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Even children locked up want to sing

Children are the same all around the world. They just want to sing, play, be nurtured and loved in a happy home. Whilst this is a beautiful message to the Save the Children teachers and kids in Australia, it is sad to know that these are the children locked inside the Australian DETENTION centre on Nauru. They are certainly resourceful playing music with spoons and plastic tubs. However is it a shocking waste of human potential!!! They could be playing music with guitars and drums in a supportive Australian school. Que Sera is a special song that the children used to sing during school assemblies and events put on by Save the Children. The children sung the Que Sera to the Save the Children teachers when they were leaving Nauru for the last time.

Judith Leslie
Judith Leslie Yes, they are children, if only our politicians would treat them as such

Brian Leslie Blackwell
Brian Leslie Blackwell Our very own political hostages…How proud does Malcolm Turnbull feel as he looks at himself in the mirror? And that goes for every politicians with their fingers in the same disgraceful muck. Go and look your own kids in the eye!

Lynette Muirhead
Lynette Muirhead Thanks you girls…you made my day

Garry Jago
Garry Jago Thank u 💥 will pass on your message to my friends . Love and peace.

Jude Berg
Jude Berg Great job girls. Lovely to see you, hope you get to Australia soon!

Jenny Lawson
Jenny Lawson Beautiful singing girls. Australia needs you. We want to love and nurture you but our stupid government won’t allow it. Sorry sweet peas xx

Craig Jardine
Craig Jardine heart emoticon

Shirl Durrant
Shirl Durrant I love your smiles and your cool song

Sue Lyons
Sue Lyons Fantastic girls! I really enjoyed your performance! 😀

Sylvia Harmon
Sylvia Harmon That made me smile so much smile emoticon

Emily Pankhurst
Emily Pankhurst You are magnificent! I hope to see you singing in Australia one day – and free to grow and share those talents smile emoticon

Linda Curtin
Linda Curtin Gorgeous. Love your singing and instrumental accompaniment, thank you!

Cath Bartley
Cath Bartley well done girls!

Gabrielle Coombe
Gabrielle Coombe Please consider posting a positive comment on the AMA’s page they are getting a lot negative sledging.…/posts/1025052280888694…

Phil Phurphy
Phil Phurphy the commentators on that page are neanderthals.

Gabrielle Coombe
Gabrielle Coombe Phil Phurphy Yes Phil, they are completely feral.

Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU Lots of love there now. No haters on their last post.

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Gabrielle Coombe
Gabrielle Coombe Free the Children NAURU I just read them, wonderful! It feels like the cavalry has arrived.

Anne Metcalfe
Anne Metcalfe Lovely, thank you

Gabriel Cooper
Gabriel Cooper Thankyou ! I miss u both!! I still have the heart on my fridge that * made me for my birthday. .same day birthdays! (Our birthdays are coming up and I’ll be making a special birthday wish for you!) Thinking of you so much xoxox Teacher Gabriel.

Bek Spencer
Bek Spencer So precious!

Mellisa Giancarlo
Mellisa Giancarlo Love your beautiful singing girls. Thank you! heart emoticon

Karli Brokenshire
Karli Brokenshire H & B! You beautiful little girls! I miss our singing and dancing! Sending all my love xxx

Christine Bell
Christine Bell Freedom for you soon.

Merle Conyer
Merle Conyer Thanks for your beautiful music x

Lisa Leelo
Lisa Leelo How can we lock these beautiful children up? There has to be another way. I’m disgusted that any of my income taxes could contribute to this.

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Xavier Love
Xavier Love You are amazing kids xx

Franky More
Franky More You ROCK little sisters! Keep singing out loud and strong. Thank you for putting a big smile on my dial

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Jay Oh Jo
Jay Oh Jo Sending love to the children and the teachers. What a heartbreaking situation.


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