Noss

Haldor Noss That’s three years in a child’s life , and counting. Peace be with you all too..

Tas Winkler

Tas Winkler I’m so sorry. Please know that there are many many of us who don’t agree with children being in detention or even detention existing off shore full stop. Keep safe, brave children. You’re in our hearts, we will keep trying.

Andrea McGrath

Andrea McGrath Little brother, people in Australia care and we want you to be here very soon, free and safe. Don’t lose hope.

Michele Pollock

Michele Pollock 904 days in detention and how old is the child in this photo? Be ashamed, be very ashamed “government” of Australia. You say you are Christians, but obviously do not believe in the Bible teaching about the “Good Samaritan”. Evil government, evil, evil…

Natasha Ludowyk

Natasha Ludowyk This is terrible. I am sorry. You deserve so much more!

Raven North

Raven North So sorry! we care about you, try to hold on.

Rachel Yerbury

Rachel Yerbury Be brave smile emoticon

Justine Boow

Justine Boow sorry! you shouldn’t be in detention at all!!

Usana Oz

Usana Oz It really breaks my heart how the government also blames them for certain things. They are been tortured inside men and women as well! But the government doesn’t want us to know exactly what’s going on inside! There treated like animals!

Tascha Edwards

Tascha Edwards Seriously Australia? I am sorry .

Chris Mackay

Chris Mackay I am so sorry & I am ashamed that my country ( Australia ) is responsble for children in detention along with any aslyum seeker ,its inmoral, inhuman .what have we become ?

Marie-France Laval

Marie-France Laval Like but don’t like. You will be free.

Sophie Yorkston

Sophie Yorkston I’m sorry, young friend. Many of us hope to get you all out of there, as soon as possible.

Kylie Spencer

Kylie Spencer That’s awful, little darling- try hard to remember that there are so many of us fighting to get you all free. Big hugs to you all xoxoxo

Margot Rodrom-Robertson

Margot Rodrom-Robertson Oh darling little one – that is far, far, far too long! Many of us are trying to get you out.

Chris Conte

Chris Conte Children should be free to grow up not in detention. 3 years of his life wasted. What is the hold up???!

Mirjam Stevens

Mirjam Stevens Shame on the Australian government and all those that have voted in this racist liberal party. Is there any compassion? Please keep strong all you wonderful courageous children.

Melinda Madden

Melinda Madden I’m so sorry

Ianthe Laraway

Ianthe Laraway Much much much too long.

Ed Love

Ed Love What was the crime?

Ali Ager

Ali Ager so sad my love, you guys are growing up in detention and missing a free childhood…I am so sorry

Lynn Jackson

Lynn Jackson I’m heartbroken. Love to you.

Jonathan Antony

Jonathan Antony frown emoticon

Lisa Rockman

Lisa Rockman Not cool frown emoticon

Lynette Muirhead

Lynette Muirhead I just wish you could experience a night like I am having with my grand daughter…a movie, sleepover, snuggle up…I could adopt some of you as my grandchildren…peace…and check your pillows for baby rodents…ha ha haa!

Susan Shrimpton

Susan Shrimpton This is so unfair …. I am ashamed of how you and your family are being treated. We care about you

Fran McCombe

Fran McCombe I’m sorry we are wasting your childhood. If I could give you your freedom, I would. You have every right to a free and peaceful life darling child. Please forgive my shameful country for your pain and suffering.#australiasshame #notinmyname

Naomi Mccarthy

Naomi Mccarthy frown emoticon

Joyce Obrien

Joyce Obrien Unbelievable cruelty.

Cathryn Elder

Cathryn Elder I wish there was a sorry button

Karla Pair

Karla Pair frown emoticon

Fiona Beggs

Fiona Beggs Be strong. Many people care about you and hope you can be free soon.

Sue Meredith

Sue Meredith sending you a big hug, I wish you could be free – you should be free xxx heart emoticon

Jessica Dalgarno

Jessica Dalgarno Sending you love and hope from Melbourne… all of you are in my heart, be strong.

Benedict Kennedy-Cox

Benedict Kennedy-Cox That isn’t right. I’m sorry lil buddy

Elizabeth Shirlaw

Elizabeth Shirlaw That’s awful ..may you have release soon x

Meryl Joyce

Meryl Joyce That’s such a long time – I’m sorry

Kay Lennon

Kay Lennon That is no good. I hope you will be free soon. I am so sorry.

