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Rememering when Save the Children left Nauru…

This is one of our first posts when we didn’t have so many likes. We want to share it with our new friends.

Lynette Muirhead I wrote a comment that has disappeared. My dear friends, do not give up on your struggle…stay strong…listen to the ocean and draw strength from it to roll forward…love form your Aunty in Australia

Mary Blight
Mary Blight It was such a pity that Free the Children were removed from Nauru. Unfairly as it now turns out. The children are now having problems at Nauruan schools as they are not English schools and the children often do not feel welcome. Some have been bullied and no longer go to school at all. What a waste of young talent.

Franky More
Franky More Save the Children were removed from Nauru…Free The Children came after that traumatic time

Shredder Lou
Shredder Lou We miss you guys too. It’s been great seeing all the action you all have been taking since we have left. Makes me extremely proud smile emoticon

Theo Young
Theo Young Save the Children is one of the best NGOs on our planet — I worked beside them in the UNHCR refugee camp, Pulau Galang, in Indonesia. By bad-mouthing them, the Australian government just shows how “out of it” they are about what goes on around the world. The government should be ashamed of themselves.

Roger Ski
Roger Ski yes I agree this should not have happened in the first place but our idiots politicians have no sense of being human

Michel Saelen
Michel Saelen What is the world come to, this is inhuman …….those who suffer most are those precious children. Governments & Politicians are selfish and disgusting nowaday’s. They should be a shamed of themself.

Robyn Leonie Revell
Robyn Leonie Revell All the Australian politicians care about is their pay packet. They don’t appear to have any integrity or kindness in their hearts. Out of sight is out of mind

Erizabef Rae
Erizabef Rae We miss you too xxxxxx

Anna Saxon
Anna Saxon It is hard to ‘like’ such a devastating situation. Stay strong!

Melinda Hughes
Melinda Hughes This should never have happened.

Jennifer Grove
Jennifer Grove I bet they were sobbing.


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