Living conditions · Messages from the kids

They already tell you we are free but it change nothing

Lot of people are telling us be happy Sarah Hanson Young is telling Mr Turnbull to let us be free from detention before Christmas. THIS DOES NOT help us! We need free from Nauru!!! They already tell you we are free because we have paper to say you are refugee not asylum seeker but it change nothing we still live in camp. We free to walk out of camp but we can not walk to freedom because there is no freedom anywhere on Nauru. We have so sorrow. We see they building new accommodation in the same place as the camp. It is small better than a tent but still in gaol and still no good. Please don’t leave us in Nauru for 5 to 10 years because the 6 km x 4 km is all a goal. No education, no natural water, no food because a cabbage cost $30, no safety. The country ground is poison with phosphate and everyone sick. They say hospital is good but it is broken and dogs inside and no good. The government tell you this is safe country then why they say they ban facebook because too many sex predators? We are child and we can work out the lie why no one else work out the lie? Country cannot be safe if has to ban facebook for that reason. The Government been telling you that the facility is good here. We show you only one picture of how they flood our tent. That is not good facility. Please don’t leave us here! We know the Government is trick you again and say all children out of detention. No we not! We busy to start petition to say all childs out of detention and all childs get off Nauru. Please Australia or New Zealand or some good country please take us. Please wait one day for our petition to write. Please be happy for childs in detention in Australia detention. We happy for our friends locked in Australia but we not happy for ourselfs.


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