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Alanna Paediatric Refugee Nurse – Detention Harms Children

As paediatricians and health care professionals we can say, without doubt, that detention harms children, psychologically and developmentally. Australia should not hold these children in detention anywhere. The only way to stop harm is to remove children and their families from detention immediately. Children should be welcomed into safe communities with their families. Every day in detention is a day doing more harm. Please help us achieve this by sharing widely on social media #detentionharmschildren #LetThemStay


Skye Starkey
Skye Starkey I can’t believe that people think children should be in detention. WTF is wrong with this world?

Dorothy Panelli
Dorothy Panelli Agree that our government is continuing this is unbelievable. That Malcolm Turnbull can read from Matthew’s gospel “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” in church yesterday and then propose to continue this seems so dissonant, so hypocritical for someone who purports to be Christian. If this is true to the God he claims to worship I want nothing to do with such a god.

Mary Blight
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Angie Gittus
Angie Gittus Not in my name – I am fighting for your freedom. Detention shames all Australians

Lynette Muirhead
Lynette Muirhead Alanna, you are an inspiration

Jennifer Bonte
Jennifer Bonte Thank you so much for sharing and speaking out about such injustice!

Bijou Po
Bijou Po WHile this happens it happens in all Australian’s names, that is the crux of it. Shame, Australia.

Julie-Ann Carr
Julie-Ann Carr The more stories i see the more I am in horror that politicians think this is ok. I wonder what the psychological effect will be.

Lyn Steele
Lyn Steele ‘Not like’…. Too sad

Ali Ager
Ali Ager There are laws in Australia about mandatory reporting of children at risk…Alanna is doing her job and more….The Australian government has a responsibility to protect children at risk…either here or in their offshore detention centers….The AustrSee More

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Sabrina Sharp
Sabrina Sharp Shame Australia, shame!

Bilal Habib
Bilal Habib Come on Australian Public & The people of the world please help free the children of Nauru.I don’t understand why can’t the United Nations Organisation intervene.I am heart broken *tears*

Bery Curran
Bery Curran Many of us have tried everything. The government (on both sides) just don’t care.

Ruth Mitchell
Ruth Mitchell It’s sickening – the people who actually work there, and witness the terrible things happening to these poor people tell us what is going on, yet Peter Dutton has the gall to say on TV tonight that conditions are ok. I know who i would rather trust.

James Stevenson
James Stevenson The Australian government does not act in my name on this issue. Never has ,never will. Doesn’t matter what colour the the tie they wear!!!

Julian Tedesco
Julian Tedesco DETERRENT CAMPS!!! frown emoticon

Justin Glyn
Justin Glyn This is a very brave woman saying something extremely important based on personal experience and at great personal risk. Who will listen?

Hannah Dymond
Hannah Dymond There can only be one reason that Australian politicians are persisting with this ghastly policy of Concentration Camps for refugees. They must truly believe that anyone of a different race is inferior and therefore the policies are justified. I imagine that Aboriginal Australians are not in the least bit surprised that this is happening.

Amica Spindrift
Amica Spindrift Sadly, I think it’s even more cynical than that – they just think (know) that there are votes in that stance and they really don’t think the lives of other human beings are as important as getting elected.

Hannah Dymond
Hannah Dymond You may be right, but I just can’t bear to think that so many Australians could possibly feel that way about the issue. To actively support the policy with their votes – how would they sleep at night?

Rachel Rae
Rachel Rae It can’t be based on them being ‘of middle eastern appearance’. Australia does have quite a large humanitarian migration policy and are supposedly flying 16,000 Syrian refugees here. Yet they are punishing those few that somehow managed to make it here by their own means. It seems so ridiculous that they at targeting those who have arrived by a boat when that was how the first white people arrived invading this country in the first place. I think they are just just bullies who revel in their power and are too arrogant to admit that they have got it wrong.

Jen Hope
Jen Hope Please share…

Grant Elliott
Grant Elliott The bilateral (really trilateral) agreement to keep children in these conditions makes most members of both Houses of Parliament child abusers and each of us who support them in this progrom facilitating accomplices.
My MP knows I hate this abuse. Let yours know.

Kerry Parkes
Kerry Parkes And just try to arrest those informing us of these atrocities and advocating for the voiceless innocents.

Walsh Lou
Walsh Lou Alanna, you are an inspiration. Thanks for voicing your concerns.

Mary Blight
Mary Blight Thank you Alanna for speaking up.


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