Messages from the kids

3rd Christmas of our lives that we have been in detention

3rd Christmas of our lives that we have been in detention.
That sentence means much deeper than what it seems, when we read it… 1…2…3 Christmases, 3 years… Let me count… 3 years means nearly 1000 days, It’s just too much , too many days… too many days to be free , to be happy , to grow up , to have hope to life, Too many days to smile and be healthy….
To wake up in the morning and NOT say “ah another hopeless day”

Lynette Muirhead

Lynette Muirhead We feel your pain

Adele Briskman

Adele Briskman Seriously over the platitudes. Inundate your MPs with letters and email.

Barbara Ford

Barbara Ford Ditto Adele Briskman xoxo

Erizabef Rae

Erizabef Rae I’m sorry we couldn’t be there for you this year. Xoxox

Ken Allen

Ken Allen We need to put pressure on th alp, turnbull and his mob will never shorten and co and demand change

Sharon Wynne

Sharon Wynne How incredibly frustrating to have no power over your future. Stay strong. Change will come.

Kitty Black

Kitty Black You’re right, it’s too many days.

Morgan Clegg

Morgan Clegg So unfair frown emoticon Why are we accepting illegals into the country when there’s families who have been waiting for years?? It’s so wrong!

Alec Tibbitts

Alec Tibbitts Illegals?

Leah Wierenga

Leah Wierenga Not Good enough Australia

Leah Wierenga
Leah Wierenga ^^^ This Hug is for all of you wee ones in there … We See you, Hear you, & we are waiting for you!!!
We won’t stop speaking for you!!!

Karen Goldsmith

Karen Goldsmith I just don’t think this is acceptable. We won’t give up on you kids I wish the world would all stand up and let the politicians know what your going through. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. My heart still breaks for you all. Sending all of my love

TeRata Hikairo

TeRata Hikairo My heart is with you ALL

Annette Kern

Annette Kern I am so sorry, thinking of you and wishing you more hope

Penny Dadswell Zyl

Penny Dadswell Zyl We apologize for our government and we will not give up protesting until you are released

Mary Blight

Mary Blight This is too long! It is not right.

Cosmic Clau

Cosmic Clau Way too long…

Jenny Tranter

Jenny Tranter Don’t give up children, we will never give up trying to get you away from there.

Tas Winkler

Tas Winkler My heart breaks for you heart emoticon

Rachael Tidd

Rachael Tidd I wish I could give them all hope xo

Rachael Tidd's photo.
Megan Letts

Megan Letts Sorry it is a very long time for you. I remember when I was a child and a year would seem like such a long time before it was Christmas again. Now that I am an adult the time goes much quicker. So I am sorry that you have had to have so many days without freedom and true happiness and hope. Much love to you all. One day I hope you are free to explore life full of hope. Please don’t give up! Every day is one day closer. I know it will seem like a long time. I will keep hoping for you.

Nicki Hanssen

Nicki Hanssen Too many days and experiences to impact on young, still-forming minds!!!!

Forced-fluoridation Freedom Fighters

Forced-fluoridation Freedom Fighters Australia is an evil country. Australians need to stop living in denial, and until then there should be international sanctions against Australia. All I can say to the people locked up in the concentration camps is hang in there, things can change.

Tania Tonuika

Tania Tonuika I agree Australian government need to have international consequences to wake us up to how bad these practices are. I agree that we need to stop living in denial. I think saying Australia is an evil country condemns a whole population for the actionsSee More

Marg Darcy Too many hours, too many hours, Let’s hope you are free soon and can play in the open, in the sea, in playgrounds, in forests and open spaces.

Darcy Brown

Darcy Brown Surely we must free the children in Australian jails with their mothers too?

Mollie Chook

Mollie Chook Please don’t give up hope. One day you will be free. xoxoxo

Azita Fathalipoor

Azita Fathalipoor We are very tired frown emoticon

Azita Fathalipoor

Azita Fathalipoor Sadly frown emoticon frown emoticon frown emoticon

Elizabeth Sparks
Count your blessings if you live here !!!! My heart is sad for those in detention at the hands of a seemingly heartless government !!!!!

Ela Simon

Ela Simon Australian government is evil and heartless. They refuse to come up with a solution for these poor asylum seekers. They hide their heads in the sands and hope the issue will go away. Cruel and shameless.

Susie E Holt

Susie E Holt Praying for you kids and others xxx God speed


Helen Larson

Helen Larson One day you will be free – we all wish this for you.


Lisa Newey

Lisa Newey If the wishes of many, many Australians were heard, you would all be free this minute. Stay strong, we will keep speaking out and doing whatever we can to get our government to show compassion and bring you to safety.

Mei Wong

Mei Wong Never give up even though hope is all you have. If you do, when the day of freedom comes, praying it will be soon, then you cannot savor it. Hugs.


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