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What happened to $26,000,000 for Nauru hospital?

WE WOULDN’T WISH THIS ON A WITCH! Peter Dutton deceives Australians! He claims that $26,000,000, yes 26 million dollars has been provided for the upgrade of the Nauru Hospital. We would like to show you the recent footage, taken in late 2015, of the disease ridden, dilapidated Nauru Hospital. Patients are left on filthy beds, exposed to the debilitating heat, have no protection from mosquitoes transmitting dengue fever rife in the flood zone hospital area. Nor are they able to escape the aggressive, starving, stray dogs wandering in and out of the buildings in search of a scrap of food. Peter Dutton said “I’ve been to many hospitals in regional Australia, including in towns where people would say that those hospitals aren’t up to the standard of those in Nauru. This also begs the question – what on earth are Australian country hospitals like? It’s time to dust off our magic wands and make Peter Dutton disappear!


Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner So how do we get a question about this to Mr Dutton???


Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU Post it on his facebook page. Maybe do it 26,000,000 times?


Iain Donald

Iain Donald distressing


Mary Blight

Mary Blight This is terrible. And I have heard there are several expecting mothers who will be giving birth there soon.


Stuart Heath

Stuart Heath Is this true, Malcolm Turnbull? It’d be great if we could have some other reporters go and check it out.


Carole Strong

Carole Strong Disgusting ~ sack that man!


Skye Starkey

Skye Starkey He is probably right, the government has probably paid Transfield that much to do the upgrades but most of it was eaten up by Transfield’s shonky practices!

Mary Blight

Mary Blight Stuart reporters are not allowed on Nauru. If they apply for a visa it costs them $8,000. Applications so far have not been approved…

Wendy Steed

Wendy Steed Why is he lying ?

Cheryl Aydin

Cheryl Aydin Looks like 26mil has lined someone else’s pockets!

Rowena Allan

Rowena Allan This place looks abandoned..

Mario Napolitano

Mario Napolitano It’s possible that the Nauru government has found “other uses” for the funds.

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Karen Goldsmith

Karen Goldsmith Sounds like someone is lining his own pockets. This place I wouldn’t even let my pets stay there.

Anna Borowiec

Anna Borowiec Dislike frown emoticon

Jane Jane Jane

Jane Jane Jane God, it’s pitiful. I can only suggest that 26million was eaten up in the Govt “Project Management” fees, and the hand over to the Nauruans who also had “Project Management” fees…

Donna Stephens

Donna Stephens This is a disgrace. If our tax dollars are going to upgrade this hospital, it is the minister’s job to ensure the money is rightfully spent. Sack him!!

Kerry Landrigan

Kerry Landrigan If this accusation is genuine then I have nothing but utter disgust for Peter Dutton and Malcolm Turnbull.

2 Replies · 5 hrs
Barry Broomfield

Barry Broomfield Great job Dutts, Whose your builder?? Looks like he does a good job !! Incompentent dickhead…

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU I think we should let the swearing slide on this post because it’s funny.

Suzy Coad

Suzy Coad 26 million buys this??


2 Replies · 9 hrs
Carl N Rach Legros

Carl N Rach Legros thats disgraceful… where has 26mill gone???

Julie Tait

Julie Tait Where is the Sydney Morning Herald and the Telegraph now?

2 Replies · 3 hrs
Sandi Ferguson

Sandi Ferguson Disgusting – no wonder so many asylum seekers have mental health issues, such a soul destroying environment to be locked in.

Stan Florek

Stan Florek Torture takes many forms, “careless” is one of them, in this case deliberate.

Sabah Shamsi

Sabah Shamsi Time for a petition?

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU The kids have nearly finished putting one together.

Mary Blight

Mary Blight Yes the Australian government should be asking this question. Why are they not investigating this?

Sue Hassell

Sue Hassell I have worked in small country hospitals, this would have been closed. The sheer amount of mould on the walls, the rust, the general lack of maitenance alone would mean the building would need to be condemned to meet our standards, forget about the moSee More

Merri Hogan

Merri Hogan This would be condemned and demolished in Australia. Name just one of those Australian country hospitals that is worse off Mr. Dutton. You cannot which means you lied.