Alison Manisha

Alison Manisha Sending you hugs. We want you out of there.

Kat Jeffrey
Kat Jeffrey So much love out to you all!
Please know there are many of us fighting for you and many more willing to open our doors and hearts for you!

Soph Barrett

Soph Barrett This is so wrong frown emoticon not the childhood you deserve frown emoticon

Jodie Hanson Dunning

Jodie Hanson Dunning 904 too many! I am ashamed of my government!!

Faikah Behardien

Faikah Behardien I am so sorry for the heartlessness of our government. I am so sorry that you are not free and safe.

Margaret Moon

Margaret Moon I am so sorry. Wish I could get you out right now

Jo Moore

Jo Moore Unacceptable. Good luck kids. Xx

Jacinta Burgess

Jacinta Burgess So much love and hugs to you, so so sorry it is taking so long xxxxx

Julia Berglund

Julia Berglund One day is too many, I’m so sorry! frown emoticon

Sandi Ferguson

Sandi Ferguson SHAME on our nation.

Sue Hassell

Sue Hassell Far too many, let us hope that soon you will be in a real community with proper freedom, to be able to have pets, go to school and have lots of friends, sleepovers, bike rides, sport and all the things you should be doing

Kerri Grant

Kerri Grant This is awful :(( so sorry little one this is not what you deserve

Claire Gatto

Claire Gatto This is so unfair, how can this be justified in any manner?

Colette Moorhead

Colette Moorhead Unjust, unkind and unchristian

Gretchen McSomething

Gretchen McSomething You are so strong and amazing. We wish you could be here, making new friends in Australia

Merle Conyer

Merle Conyer I am so sorry that you are being kept in that place … thank you for sharing with us

Adriana De Michiel

Adriana De Michiel I hope you can leave very soon and be in your new safe home.

Lorraine Schutz

Lorraine Schutz I am so sorry heart emoticon

Susan McMurdo

Susan McMurdo Love to you and your families and friends. So many of us support you and campaign for your release.

Margaret Sinclair

Margaret Sinclair There is no justification for keeping any child in detention, especially for this long.

Geoff Parry-Ewing

Geoff Parry-Ewing Marianne Parry this is what I was telling you about.

Bec Sprague

Bec Sprague frown emoticon why??? I have room???

Maryla Makowiecki-Rowcroft

Maryla Makowiecki-Rowcroft Thinking of you and your families.

Rach Downey

Rach Downey We pray you will be out soon… you have been there 904 days too many. All our love, wishes and hope from tassie x

Jarrod Crellin

Jarrod Crellin Stay strong buddy 🏽

Edwina Virgo

Edwina Virgo Barbaric. frown emoticon

Rosalie Street

Rosalie Street I wish you all the peace and freedom you deserve, stay strong and never give up xo

Michelle Parton

Michelle Parton Our family would have you and your family at our house in a heartbeat if they’d let us! Praying for you precious one.

Amy M. Alvarez

Amy M. Alvarez You deserve so much more.

Michael McKay

Michael McKay This is way too sad and totally unacceptable. Stay strong little ones.

Narelle Underwood

Narelle Underwood 904 too many frown emoticon I am so sorry you don’t have the freedom you deserve. Stay strong. Stay hopeful.

Wendy Hardman

Wendy Hardman thats half his childhood so far

Allison Hunter

Allison Hunter Sad frown emoticon hope people with power regain their compassion and free you soon

Kelly Samantha

Kelly Samantha I’m so sad to hear that

Karen Elkington

Karen Elkington Too long and cruel. Not all Australians support this policy. We want you to be free!

Helen Dean

Helen Dean How does it take 904 days to process or decide anything??!! What if this was your child Malcolm Turnbull?!

Alanna Linn

Alanna Linn That is so long and awful. I’m so sorry about our government’s approach

Monika Szigeti

Monika Szigeti I know this is hard four you but be assured it will get better

Anneliese Alexander

Anneliese Alexander My 6 year old daughter wants to let you out. 902 days too many!

Cait McMahon

Cait McMahon You don’t deserve that. You are not forgotten

Carla Daly-Morris

Carla Daly-Morris I really wish our government would free you. It’s not right. Stay strong little one xox

Lesley Hawson

Lesley Hawson It’s not you sweetie – it is us. Please know we are always thinking of you.. Each day is bringing you closer to freedom.

