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no one is planning anything violent or protesting

Hello everyone we are doing petition and we have been working very hard for a long time getting it together. We did not even think about protests and no one is planning anything violent or protesting.
Yeah! We feel disappointed when they blame us for encouraging dangerous behaviour… we are all about being peaceful. We didn’t even know our petition being on the same time as the high court. We want to ask you to post our petition EVERYWHERE. Like EVERYWHERE.
Of course we are worried and feeling anxious about high court but we are not doing any dangerous or planning to protests. We are just fighting for our future. So please everyone share this post. Our PETITION gonna come up in 24 hours. So we hope everyone to take the time to watch it and all of the kids talking to you and share it EVERYWHERE

Janet Wilson
Janet Wilson Take no notice of the press release. It is rubbish

Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU Kids – the press is the news or media

Estelle Philp
Estelle Philp Free the Children NAURU press release means a notice intended to be read by the media (press is another name for media)

Annette Erdtsieck
Annette Erdtsieck the press are biased, ignore them…. the comments of the population will tell you the truth. I’ll share the petition!

Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU kids – the press is the news or media

Gopi Ram
Gopi Ram I am from South India ! I need to know whether srilankan refugees are there with you ?

Gopi Ram
Gopi Ram can you share a photo ?

Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU You can put photos on here, but we cannot give photos or link anyone to them.

Belinda Nechwatal
Belinda Nechwatal Please don’t ask to have photos posted of people there as this can put their families in danger.

Leah Wierenga
Leah Wierenga We need a direct link please to sign & share it
We can spread it like wild fire much quicker this way!!

Monique Galloway
Monique Galloway I will share the petition. I want you in Australia and having the chance to reach your full potential.

Charlotte Alyce Jane Markwick
Charlotte Alyce Jane Markwick You leave the protests to Australians, that’s our job! March Australia marches for many injustices, including asylum seekers in offshore detention x

Mary Blight
Mary Blight Shared! Of course you are not planning trouble. The protests are planned for here in Australia. We have been laughing here about the press release. It was very silly. We will keep fighting for you all to be free.

Helen Pertsinidis
Helen Pertsinidis I’ve shared the post. Hope the high court decision is favourable.

Janet Galbraith
Janet Galbraith Thinking of you all

Kavita Jade
Kavita Jade Of course, will share but where is the petition link?

Zuli Marma
Zuli Marma Kavita … this is advance notice of a petition coming in 24 hours …

Jules Miller
Jules Miller Good luck kids, I hope you get it released without drama.

Kerri Lee
Kerri Lee Good work! I will do all that I can. My heart is with you.

Rashed ALanazi
Rashed ALanazi No life to the calls became a matter of Hungary writing in the Australian newspaper or enjoy in this subject across social networking programs has become a modern reportedly only and useless we are now we Refugees trade, however, the Australian government we merchandise move us in order to make money has become a matter open in front of the whole world we are just move goods orders ABF.Rashed Alanazi cry silence


2 thoughts on “no one is planning anything violent or protesting

  1. You say to sign a petition, but even with several minutes searching, I do not see a petition or link. I would be glad to share this with friends and ask for their support, but it needs to be a very clear and easy link to the petition. I wish you lots of luck and great life


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