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Yesterday was birthday of baby Asha

Yesterday was birthday of baby Asha. She was born in Australia last year , and she had her birthday on Nauru
She is now 1 year old


Patrick McCluskey
Patrick McCluskey Happy Birthday, Asha!

P x

Morgan Mysterio
Morgan Mysterio happy bday gorgeous

Rachel Magill
Rachel Magill Happy birthday, baby girl x

Ren Pryosusilo
Ren Pryosusilo Happy birthday Asha xxx

Frances Windolf
Frances Windolf May she soon be able to return to the place of her birth – in freedom!

Maanah Batool
Maanah Batool Happy birthday princess.May dis year u live a free life… kiss emoticon kiss emoticon

Eva Trust
Eva Trust Being born on Australian soil, even an air plane used to mean that person was Australian! I guess that’s changed.

Merryn Auldist
Merryn Auldist welcome to australia Asha – may live long and happily here and make our world a better place xxxx

Ali Mond
Ali Mond Happy birthday beautiful girl. I hope you won’t be spending any more in Nauru or any place like it.

Julia Bordeau
Julia Bordeau That is so unfair …
Happy first birthday gorgeous Asha. Hope you will be free sometimes very soon to know what freedom means … Cuddles xx

Amara Hinchcliffe
Amara Hinchcliffe Happy birthday Asha X

Wendy Steed
Wendy Steed Poor little darling

Jaime Garbutt
Jaime Garbutt Happy Birthday! May your birthday wish of true freedom come true xoxo

Charlotte Alyce Jane Markwick
Charlotte Alyce Jane Markwick After everything Australian politicians have done & the laws they’ve made and international laws they’ve broken, these people still hold Australian flags and look forward to a life here. -because I think they know, most Australians do want them here -ISee More

Charlotte Alyce Jane Markwick's photo.
Sarah Mawer
Sarah Mawer I hope you will be able to spend your next birthday in Australia

Lyn Bender
Lyn Bender Sweet heart . Heartbreaking

Tami Hammond
Tami Hammond Happy birthday Asha!

Rose De Kook
Rose De Kook Think she’s an Aussie. About time things were sorted to get kids & families settled.

Emma Chan
Emma Chan Happy birthday Asha!

Margaret Sinclair
Margaret Sinclair Happy birthday Asha. Hopefully you will have your next birthday somewhere nicer.

Stan Florek
Stan Florek Happy birthday Asha, I hope to see you and your family to gain freedom soon.

Barbara Oh
Barbara Oh Happy birthday Asha! May your freedom come soon.

Imtiaz Turi
Imtiaz Turi Happy birthday Asha!

Deirdre Baker
Deirdre Baker Happy Birthday Asha, may your second birthday be in Australia 🎂

Kali Ma Shub
Kali Ma Shub So sad my little grand daughter turned one surrounded by all her family and lots of friends with too many presents – the contrast breaks your heart

Sonia Cuni
Sonia Cuni Happy birthday

Flossy Hophop
Flossy Hophop Happy birthday beautiful Asha – I hope your 1st birthday is just a story you’re told about when you grow up living a big happy life in Australia soon xx

Margaret Blair
Margaret Blair Happy birthday Asha ! Soon you will be free !

Sara Louise
Sara Louise Happy birthday Asha, may all your birthdays from here on in be celebrated in freedom x

Lisa Worrell Ingram
Lisa Worrell Ingram Happy birthday sweet child, I wish you freedom and love xo

Kathleen McLeod
Kathleen McLeod My birthday wish is for your freedom, beautiful girl x

Maz Ellis
Maz Ellis Happy birthday sweet baby Asha!xxx

Katrine Gabb
Katrine Gabb Hello lovely girl

Caryn Olson
Caryn Olson Happy Birthday gorgeous girl x

Helena Gallacher
Helena Gallacher Happy birthday asha – we will keep trying for you! We are all so excited to see you soon xx

Kerry Holland
Kerry Holland Happy Birthday Asha!

