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Why Malcolm why?

All the images in this video were created by those in detention on Mauru, Manus Island and Indonesia.

Here is the link to the video:

People on the same boats ended up in very different places. Why can’t the people sent to Manus and Nauru come to Australia when other people who travelled with them are here in Australia? ‪#‎HumanRightsDay‬ ‪#‎whyMalcolmwhy‬ ‪#‎closeManus‬ ‪#‎closeNauru‬
Australians and Allies Overseas Against Mandatory Detention

Here is the transcription of the video.

Why, Malcolm Turnbull? Why?

On the night of the leadership spill we were promised….

‘A style of leadership that respects the people’s intelligence, that explains these complex issues and then sets out the course of action we believe we should take, and makes a case for it.’ Malcolm Turnbull PM

“Let me absolutely clear that there will be no resettlement of the people on Manus and Nauru in Australia. They will never come to Australia.” Malcolm Turnbull PM 23/9/2015


Video shows of refugee in East Lorengau Transit Centre on Manus made mentally ill by porlonged detention is taken to jail. There has been no mental health support available at the centre all year.


After the 19th July 2013, all people arriving on boats were split up  between Nauru, Manus and Christmas Island. Since then many from Christmas Island are now settled in Australia.


Eight men left their country together. Seven are in Australia. One is on Manus.


A young couple in love left their country together. He was sent to Manus. She was sent to Nauru.


Video shows of Armed ERT in Janaury 2015 breaking peaceful hunger strike by force. (Manus Island)


Two families on the same boat arrive at Christmas Isalnd. One family was sent to Nauru, the other stayed on Christmas Island and came to Australia with the other families on Christmas Island.


Two sisters on the same boat arrive at Christmas Island. One has two young children. The sister without children remained on Christmas Island and is now in Australia.

The sister with children was sent to Nauru and is still there.


How was the decision made? Which ones would be sent to Manus and Nauru as a deterrent to others who seek safety?


Video of man dragging water bottle under fence from the other side. Voiceover 17th of January (2015) Manus Island Detention centre. We need to water. We need to help. 24 hours we didn’t get any food we didn’t get any water. We are in bad situation. Help us please.


So what’s the answer Malcolm Turnbull?

Why can’t people on Manus and Nauru settle in Australia when people on every boat since 19th July 2013 have already settled here?

A’Although those who come to Austrlia by boat seeking Australia’s protection are classified by Australian law to be ‘unlawful non-citizens’ they have the right to seek asylum under international law and not be penalised for their mode of entry.’ Executive summare updated 2 March 2015


Erfan (a child on Nauru) begging for help to have his broken arm reset in 2015. ‘Every day my arm is painful and every night I take panadeine. Please help me.’



Why can’t refugees and asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru come to Australia exactly?

Respect our intelligence. Answer the question Malcolm.



twitter: @AAAOAMD

Jane McPhail
Jane McPhail Will the PM or Dutton answer? I won’t be holding my breathe!

Gerry Constantinou
Gerry Constantinou WHY MALCOLM WHY???

Merle Conyer
Merle Conyer WHY, WHY, WHY ???

Sue McCarthy
Sue McCarthy You laud Rosie for standing up for the victims of violence, but deliberately perpetrate it on others. Shame!

Crea Nolan
Crea Nolan WHY WHY WHY

Kathryn Nash
Kathryn Nash Will Malcolm answer??

Penny Dadswell Zyl
Penny Dadswell Zyl Do something Malcolm Turnbull!!!! Fix this wicked situation asap!!!

Sandra O'Flynn
Sandra O’Flynn Maybe you really want to but it’s the hard right factions holding a gun to your head?

Jeffrey Mellefont
Jeffrey Mellefont Malcolm, you and others (Dutton etc) are criminals for your crimes against humanity and we will hold you to account one day, just watch!

Karin Hage
Karin Hage Yes, why, because we allow it to happen! If enough of us stood up things would change quickly. But the tide will change and I can see a Royal Commission hitting the officials with a wet lettuce leave.

Matthias Ratten
Matthias Ratten Turnbull was never an alternative to Abbott. This racist policy is bipartisan. We cannot rely on politicians to grow a conscience! We need to take to the streets and keep the pressure on them!

Clare Paceso
Clare Paceso Akin, it’s ordinary Australians who are outraged by what our government is doing in our name. People fleeing to our country for help and protection have a right to expect that we will give it, because we’re a party to international conventions which undertake to deliver it.

And as for “where is the thank you?” – well, what exactly do you expect them to thank us for – rats in their living quarters? mouldy tents to live in? imprisonment without cause and without end? I find it utterly offensive that you, as a Christian, would even ask the question!







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