Messages from the kids

Thanks everyone for the beautiful pictures and your inspiring messages to our page

Thanks everyone for the beautiful pictures and your inspiring messages to our page.
On Christmas day it is sad that we are still in the detention and there were no difference for us except one thing which last time Save the children did for us but this time in this eve Transfeild didn’t do anything for us. There were some kind people from Australia send the gifts for kids. It made a different day to the other days. We all wish that next year coming up Merry Christmas will bring brightness in our life as we wish to be like. Happy New Year to all of you in advance.

Sarah Hayden
Sarah Hayden Wish there was more we could do ! Praying your nightmare will soon be over . Bless you all x

Veronica Sherman
Veronica Sherman I hope our gifts arrived on time. Melinda Bito

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Victoria Martin
Victoria Martin good that the gifts arrived we really hope next year will bring freedom.Folks we must all work harder and with greater creativity to make that happen.

Lorraine Parkin
Lorraine Parkin I am very sorry that you are still in detention. I am thinking of you every day and pray that you are free soon.

Ali Ager
Ali Ager So very sorry to hear this….such a lack of compassion and care ….hope you and your families are free soon.

Anastasia Beaverhausen
Anastasia Beaverhausen I pray that next Christmas will see you all free from that terrible place.

Ela Ela
Ela Ela Thinking of you all. Wish you were all free, happy and safe with your loved ones xxxx

Alec Tibbitts
Alec Tibbitts Keep hoping. Our country’s acceptance of treating you this way is reducing.

Nicki Hanssen
Nicki Hanssen Bless you all … you are a positive force to be reckoned with!!

Maggie McEwan
Maggie McEwan We pay them millions of dollars a year and they can’t even make Christmas Day a little special – greedy money- hungry mongrels.

Michelle Baker
Michelle Baker A lot can happen in a year so lets hope that this is the year that a lot of good things happen for you all and that this time next year you will be sending Christmas messages from a new home. Merry Christmas.

Julie Mcgaw
Julie Mcgaw Keep up all your good work letting Australians know about your life.

Lynette Muirhead
Lynette Muirhead Dear little and adolescent friends. I wish we could communicate more freely with you. Do you know many of us wrote to you during the year but our letters were not able to be given to you for some silly reason…stay strong like King Kong!!!

Nina Field
Nina Field Thank you for sharing your stories. Know that we have not forgotten you and hope you will join us at our tables very soon. We will walk with you as best we can to open hearts, change minds and especially our govt policies.

Janet Wilson
Janet Wilson I am pleased your day was different. Stay strong. We are walking with you.

Rhonda Gordon
Rhonda Gordon Just can’t get my head around the horror we have inflicted on our fellow human beings. Surely there will be a time of reckoning!!

Karen Farley Dowling
Karen Farley Dowling I am so sorry that you have had to spend one xmas in that place let alone two,three or four it breaks my heart! There are people out here who really do care!
Peace,love and strength to you all

Caryn Olson
Caryn Olson 3 Christmases. Surely “processing” can’t take this long under any circumstances!

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Chrissy Alexander
Chrissy Alexander I’m so sorry.

Annie Namaste
Annie Namaste My son and I sent gifts of toys. I wish it was the gift of freedom. My heart is with you ♡

Laura Malarkey
Laura Malarkey What can we do to try and get Save The Children back in? I donate to them every month so they can help and it breaks my heart they are not allowed to.

Amanda Veal
Amanda Veal From what i understand save the children are out of nauru now. There is another organization over there. I’ll get the name for you smile emoticon

Laura Malarkey
Laura Malarkey Thanks. Isn’t it Transfield I think. Who decides which org it is? Nauru govt? Australian govt? Who do we need to lobby?!

Mary Blight
Mary Blight Australian Government decides. But it is by the awarding of a contract, which Transfield has now. Lobbying will not change the contract awarding process I am afraid.

Amanda Veal
Amanda Veal Zoe Zulu smile emoticon x

Jasmine Devereaux
Jasmine Devereaux I cannot understand why you are there. Because there is no rational explanation.

Julie Haschemeyer
Julie Haschemeyer Not forgotten. May 2016 bring change and freedom

Carmen Traise
Carmen Traise We have toys I would like to send. How do I get them to these children

Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU

Cathie Hawes
Cathie Hawes Time for change. Love to you all xxx

Jean Litow
Jean Litow May 2016 bring release from detention and genuine settlement in a safe place. So many of us are wishing for brightness in your lives.