Lizzie Stary
Lizzie Stary Happy birthday gorgeous Asha – may your life be filled with better days of happiness and love.

Kenneth Davidson
Kenneth Davidson Happy bday,Jah bless.

Rita Karraz
Rita Karraz Happy birthday sweetie. Prayers for a better future for you xxx

Anja Radford
Anja Radford Happy Birthday sweet Asha. my wish for you is to be free very very soon and that you wont remember the time you were forced to live there. I wish for you to be able to have a childhood as every child deserves to have. Filled with laughter and fun and and beauty and love. xo

Harley Tiananga
Harley Tiananga Happy Birthday Asha! 😀.
Thinking of you all x

Barbara Grealy
Barbara Grealy Happy birthday Asha we hope you will have your 2nd birthday in Australia.

Dorothy Riches
Dorothy Riches I feel ashamed

Margot Rodrom-Robertson
Margot Rodrom-Robertson Happy Birthday to little Asha. I want you and all the children on Nauru in Australia.

Bernie Richards
Bernie Richards Happy birthday Asha…We are with your in spirit x

Grant Elliott
Grant Elliott Many happy returns Asha. Australia needs you.

Jennie Barnes
Jennie Barnes I wish you a long, free and happy life.

Trish Lunt
Trish Lunt Happy birthday, Asha. Wish you were back in Australia.

Ellen Weisse Drane
Ellen Weisse Drane Happy Birthday 1st Birthday Asha…thinking of you and your mum and dad

Ricia Ainge
Ricia Ainge Happy birthday Asha. I hope next year you will be free

Zara Islam Zara
Zara Islam Zara Happy Birthday cutest baby. May Allah bless you Princess

Pam Anderson
Pam Anderson Happy birthday – I hope you don’t have to spend another year in detention.

Leanne Kingwell
Leanne Kingwell Happy Birthday Beautiful. I hope the future is bright for you heart emoticon

Stephanie Gray
Stephanie Gray Happy birthday little Asha! xxxx

Brian Leslie Blackwell
Brian Leslie Blackwell Poor fellow the kids….

Dale Komander
Dale Komander Happy birthday, it’s getting time they gave you a good start into your second year!

Sandra Burns
Sandra Burns frown emoticon

Leah Wierenga
Leah Wierenga Hey there you beautiful little Girl … Happy 1st Birthday sweetie, I hope before your second birthday you are given your “birthright” & your parents their rights to seek asylum here & are celebrating here with us

Kate Pick
Kate Pick Happy Birthday little one.

Pamela Gray
Pamela Gray Happy birthday!!!

Fajaruddin Al-Dhaki
Fajaruddin Al-Dhaki Beautiful mashaAllah.
I’m ashamed of what our government is putting you through Asha, and pray next year you’re free to be a two year old with your family and the rest of Australia.

Richard Opie
Richard Opie That makes her an Aussie. Bring her home.

Peggy Gee
Peggy Gee she is an Aussie, born here! what does it take now?????

Paul Adams
Paul Adams Profound shame on the Australian government for interning refugees/asylum seekers, even innocent children, all of whom have the right to a free and happy life.

Tenzin Palyon
Tenzin Palyon Om mani padmi hum

Diane Parker
Diane Parker happy birthday beautiful girl heart emoticon so sorry you are there and not here. frown emoticon

Mary Blight
Mary Blight I hope you are in Australia soon little one. heart emoticon

Veronica Thornton
Veronica Thornton Happy Birthday little darling, may you and all the children with you soon be free to enjoy a peaceful life. heart emoticon

Chris Mason
Chris Mason I’m praying this little cherub will celebrate her second birthday on Australian soil.

Lorraine Maree
Lorraine Maree Here’s hoping your birthday present is freedom the right to live on this planet as the rest of the human race in countries that value citizens are your human dignity ..upheld . The forgotten people on Nauru perpetuated by the Australian Government gagging anyone who speaks out…….. we Cannot let this situation and the children their be forgotten. …..

Ellen Johnston
Ellen Johnston Happy Birthday little one! Things can only get better!


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