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Save the Children Seeks Compensation

Ela Simon
Ela Simon Keep fighting, Germany is still paying compensation 70 years after the end of WWII for their atrocities.

Veronica Nou
Veronica Nou Good on you! Please give this as much publicity as possible!

Marian Grantham
Marian Grantham as they should

Heather Hysted
Heather Hysted Thanks for the compassion shown.

Lynne Kohler
Lynne Kohler How shocking!! The fact these wonderful people were removed is one thing – the Government has been caught out again….that’s no surprise but totally unforgivable and Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton must be held to account. The most important thing is WHO is caring for these families now? If anyone needs the support of Save The Children it’s THESE families!! Save the Children should be allowed back in – and the families should be FREED and relocated to the countries of their choice as soon as possible (let’s make that immediately)! These are innocent human beings!!!!

Bruce Lattimore
Bruce Lattimore Like children overboard, nothing like a few lies and smears to bring the press and the public round to the Government’s anti-refugee position. Pity about the poor people whose lives are tossed around in the process.

Ruta Minde
Ruta Minde Claims also should be lodged against Morrison and Dutton who, regardless of what they will claim their LNP puppeteers told them to do, are culpable.

Alec Tibbitts
Alec Tibbitts Yet the government espouse their ability to “stop the boats” but forget to mention that the one small ray of hope and joy that the children on Nauru looked forward to was taken away on a false accusation, providing even further evidence that the minister and prime minister are child abusers.

Kate Curry
Kate Curry Go get em guys!

Nick Jenkin
Nick Jenkin I guess this will add another $million to the cost of torturing and persecuting innocent people who need our help. Eventually the economic disadvantages might force us to DO THE DECENT THING.


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