Debby Myers

Debby Myers Time to wave a magic wand and make this whole government disappear.

Hannah Dymond

Hannah Dymond How does he sleep at night? Another sociopath…

Leslie Arthur Crockford

Leslie Arthur Crockford This country used to be proud, welcoming and generous. People came from all over the world to bring their unique cultures here to enrich all our lives. That all changed in my opinion with John Howard and the ‘children overboard’. Since then we have become paranoid, misogynistic, cruel and inhumane. I am no longer proud and hang my head in shame as do the majority of Australians I believe.

Sally Cripps

Sally Cripps Uhhhh mmm this place lloks like a deserted slum…. and you spent how much on it? Come on Dutton… stop the bull dust and get ontop of this issue! How can you represent us when you allow such depravity to those seeking our help!

Sarah Hayden

Sarah Hayden Reminds me of the Vanuatu hospitals Talitha Michael

Sandra Claxton

Sandra Claxton Shame, shame, shame. This is a disgrace.

Lisa Leelo

Lisa Leelo Disgusting.

Geoff Chennells

Geoff Chennells Corruption comes in many forms, and the two major Australian political parties are in-step with the corruption of Nauru’s political and judicial systems. Dutton should GO, and go too, should the prisoners held in the detention centres of Nauru and Manus.

Judith Leslie

Judith Leslie F***ing liar but then we all know he and his colleagues are liars!

Patrick Robson

Patrick Robson Dislike!

Maria Celi

Maria Celi They just keep adding to their lies!!!

Sue Agnello

Sue Agnello D I S G R A C E F U L

Dennis Dowling

Dennis Dowling Interesting to see where our taxpayer $26 million is not going! No investigation Mr. Dutton? You would have been calling for a Royal Commission if you were still in opposition.

Jerico Oh

Jerico Oh Australia’s shame(s)

Claire Ting

Claire Ting Disgraceful. What $26000000???

Natascha Moy

Natascha Moy Time to go

Rachel Rudman

Rachel Rudman It looks like something out of a horror movie!

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Michelle Baker

Michelle Baker I think he should have to produce the receipts for this so called work and prove that he hasn’t just plucked some crazy number out of thin air to justify his neglect of duty of care. Absolutely disgraceful.

Suanne Mcgreachan

Suanne Mcgreachan Enough is enough. I use to be a proud Australian but not anymore. This is a disgrace step up.

Leanne Kingwell

Leanne Kingwell UTTER DISGRACE, Peter Dutton – please tell us whose pocket the $26 million got “redirected” to?? It certainly never made it to this hospital.

Lynda Carey

Lynda Carey Where did the money really go? We really need to see these guys out.

Dianne Malone

Dianne Malone Terrible words escape me

Amanda Vogel

Amanda Vogel So sick of politicians thinking they can tell the public anything and its believed.

Joanne Burrough

Joanne Burrough What a disgrace!!!!

Tanya Orchard

Tanya Orchard That makes the hospital in Goroka, PNG look like a top class one in the western world, and it was the worst one I’ve seen. Country hospitals in Australia are NOTHING like that. They are NOT worse than that. That is UTTERLY DISGRACEFUL!!! This man does See More

Michelle Kinsella

Michelle Kinsella Where does the money go???? There needs to be independent auditors

Mary Bullock

Mary Bullock Has he ever been there? Appalling. I want him to go there himself, with a television crew recording it all. What do you bet he wouldn’t dare?

George Psomotragos

George Psomotragos I thought ministers were sacked for incompetence or lying to parliament?

Bruce Lattimore

Bruce Lattimore Sadly, he is an embarrassment as a minister


Kathy Bradley

Kathy Bradley This is a disgrace. I just can’t write anymore.

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU Yes it is tru

Penny Dadswell Zyl

Penny Dadswell Zyl Absolutely horrific!

