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CNN have interviewed the children!

“An inquiry by the Australia government’s own human rights commission in 2014 concluded that “children on Nauru are suffering from extreme levels of physical, emotional, psychological and developmental distress.” The inquiry recommended all children and their families be removed from Nauru and settled in Australia within four weeks of the report”.


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Chantico Love
Chantico Love I’m sorry our gov is heartless

Leonie Tarnawski
Leonie Tarnawski How did CNN get in when Australian journalists are banned?

Pip Turner
Pip Turner They interviewed remotely not face to face.

Leonie Tarnawski
Leonie Tarnawski Pip Turner Ahhh.

Bridgette Mcd
Bridgette Mcd Our Australian journos aren’t banned, its just that Nauru govt charges >$8000 to get a journalist visa and it may be refused.

Kerri Lee
Kerri Lee Bridgette Mcd … without refund… just another way to refuse.

Rosemarie Marsden
Rosemarie Marsden good question Leonie – and when any Aussie who works on Nauru and speaks publicly about conditions there an be prosecuted and gaoled?

Mario Napolitano
Mario Napolitano Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi. Makes ya proud dunnit?

Ash Warden
Ash Warden remote interviews, they weren’t actually there?
I’d assume one of the volunteers helped with a phone/laptop for skype much like they do to access the facebook page

Patrick Walsh
Patrick Walsh There aren’t many volunteers left now
Media are not allowed onto the island, so everything is remote now.
Even their lawyers are denied access…

Ash Warden
Ash Warden wow eh.
utterly ridiculous how in the same breath they can hype up their “humanitarian” and “refugee” programs, while still trying to justify the conditions the migrants on the island are forced to live with everyday.

I hope change comes a little more swiftly for the children, and everyone on the island now that the CNN story is out there. With so many people who care, Australia can’t keep it hidden away for long, Lol especially not with everything going on in the world colonthree emoticon

Pip Turner
Pip Turner So glad to see CNN expose our governments appalling treatment of these children.

Derek Maitland
Derek Maitland Malcolm Turnback — stop smiling like an idiot and DO SOMETHING!

Sheri Starr
Sheri Starr The longer these people are held in detention, the harder it will be for them to assimilate into society and the more problems they will have when they do.

Ron Peters
Ron Peters It’s a disgrace and our apathy to the situation doesn’t help

Jenni Powell
Jenni Powell Disgrace is the right word. And failure. We are failing as humans to stand by and allow this to continue.

Jo Bain
Jo Bain Great to hear a news agent has been allowed in to interview you. I have to wonder why it was not our local National broadcaster however. Fingers crossed the interview will result in international outcry against the appalling situation you are in.

Kylie Higgins
Kylie Higgins Our ABC is screwed. If they did this they would have been accused of bias. The government has created a situation where the ABC os no longer independant and joirnalists are forbidden from reporti g on topics that are bad for the.government such as the NBN. They now have an ex murdoch employee ina very senior role.

Jo Bain
Jo Bain Yes. I know that Kelly. Hence my remark

Philippa Hawke
Philippa Hawke They didn’t go in. .. remote interview it says

Brooke Groom
Brooke Groom This is so shameful

Veronica Forsayeth
Veronica Forsayeth When is the prime minister going to visit them?

Andrea Harrison
Andrea Harrison Get them out of there! Not just the children it’s tantamount to torture

Kathy Reiter
Kathy Reiter So why hasn’t it happened? The Australian government is more corrupt than I ever imagined.

Heather Rutter
Heather Rutter I’m so so sorry that you are going through this. What can I do for you?

Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU We are making a petition. You could sign it and share it when we post it. Thank you

Heather Rutter
Heather Rutter Of course I will smile emoticon

Rose Limn
Rose Limn Keep up the good work!

Ginny Schmid
Ginny Schmid Absolutely shameful.

Sue McCarthy
Sue McCarthy How many people are assessing the claims? Of what crimes are the children believed to be guilty, that they need such intensive vetting.

Rachel Rae
Rachel Rae You can’t keep people and kids locked up for no crime. Malcolm Turnbull when are you going to sort this out. The excuse that it has stopped the boats doesn’t in any way justify the life long trauma you are creating for these people. It doesn’t make the sense.

Robyn Sheen
Robyn Sheen Read Tanya Plibersek post quoting John Dewey today and what we want for all of our children. The hypocrisy is unbelievable.

Susan Leith-Miller
Susan Leith-Miller This breaks my heart – I am saddened and ashamed and feel powerless.

Melissa Skelley
Melissa Skelley Does the government have an obligation to follow through with recommendations in an inquiry? If not, why bother with one?!
It’s infuriating, I’m beyond fed up of mandatory detention.

Joanne Burrough
Joanne Burrough Free the children and their families!!! What a disgrace

Natalie Behncken
Natalie Behncken You know what? I’m really tempted to just rock up to Nauru and just camp with the kids till the Government lets them all out! How would they like it if hundreds of us turned up to show our solidarity? Would govt even let us in Nauru??

Oma Ineke
Oma Ineke No!! No journalists,no save the children,this is a lot worse than an Australian prison,all for political reasons……..

Natalie Behncken
Natalie Behncken Oma Ineke It’s horrible!!

Nikki Ross-Inda
Nikki Ross-Inda This is incredibly cruel. This situation is unimaginable. Completely disturbing & disgusting. I thought Australia was more liberating than this. Pls keep us informed. Praying for you all.

Roy Wu
Roy Wu Shame on those Australian!!

Ron Pieres
Ron Pieres Australia,s Shame!

Marlen Zamora
Marlen Zamora Que Verguenza #AUSTRALIA inicia..El HOLOCAUSTO..DEL SIGLO XX1..CON NIÑOS..manteniendolos retenidos con Mayas de alambre..Si nosotros los COSTARRICENSES podemos alvergar Unos cuantos CUBANOS ..porqué tan miserables EL GOVIERNO DE AUSTRALIA..

What a shame #Australia begins.. The Holocaust.. Of the century xx1.. With Children.. By keeping them held with Maya of wire.. If we can costa ricans alvergar a few cubans.. Why so miserable the government of Australia..Automatically translated

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