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CNN Skype interviews

CNN’s Ivan Watson talks to child refugees at the Australian-backed refugee processing center on Nauru Island who say the facility is like a “prison”. CNN.COM


Anna Saxon

Anna Saxon Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think there were ever “tens of thousands” of asylum seekers coming in boats. And I fear that the govt. will just dismiss this CNN report too, if there are such inaccuracies.

Brian Leslie Blackwell

Brian Leslie Blackwell The only excuse is to deny it is happening. Yes is No and No is Yes.

Margery Cass

Margery Cass Interesting how the government’s definition of integrity seems to be absolute secrecy.

Ivelise Roic

Ivelise Roic Its absolutely disgusting the government is trying to hide doctors reports, they all have mental issues and trauma, (the adults as well) the Australian Human Rights commissioner was publicly harangued over her inquest findings. Doctors and health workers have been gagged, it is now illegal to publicly report their abuse with up to 2 years jail as punishment. Women are raped by locals when they are allowed to the town then police do nothing. The ministers responsible are psychopaths, and these are not detention centers they are concentration camps. And all for a few votes.

Liana Peterson

Liana Peterson Yet we bend over backwards to give our own kids an extravagant christmas. Australia you suck.

Debi McKenzie Collins

Debi McKenzie Collins Just watched you on CNN my heart breaks for you all , much love from Scotland,

Karin Hage

Karin Hage I hope pressure from the outside of Australia can ring about a change of policy. Good report from CNN.


Xavier Love

Xavier Love Word is getting out about your plight, and I sincerely hope the movement to free you all gains momentum and brings about your release and that you are compensated for all the suffering and pain Australia has inflicted on you.


游穎傑 support from taiwan


Reg Whitely

Reg Whitely This needs to be shared by everyone who reads it. Surely then some light might find its way into the dark hearts of Australian politicians.

Jonas Warnerbring

Jonas Warnerbring I watched the story on CNN, and was really affected by your situation. So I share it with all my friends in Sweden. Keep up the hope! heart emoticon

Sylvia Harmon

Sylvia Harmon I was so happy to hear about this. (hugs)

Pauline Koppel

Pauline Koppel Thank you CNN

Karona Sng

Karona Sng Thank you CNN.

Alec Tibbitts
Alec Tibbitts Our shame on display to the world. Are you taking note, Malcolm Turnbull?

Kathryn Elich
Kathryn Elich The awareness now from seeing you on CNN should be enough to bring pressure to those responsible for holding you or setting you free they owe the women and children, as a civilized nation to give you your God given right to live free.
Magna Carta.
The Aussies are repeating the same steps done by England to the exiled to Australia in the beginning of colonizing it.

Kathryn Elich

Kathryn Elich They are not criminals they have committed no crime but to try to come to Australia. I have held the Aussie govt higher in regard than I should have.

Melissa O'Donovan

Melissa O’Donovan I actually feel ashamed to hear the term ‘Australia’ being spoken like this. This is how WE are being REPRESENTED. Through the pain and torture of incarceration of innocents. Such irony that CNN in the USA is calling this, Us, out.

Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson Why do our journalists not make this front page news?

Free the Children NAURU

Free the Children NAURU They’re not allowed in to Nauru

Mary Blight
Mary Blight Our journalists could still make this front page news. They are part of the secrecy around Manus and Nauru.

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