Ali Ager

Ali Ager Peter Dutton is an ignoramus

Janet Mulquiney

Janet Mulquiney Disgraceful, made me sick just looking at it. Mr Potato Head has a lot to answer for

Anna Sublet

Anna Sublet Just posted on Dutton’s page asking for clarification. Totally shocked to see this. Can’t believe that ANY money has been spent on that hellish building in years. This is appalling.

Stir Fry

Stir Fry Dutton is a disgraceful human being – every bit as awful as Tony Abbott (and that is quite an achievement). He shoud be sacked not just as a sexist liar but for incompetence. Dutton should be THE defining issue for the next election

Dennis Dowling

Dennis Dowling I have just sent an email to Wilson Security. The email address is

1 Reply
Dennis Dowling

Dennis Dowling Dear Sir,

As a concerned citizen of Australia, I request a response to the following matters regarding the Security Guards employed to oversee the detainees at the Australian Refugee ‘prison camps’, both onshore and offshore.See Mor

2 Replies · 1 hr
Kellie Jones

Kellie Jones Disgusting. I’m so sorry the Australian government is doing this to you.

Pat McMahon

Pat McMahon Time to go Peter Dutton.

Coral Woolcock

Coral Woolcock A huge disgrace ??

Rachel Rae

Rachel Rae So upsetting that our government is doing this. Feeling so helpless. How can the ministers possibly justify this within their conscience

Alec Tibbitts

Alec Tibbitts “WE’VE put an additional $26 million dollars into an upgrade.” Firstly, no you haven’t Dutton. That’s tax payer money. And I want my share back. Sack Dutton and shut down offshore detention. There’s some significant savings

Neville Smith

Neville Smith Who are all the kick backs going to ???

Rachael Edwards

Rachael Edwards This page is public, yeah? So there wouldn’t be a problem sending the link to my federal member

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU feel free to do it 26,000,000 time

Belinda Kaminski

Belinda Kaminski The man is no man. Caring for humanity makes you part of it

Melissa Skelley
Melissa Skelley Disgusted. So where is the money going? Into Dutton’s pocket?
Sad fact is, Morrison was just as bad. So whoever replaces Dutton will be the same corrupt, lying, human rights criminal as well

Jane Stafford

Jane Stafford Love to know where the money actually DID go!!!! What a totally shameful disgrace, what have we sunk to in this country. If Turnbull had any guts at all he’d get rid of this creature

Kerri Lee

Kerri Lee Nazi like creature.

Sam Nelson

Sam Nelson $26 million certainly didn’t end up at that hospital! How doMalcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton sleep at night? I wonder? Shameful

Claude Brown

Claude Brown Peter Dutton, what do you say?

Miriam Robinson

Miriam Robinson Shame Australia

Victoria Frostis

Victoria Frostis What here cost $26 millions??

John Doggo

John Doggo If he said Goodday to you , you would need to go outside to check what it was like ! 

Veronica HC

Veronica HC Someone’s pockets have been well and truly lined. Either that, or Dutton’s lying!

1 Reply
Margie Margie

Margie Margie Not even a dog should be treated in this so called hospital. We all need to demand to know where the money went! Who’s effing pockets got lined??

Brigit Green

Brigit Green I can understand the sentiment, believe me,

But do we have to resort to using “witch” as an insult..

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU We are by no means trying to insult witches. The last sentence is “It’s time to dust off our magic wands and make Peter Dutton disappear!” We are referencing Peter Dutton’s recent unacceptable text message comment. We were going to write “We wouldn’t See More

Delia Morris-Zindel

Delia Morris-Zindel We need a pic of a rural hospital in Australia.

Trevndonna Ashcroft

Trevndonna Ashcroft As Pauline Hansen would say ” please explain ” because from that footage there want even $1 spent on that hospital – so where has the millions of our money gone

Marie Wickens

Marie Wickens 4 corners – where are you??

Clare Paceso

Clare Paceso And it seems the rules are as shocking as the condition of the building – the notice on each ward door says “Only 1 minute to stay with patient. No children to stay with patient.”

Julie Buffon

Julie Buffon You have got to be kidding. This is third world standard. No way has $1 been spent in years on that place. He’s either lying or been duped.

Jo Conboy Emeny

Jo Conboy Emeny Is this for real? Surely not?

