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This petition is for the children of Nauru

This petition is for the 37 babies, the 72 children getting sent back to Nauru and ALL of the children and adults on Nauru and Manus. PLEASE paste the petition link as a comment on every politicians page you can find! Australian’s deserve to know the truth.


Margot Clifford
Margot Clifford signed and shared

Claire Holloway
Claire Holloway Look children, we are pushing the politicians. We are trying.

Melissa O'Donovan
Melissa O’Donovan I took a number of photos and some video of yesterdays Melbourne CBD #Letthemstay rally. Please feel free to like and share the images/tweets – 04 Feb 16 (just scroll down a bit to find the stream). Blessings, Melissa.

Melissa O'Donovan
Melissa O’Donovan Also, here is shortened url ( for the url above:


One thought on “This petition is for the children of Nauru

  1. I am so sorry for what our government is doing. I hope this madness ends soon and you can find peace in Australia. I for one welcome you #LetThemStay


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