Emma Van Deventer

Emma Van Deventer Appalling. Come on Australia! Clean up your act!

Cheryle Mia Jones

Cheryle Mia Jones You are in our hearts, please know you are ioved and not forgotten. Ordinary people like us want you to be living free and safe here with us. Stay strong. cry emoticon xxx

Linda Cusworth

Linda Cusworth Hey little buddy, you are in our hearts and minds every day. We hate the way our government is treating you with such cruelty. We are sending you our love and care.

Pam Sedgmen

Pam Sedgmen I wish you could be free, playing at the park or riding your bike up and down the street with your friends and not stuck where you are seeing the world through horrible bars

Elly Hulm

Elly Hulm 1 day is a day too many frown emoticon

Emily Mohan

Emily Mohan The sun that rises and the sun that sets is the same one I see in Australia. We feel the same sun.

Kelly-Anne Twist

Kelly-Anne Twist I’m sorry. That would not be my choice for you. Children do not belong in detention.

Annie Regan

Annie Regan I hope that things change for you soon

Ursula O'Brien

Ursula O’Brien I’m liking to dislike! loving thoughts from Oz.

Belinda Giles

Belinda Giles How long would it take to travel to Mars?

Sal Kirk

Sal Kirk Dear heaven. Poor people. SHAME on our governments.

Heidi Lawrence

Heidi Lawrence Why does it take so long to make a decision.?

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Anina Rich

Anina Rich I am thinking of you and we are working hard to change the Australian policies that are causing you such harm. I’m sorry.

Wendy Roberts

Wendy Roberts Oh, so sad!! and so so terrible. There are MANY people thinking of you and praying AND acting for change

Irene Gaffney

Irene Gaffney There are many Australians who want you to be free

Val Horne

Val Horne No child should be in prison! Nor should any refugee or asylum seeker. Only those who have committed crimes should be imprisoned – and let’s not remember that many of those who are SENTENCED to gaol (as opposed to the gaols called ‘detention centres), are indigenous. It’s completely screwed up.

Roslyn Creevy

Roslyn Creevy It would be worth keeping a diary so that later on you can write a book about all this.

Sarah Dyer

Sarah Dyer thinking of you all and apologies for the treatment you are receiving from Australia. take care and stay positive

Wendy Garthon

Wendy Garthon I’m so sorry about our part in this part of your life. You should not be there.

Clea Mc

Clea Mc Wishing you peace and freedom, from people in the UK. We wish we could do more to help…

Roseanne Byrne

Roseanne Byrne It’s not fair. Little children have done nothing wrong. But then most of you are genuine asylum seekers. Why are we doing this to you? It’s so wrong.

Kerry Mulholland

Kerry Mulholland Free all children.

Tricia Kurth

Tricia Kurth I’m so sorry.

Jan Forrest

Jan Forrest i am so sorry.

Erling Horgen

Erling Horgen Trying to get the government to consider people who can’t vote, is a fault with most elected politicians.

Kris Campbell

Kris Campbell That is not fair

Colin Bishop

Colin Bishop Well, some politicians, e.g. the ones who abuse their entitlements, could go into indefinite detention.

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Anthea Falkenberg

Anthea Falkenberg I am “liking” this to thank you for the photo and the information you are sharing in it, Free The Children NAURU. I definitely do not like that you have been 904 days in detention. Love to you, and I hope you very soon have the freedom you deserve 🌼

Ginny Schmid

Ginny Schmid Our government should be ashamed .

Annette Erdtsieck

Annette Erdtsieck Prime Minister Turnbull must respect the important measures moved by Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and passed by the Senate today, which will release children from detention in Australia, provide journalists with access to detention facilities and provide important whistle-blower protections.

Annette Erdtsieck
"The Senate have voted to set children and their parents free from detention. Now it's up to PM Turnbull to follow through and set them free in time for Christmas."

The Senate have voted to set children and their parents free from detention. Now it’s up to PM Turnbull to follow through and set them free in time for Christmas.

Kellie Jones

Kellie Jones We are sorry, Thank you for being so brave. We love you. Grace (aged 12) and Kellie (Grace’s Mum) xoxo


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