Sharlene Henderson

Sharlene Henderson Great footage…although I truly wish you wouldn’t use ‘witch’ as a term. Given there are a reasonable amount of Australians who identify as Wiccan, the term witch in this context is really insulting. Just a thought. Maybe “we wouldn’t wish it on a politician” is more appropriate.

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU We are by no means trying to insult witches. The last sentence is “It’s time to dust off our magic wands and make Peter Dutton disappear!” We are referencing Peter Dutton’s recent unacceptable text message comment. We were going to write “We wouldn’t See More

Linda Meus

Linda Meus Where is everyone? It looks abandoned. ….

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU I have literally been inside this hospital complex many times and this is exactly what it looks like. There is often blood stains on sheets being reused for patients, and packs of stray dogs wandering through the grounds.

Gill Akeroyd-Wedding

Gill Akeroyd-Wedding Can you not use the term ‘Witch’ please? It’s bloody rude.

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU We are by no means trying to insult witches. The last sentence is “It’s time to dust off our magic wands and make Peter Dutton disappear!” We are referencing Peter Dutton’s recent unacceptable text message comment. We were going to write “We wouldn’t See More

Marie Salafia

Marie Salafia I wouldn’t take a dog to that ” hospital “. Peter Dutton, you should hang your head in shame.

Judi Wood

Judi Wood Is this place still in use? There don’t seem to be either patients or staff visible

 2 Replies · 5 hrs
Simon Fergusson

Simon Fergusson This truly an appalling state and smacks of extreme corruption in both countries. A disgrace that will follow Australia around for years.

Peter Scott

Peter Scott He accidentally put the decimal point in the wrong place, it was actually $26.000000!

Robert Burns Snr

Robert Burns Snr I am horrified at the pictured condition of this “hospital”. Where was 26 million dollars spent? Fraud?? Auditor General needs to look at this or a senate inquiry.

1 Reply
Traiza Soliman

Traiza Soliman That 26 million is in the presidents back pocket.

Leslie Allen
Leslie Allen I’m not criticising but this looks like a deserted building. Be careful free the children as the liberals would love to rubbish you publicly and play the victim and we know the liberals love playing the victim.
I think more research needs to be done oSee More

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU This is what the hospital looks like right now.

Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee Obvious the money hasn’t been spent on upgrading that hospital, so the question is, where has it gone, or “who”has it gone to? Or is that figure just an absolute lie? These smug patronising self entitled politicians must be held accountable! It’s disgraceful when they are cutting essential services & yet simultaneously appear to be wasting money on an epic scale.

Melina Cansino

Melina Cansino Jesus, help them. 🏽


Haeley Armstrong Ryan If the people living in this place need meaningful tasks to keep them mental stable then they can provide the labour to upgrade this place. Perhaps the money allocated to upgrade the hospital has not actually been used yet, just allocated.

2 Replies · 5 hrs
Grant Giachin

Grant Giachin Ok….hold the bus. This post is misleading. A new hospital is being built & those who filmed & posted this would know about it. This is misleading & does NO justice to your cause.

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU This post is not misleading. What is misleading is Peter Dutton saying that “I’ve been to many hospitals in regional Australia, including in towns where people would say that those hospitals aren’t up to the standard of those in Nauru”. We have simply posted his statements and shown the hospital as it is right now.

Leslie Allen

Leslie Allen Haeley these people have been on mannis for many years. I don’t think the money is waiting to be spent and if so then heads here must roll for inaction and supervision.

2 Replies · 6 hrs
Sally Mack

Sally Mack Apparently a new hospital in under construction, which means sick people on Nauru have to make do with the facilities show above, until the new one is open. So not so misleading…..

Keagan Sabo

Keagan Sabo Exactly! Not good enough.

Susan Gough

Susan Gough If he is not careful his nose will grow even bigger

Paddy Horton

Paddy Horton what do you mean by “WE WOULDN’T WISH THIS ON A WITCH” …the rest of the message is on point but what the hell is this about?

