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We won’t stop fighting

We won’t stop fighting until every child, woman and man on Nauru and Manus are resettled in a humane country.

Alan Dickens
Alan Dickens Apparently the Australian Government thinks New Zealand is not an acceptable place to resettle 150 refugees. This action is blatantly cruel.
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Veronica Nou
Veronica Nou Apparently not. While NZ is offering to take them for free, and they have now offered to take ALL of them, Australia would rather keep paying $1Billion a year to Nauru or another $55million to some other third world country to take 4, like they did with Cambodia. Ridiculous.…/john-key-says-new-zealand…
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Gail Macrae
Gail Macrae You have to have a group of currently abused people to keep the policy working.
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Brian Leslie Blackwell
Brian Leslie Blackwell They are are our very own political hostages. Next toi ISIS I think we are the only country in the world holding little children as hostages for a political power game. The moral fabric of this country is being torn asunder.
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Mary Blight
Mary Blight Absolutely! The fight continues
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Julie Milicevic
Julie Milicevic Continue the good fight. Justice and compassion will prevail.
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Jane Curtis
Jane Curtis YES
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Duff Peter Fotu
Duff Peter Fotu Kerrie Watson Ben Byrne
Duff Peter Fotu’s photo.
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Duff Peter Fotu
Duff Peter Fotu Check out this page yous two.
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Kerry Neville
Kerry Neville Everyone deserves a dwelling.
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Sue Leighton
Sue Leighton Mingy people always say this. So I would suggest you mingy people do something. You all have a spare room or a garage. Make a home for them. OH THAT’S RIGHT YOU ARE TOO MINGY. Someone else’s job.
Unlike · Reply · 3 · 23 February at 05:59
Kerri Lee
Kerri Lee Oh, I reckon a clever country like ours could manage to achieve more than one objective at a time… how about we spend less tormenting people overseas and redirect those millions to the homeless?
It’s called walking while you chew gum….See more
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Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU Duff Peter Fotu We can help all of the homeless with the money we would save on locking people up in inhumane detention camps. It costs almost 3 million dollars for a family of 6 for one year to be held in the camp in Nauru. Ditto Kerri. We can house everyone instead of wasting it on sub standard tents.
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Mary Blight
Mary Blight Yes if we did not spend around a billion a year on offshore detention of around 2500 people that would free up a lot of money. Putting refugees and asylum seekers in the community and paying them the dole would be heaps cheaper.
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Adele Briskman
Adele Briskman Duff Peter Fotu “Yous two”? I hope my taxes didn’t fund your free education. Pop on back to the UPF page now.
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Duff Peter Fotu
Duff Peter Fotu My two friends comments were deleted.
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Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU Duff Peter Fotu Yes they were and we make no apology for deleting negative comments. We have also deleted your last post for the language.
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Mary Blight
Mary Blight Duff how about being nice to the kids eh? If you can’t then go post somewhere else.
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Pandy Benson
Pandy Benson here’s the thing – it’s not about anyone else but refugees – stop making it about YOU. it’s about refugees, OK? let them stay,
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Val Horne
Val Horne I support all homeless people being housed but setting groups of homeless people against each other is utterly pointless.A compassionate society would house homeless people on the basis of need – not whether they arrived yesterday or their ancestors arrived a hundred years ago or forty thousand years ago. Save the hate for the people who are stopping you from being housed.
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