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Water, water everywhere but Nauru detainees missing out, critics say


Images of bottled water discarded at the Nauru tip or deteriorating outdoors have emerged, following reports that water shortages on the island mean asylum seekers use a washing machine as little as once a month and have limited access to drinking water.

In one video, water bottles well within their use-by dates are abandoned in the tip alongside unopened shave sticks and other toiletries. Photographs show scores of large water containers piled outdoors among weeds, exposed to the elements.

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Jane McPhail
Jane McPhail Why is this allowed to occur as absolutely atrocious ! I bet the senate committee has no comment & the truth will be solely covered up. What a waste of taxpayers money & bordering on torture for the poor detainees considering the water shortage. SHAME AUSTRALIA SHAME. Imagine if your family have to endure this!

Dennis Dowling
Dennis Dowling This is a disgraceful waste of a precious and vital commodity. It shows a total disregard for not only the refugees detained in their prison camps, but also for the local population who also face water shortages.

Mario Napolitano
Mario Napolitano The mindless mistreatment and abuse of asylum seekers is proven a vote winner.

Julie Stirling
Julie Stirling Absolutely unconscionable behaviour. Cruel and wasteful.

Anne Wood
Anne Wood What an obscene waste of money. Whose idea was it to restrict water to refugees? Are we trialling a new form of torture?

Julie Mcgaw
Julie Mcgaw I hope people will take the time to read all of this.

Julie Duncan
Julie Duncan What a disgrace!

Betty Blue
Betty Blue ffs how wrong is this..

Robyn Rylands
Robyn Rylands Dutton how do you explain this?

Wendy Steed
Wendy Steed Damn disgraceful !!!!!!

Gunama Murray
Gunama Murray The circus “running” the detention centre may call itself what it pleases, but it’s the same monkeys. They couldn’t supply soap to wash the dishes in one kitchen I knew about. This state of affairs is no surprise…and equally inexcusable.


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