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU We are by no means trying to insult witches. The last sentence is “It’s time to dust off our magic wands and make Peter Dutton disappear!” We are referencing Peter Dutton’s recent unacceptable text message comment. We were going to write “We wouldn’t wSee More

Gloria Pullen

Gloria Pullen Mr Dutton if any of our country hospitals look even half as bad as this – then our government has a lot of explaining to do. However where has the 26 million our country gave for the explicit purpose of upgrading this hospital been spent? Our government is very free spending our tax dollars on these hell holes of Nauru, Manus, Christmas Is. with nothing to show for it except misery and despair. Shame on us

Minnie Hues

Minnie Hues What’s wrong with witches?

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU We are by no means trying to insult witches. The last sentence is “It’s time to dust off our magic wands and make Peter Dutton disappear!” We are referencing Peter Dutton’s recent unacceptable text message comment. We were going to write “We wouldn’t wSee More

Del Dennis
Del Dennis Why is deception used other than to sure up individuals position.
How refreshing it would be if “pollies” said, “these are the facts….& they bloody well were the facts….how hard is it?
Aren’t impoverished people’s needs more important than an individual who appears to be fibbing to retain his position?

James Andrew Harris

James Andrew Harris I’ve been to the hospital in Nauru. It’s a filthy shit hole. Not to mention that the doctor treating the patient I was with came in wearing thongs.

Kyle Webster

Kyle Webster probably spent on transporting guards

Elanra Ananan

Elanra Ananan I Pray here right now for divine intervention……and for Peter Dutton and all responsible and involved to be heart awakened to what it is that they be doing…..i welcome you to join me…and amplify the power of this prayer with your own….blessings…thank you for the offering to be aware…….elanra….may compassion flood this whole saga and all connected with it….thank you

Denise Shaw

Denise Shaw Shame!

Beck MacKenzie

Beck MacKenzie This hospital is called Ron Hospital on the sign. Is there a catch here?

2 Replies · 5 hrs
Gary Taylor

Gary Taylor I wouldn’t trust Dutton , as far as I could spit . Morrison was the same liar when in that portfolio..!. But we are getting used to the same vermin ruining this country ..if that is at all possible..??..

Michael Neilson Storey-Whyte

Michael Neilson Storey-Whyte We DON’T want or NEED this sort of person and attitude in OUR COUNTRY !!!

1 Reply
Pamela Kealey

Pamela Kealey Whose pocket has the 26 million gone into

1 Reply
Kirsty Whittle

Kirsty Whittle Alexis Harvey breaks my heart that the government gets away with doing this to these poor people

Elaine Roberts

Elaine Roberts If that’s the case Dutton Australia needs more spent on Health NOT less, but then I don;t believe anything you utter

Anna Hruby

Anna Hruby What a liar! Oh yeah. They all are. I forgot.

Buddy Wes McLove

Buddy Wes McLove Has it closed?? As i saw one person in the whole video!! Is this the actual Nauru hospital in question or an abandoned hospital filmed to create an uproar. Im only asking as id rather know the truthful facts, other than misleasing information. Its appaSee More

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU This is the real hospital. These are the conditions where people are expected to seek treatment. It is expected that women give birth here. Whilst you may not have seen the dogs in this video, the report is correct. As is the reports regarding lack of cleanliness.

Gisela Stieglitz

Gisela Stieglitz So dislike, this is horrendous

Paul Langdon

Paul Langdon That is not a hospital. It’s not even a bad back packers hostel. $26m could be better spent rehousing these people on the mainland in civilised conditions

Roselyne Chedel

Roselyne Chedel Is this true? This needs to be confirmed and then we can ask for Dutton’s head

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU It is 100% true this is RON hospital recent conditions

Yvette Belier

Yvette Belier If this is real its a disgrace! There must be some journos who can come and make a program about this?

Rachel Kohaly

Rachel Kohaly If there is any justice in the world he’ll do prison time for this.

Joy Anderson

Joy Anderson Give me the $26m and I can do a lot better

Wendy Lyons

Wendy Lyons What a f#%*ing disgrace this government is.

Gordon Cowan

Gordon Cowan Is this verified and real? What a hell hole. Don’t get a lot for 26 million these days apparently.

