Australian Asylum seeker policy · babies in detention on Nauru · Days in detention · Detention harms children

Don’t forget to say BRING THEM HERE

Don’t forget to BRING THEM HERE when you are protesting to KEEP THEM HERE.
A beautiful song for ALL asylum seeker and refugees on Nauru and Manus. The children hear your voices and thank you for hearing theirs.

Mums 4 Refugees

Melissa O'Donovan

Melissa O’Donovan Also, I think it would be great if Free the Children NAURU had a Twitter account so that you can speak directly to all the supporters – like those standing guard at the Lady Cilento Hospital right now in Brisbane to stop a forced removal of baby Asha. That way you can also share and use the #EducationNotDetention & #StandForSanctuary tags and get your message out more.

Elanra Ananan

Elanra Ananan …beautiful…thank you….bringing them home now…love is and will light the way …and provide the means….and we are this love…blessings

Pauline McKenzie

Pauline McKenzie Fantastic song. Thank you mums4refugees from all grandmothers!

John Cary

John Cary The Age of Reason is coming, an excellent application of a brilliant song

Joyce Obrien

Joyce Obrien This, this is the way we used to be, and can be again.

Carly Starr

Carly Starr That is just absolutely beautiful.

Heather Kroll

Heather Kroll Florian Kroll. I thought you’d appreciate this.

Vanessa Richards

Vanessa Richards Keep reminding everyone but please believe, we haven’t forgotten you.


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