Nadsie Ben
Nadsie Ben Many people stand with you and hope dearly it’s your last.

Karen McLennan
Karen McLennan From my heart I am so sorry that you are all still there

Ela Simon
Ela Simon Bad people can’t get away with their bad deeds forever. Hopefully soon, you will be free. Sending hugs.

Janina Cartwright
Janina Cartwright You sweet children. I am appalled that this government thinks this is ok. I am so very sorry that this country which I call my home for only 2 years is doing these horrible things. It’s bizarre to think that such a beautiful country has such an ugly goSee More

Ruth Gledhill
Ruth Gledhill Christmas at Baffle Ck, Queensland. Hope you can join us one day xxx

Ruth Gledhill's photo.
Ann Graham
Ann Graham We’re thinking of you all in my household. What is the postal address please. Id like to send something. Or is there a website of what is needed in the detetention centre’s for children.

Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU

Leah Wierenga
Leah Wierenga Thinking of each & everyone of you who should not be where you are!! Not prior, not now during the Holiday period & not one moment longer ….
Myself & so so many others will never stop nor tire of vociferously protesting our Government until each & every one of you are off those Islands & welcomed into our Communities …
We are ready & waiting for you

Mellisa Giancarlo
Mellisa Giancarlo I am so sorry you were locked up at Christmas. We will double our efforts this coming year to make sure you spend Christmas 2016 in freedom. Thinking of all the beautiful children on Nauru this Christmas season. You are not forgotten.

Sally Vindedzis
Sally Vindedzis All good thoughts

Kathryn Loton
Kathryn Loton Stay strong and look after each other ..we hope that your situation improves and you are free soon ….

Christopher Haggarty-Weir
Christopher Haggarty-Weir Turnbull, what a fail of a human

Helen Nelson-Rash
Helen Nelson-Rash May the new year bring you the security you need and deserve. I hope you all know that many of us consider you our children and will be so happy to welcome you when the time comes. Sending you love and strength xxx

Trish Moran
Trish Moran May it be a happy new year for you all. You are brave and strong and we will keep on trying to get you out. Lots of love to you from me and my family.

Nancy Gaskin
Nancy Gaskin I was thinking about all you beautiful children as my daughter was unwrapping her gifts. I’m disgusted in this government and the way they treat you kids. They let in all sorts of scum but they won’t look after you only because your parents did the most desperate thing by risking all your lives to try and give you kids a better and safer childhood. Please remember that the government is only a few compared to the many who wish you only love and happiness.

Heather Harper Richards
Heather Harper Richards Sending love and hope to all of you brave children. Xxx

Jenny Tranter
Jenny Tranter I was thinking of you children on Christmas Day and imagining you would be happy to open your gifts. We won’t ever forget you and will never stop trying to get you freedom.

Megan Arrold
Megan Arrold Thinking of you all this Xmas and hoping next year will be different. It’s a disgrace. Sending you love and strength x

Debbie McKay
Debbie McKay You are not forgotten.

Dominic Pukallus
Dominic Pukallus I’m sorry that I’m wishing you a late Merry Christmas but I hope your New Year will indeed bring brightness in your life.

Nicole Horin
Nicole Horin Merry christmas beautiful children!

Ricia Ainge
Ricia Ainge Maybe next year it will be better. Hugs

Monica Elberink
Monica Elberink Margot Todd go troll on racists’ pages to make yourself feel superior.

Under no circumstances is it ok to torture especially not children.

My wish for 2016 is for closure of Manus & Nauru.
We would be a better Australia without mandatory detention.

Thank you to all the wonderful real Australians who will continue to support refugees in & out of detention.
You mob of real Aussies keep my inspired for something better for Australia & our refugees
smile emoticon
All the best for 2016

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Justine Boow
Justine Boow thank you for your beautiful pictures! we are always thinking of you.

Sarah Donehue
Sarah Donehue You are in our thoughts. This is my local group of the “grandmothers against refugee children in detention.”

Sarah Donehue's photo.
Barbri Alexander
Barbri Alexander Thankyou, it is good to hear from you again although I am sad it is still from detention. I look forward to the day you can come here – today I am going to walk on the beach, watch the pelicans at the river & listen to the birds. I will be thinking of you !

Tracy Goldstein
Tracy Goldstein Merry Christmas to you all! I hope that next year you’ll be celebrating somewhere free.

Darcy Brown
Darcy Brown We should free the children in jails with their mothers in Australia.


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