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU It is 100% true and real as of recent hospital conditions

Wendy Lyons

Wendy Lyons Is there anything that this government has told the truth about? Anything? Name one thing!

Bron Currie

Bron Currie I want to know where our $26m is??? Disgraceful!

Maryann Marten

Maryann Marten Mr Dutton that is total disgrace the building is mainly ASBESTOS ROOF EAVE LININGS WALL CLADDING AND IS STATE OF DISREPAIR the roof is super 6 James Hardie the same material that killed Bernie that Julie Bishop and Tony Abbott did not have the courageSee More

Sioux Harrison

Sioux Harrison I’ve seen squats in better condition….

Mick Costigan

Mick Costigan Peter dutton the idiots. Idiot

Franky More

Franky More Finally we get to SEE some truth and not just hear Peter Dutton banging on with his blatant lies. The Australian public has a right to know such lies and deception. Shame on you and your choices. DITCH DUTTON!!1 Reply

Suzanne Gannon

Suzanne Gannon Claire Anne, is this true? Are rural hospitals in Australia like this?

 1 Reply · 37 mins
Royce Bell

Royce Bell No doubt about it Dutton is a dud

Ydo Durand

Ydo Durand … Quelle désolation ! Lorsque l’on engage de l’argent public… Il y a quand même des contrôles ?… L’argent est bien arrivé quelque part ?..

1 Reply
Karen Knibbs

Karen Knibbs $26million on what Govt bribes ? No wonder Chris Kenny only one allowed on Nauru – govt scribe didn’t report on this did he

Saba Saba

Saba Saba Even some 3rd world countries have better facilities than this. This is disgusting. It was just an excuse to divert the 26m funds to do more behind doors dirty politics as usua

Kim Cummins

Kim Cummins That’s not a hospital it’s an expensive slum

Jade Mann
Jade Mann Wtf!!? So was this just a way to write off a $26m hole in the books?
Let’s see one of the gov go there to get some medical treatment

Helen Jeges

Helen Jeges This is appalling frown emoticon

It’s time to go…. Minister Dutton!See Mor

Melita Luck

Melita Luck Why isn’t this on 4 Corners

Melita Luck

Melita Luck Can a copy be sent to every Member of Parliament

Natalie Behncken

Natalie Behncken Wow! That’s really 5 star

Bryce Hedditch

Bryce Hedditch I think the taxpayers are owed an audit report…

Alie Cragg

Alie Cragg And we think the upgrade of the RHH is expensive! It’s a disgrac

La Bron

La Bron It’s all about paying off officials to do whatever it takes to keep them there. You will most likely find some modern refurbished houses, owned by the powers that be or relocated building materials in remote holiday destinations

Amanda Bell

Amanda Bell $26 million more like 2.6 cents….disgracefu

Jeni Nicholas

Jeni Nicholas Omg what shocking neglect

Ryan Neretlis

Ryan Neretlis so who has all that money then?

Scott Smidt

Scott Smidt I was under the impression Nauru’s currency was the Aussie Dollar? Obviously not the exchange rate seems to be pretty poor. A$26M you say?

Melissa Skelley
Melissa Skelley Lying piece of
Hope he has to suffer “treatment” ther

Colin Roche

Colin Roche So where is the 26 million

Judy Starr

Judy Starr Probably the “consultants

Jenn Tranter

Jenn Tranter I think a lot of consultants need to be sacked

Elizabeth Crockett

Elizabeth Crockett So angry words fail me, the corruption is beyond words

John Traeger

John Traeger Has it been spent yet

Alannah Ruth
Alannah Ruth 26 million spent on rapists and security. This government needs to be charged with crimes against these poor people. Call it war crimes, call it whatever, it’s wrong, it’s shameful

Vania Warnest
Vania Warnest Next time – DONT VOTE! For these phonies…. Any of them. Speak your mind, have a voice by using your vote not to vote.
Or do your research and find an independent candidate that won’t sell your vote

Johanna Schaefer

Johanna Schaefer Shame Australia! On our watch fellow Australians….


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