Days in detention · Messages from the kids

The first Christmas of Asha’s life is in detention….

Baby spending first Xmas on Nauru detained by the Australian government
Baby Asha spending first Xmas on Nauru detained by the Australian government
Jess Midnight-Black

Jess Midnight-Black frown emoticon

Susan Talbot Bleechmore

Susan Talbot Bleechmore She should be free.

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor It is very sad.

Margaret Blair

Margaret Blair Poor little lamb ! frown emoticon

Megha Jolly

Megha Jolly I hope you are free soon precious babe

Sarah Hayden

Sarah Hayden So sorry sweet precious baby frown emoticon xxxx

Kate Hughes

Kate Hughes I’m so sorry and ashamed

Elsha Young

Elsha Young This is so sad & just not ok.

Rachelle Dods

Rachelle Dods Very sad frown emoticon

Belinda Loxley

Belinda Loxley #notinmyname….unbelievably cruel

Beck Wolski

Beck Wolski frown emoticon

Melanie Weaver

Melanie Weaver We love you

Lisa Lane

Lisa Lane So sad, it’s just not right

Sonia Cuni

Sonia Cuni Praying

Ellen O'gallagher

Ellen O’gallagher Not sad. Intolerable, abhorrent, despicable that innocent people are treated by us in this way.

Tori Lee

Tori Lee frown emoticon

Penny Dadswell Zyl

Penny Dadswell Zyl We apologize for our government and we will not give up protesting until you are released

Carol Adams Sjostedt

Carol Adams Sjostedt Precious little one.

Beck Douglas

Beck Douglas Devastating frown emoticon

Merle Conyer

Merle Conyer I feel sad knowing that you are there

Salli Honeycomb

Salli Honeycomb frown emoticon

Megan N Shane McCormick

Megan N Shane McCormick I’m sorry xx

Sara Annie

Sara Annie I’m so sorry baby

Melinda Neville

Melinda Neville frown emoticon

Kylie Mcclelland

Kylie Mcclelland i am soo soo sorry sweet little person

Steven Russell

Steven Russell God bless this darling child

Linda Burn

Linda Burn Hopefully next year Asha will be in her new home

Michaela Tiller

Michaela Tiller Ashamed to be Australian

Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell Every Australian should feel ashamed and saddened by this, there needs to be a better/faster process

Rachael Hamed

Rachael Hamed Poor sweetheart

Jacinta Burgess

Jacinta Burgess Sweet little angel, I hope so much that the world gets better for you. You are cared about, and very welcome here in Australia xxxx

Malcolm Shackleton

Malcolm Shackleton Poor little baby, this is disgusting, makes me feel sick and so ashamed of our government. Why oh why can’t we treat these children as human beings.

Angie Johnson

Angie Johnson frown emoticon I’m sorry

Bradley Stringer

Bradley Stringer Hope your next Christmas is in Australia – you and your family are welcome at my table!

Toula Kalantzis

Toula Kalantzis frown emoticon

Amrit Versha

Amrit Versha Sad …

Gail Weston

Gail Weston I’m sorry but this makes me freaking crazy mad. Our government is evil, cruel, corrupt.

Nia Ntotas

Nia Ntotas Hopefully your last and the next in freedom

Adam Nasor Karwah

Adam Nasor Karwah I’m so sorry

Pav Fam

Pav Fam frown emoticon

Natasha Eagleson

Natasha Eagleson So sorry you are in detention

Chris Gillespie

Chris Gillespie I might have missed something… but I don’t get why in some photos like this one it’s OK to show faces, and in others no – can anyone enlighten me?

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU some families don’t want the faces to be shown

Larfin Jo

Larfin Jo Have a good think about it Chris.

Larfin Jo

Larfin Jo More than that

GwenDylan Jewel

GwenDylan Jewel Yes but it’s Christmas trying to keep it nice

Fiona Sweet-Formiatti

Fiona Sweet-Formiatti My dearest wish is for you to spend your second Christmas in freedom with the rest of your family heart emoticon

Cathy O'Neill

Cathy O’Neill Disgraceful

Katherine Rós Laing

Katherine Rós Laing Nooo…. get them out!

Bruce Lattimore

Bruce Lattimore This young life deserves freedom and happiness.

Roxanne Pritchard-Christie

Roxanne Pritchard-Christie My love and support to Asha and her family. I can not comprehend how heart wrenching this would be for Asha’s parents.

Fiona Power

Fiona Power Baby does not belong there.

Jessie Johnston

Jessie Johnston Darling child

Shauna Joy

Shauna Joy wrong wrong wrong. let them out!

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Simon Ashworth Wood

Simon Ashworth Wood Want to change things? Then please do the actions on this meme page & share them everywhere:

Nicky Luna

Nicky Luna Sweetheart

Eleonora Clara McKenzie Sagginelli
Eleonora Clara McKenzie Sagginelli Evil evil evil
Poor little babe
Asha is Australian she was born in Darwin I believe

Phoebe McGuiness-Morich

Phoebe McGuiness-Morich My heart breaks.

Asad Shirazi

Asad Shirazi Borders are evil.

Terry Gotje

Terry Gotje I thought we were better than this.

Iwheelie Lovett

Iwheelie Lovett At least it’s not orphaned in a war torn nation.

Kerry Parkes

Kerry Parkes How can we condone the imprisonment of these innocent children? They have committed no crime. Where our own government is guilty of crimes against humanity, every day a child is held in detention.

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Maanah Batool

Maanah Batool I wish I could help u little angel

Christopher Haggarty-Weir

Christopher Haggarty-Weir Goddamn Ausfailia sucks

Kate Pick

Kate Pick This is so wrong. So sorry little one.

Elsie Portch

Elsie Portch Shame on us.

Jan Van den Bossche Shame on you australia……

Steven Atheelius That this government considers themselves Christian is an obscenity!

Steven Atheelius's photo.
Terence Johnston

Terence Johnston It is terrible.

Katy Vidler

Katy Vidler May you be free soon.

DavidTrish Cran

DavidTrish Cran We hope for something much better. Our thoughts are with you; our actions are small but if there are enough of them, things can change.

TeRata Hikairo

TeRata Hikairo Im sooo sad to hear of this

Sheryl Lamb

Sheryl Lamb So sorry Asha XO

Marg Darcy

Marg Darcy Shame remember Malcolm Turnbulls words

Marg Darcy's photo.
Nicole Punt

Nicole Punt This is not right! We have to change this for all of you.

Avenell Ewen Chadwick

Avenell Ewen Chadwick Heartbreaking

Nicole Punt

Nicole Punt May this be your very last in detention.

Wendy-Anne Farrington

Wendy-Anne Farrington frown emoticon

Teresa French

Teresa French praying that it will be the last in detention too

Gail May

Gail May Australia locks up children, gives them no future and says they are a compassionate country.

Danielle Lamb

Danielle Lamb I am sorry

Paul Johnny Lynn

Paul Johnny Lynn frown emoticon

Terese Meyer

Terese Meyer Disgraceful….

Mary Blight

Mary Blight Awful.

Darcy Brown
Darcy Brown We must also free the children in Australian jails with their mothers too.
I’m right aren’t i ?

Shirley G-c

Shirley G-c I so wanted to like all these photos to show my support, but I so don’t like what is going on in our country and wanted to make this clear.


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