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Message from MC. Morev

When I’m get angry and feeling nervous I’m stop talk and I go for walk and keeping searching until I find empty place and I start write my lyrics Down on my paper or on my phone and start rapping about my problem I do this since I was young-kids.
I’m gonna send to me first part from the video clips name the Song lead me to get my freedom.
And I’m thanks-full to helping me and all this young beautiful kids. Check it out and I’m appreciate to you if you can share it on free the childrenNauru…. Let show all this overseas people refugee are human too and all the refugees are same. No different we are all equal

It’s hard to believe that this incredibly sad, but inspiring music video clip has been made with limited sound recording resources available on Nauru. With the help of Connect Settlement Services and some free video making apps, this fine young man has managed to produce the first part of his brilliant rapping song. Let’s send words of encouragement to MC. MOREV to finish the song. The waste of human potential is profound.


Bernadette Hanna
Bernadette Hanna Great work. Can’t wait to hear the rest. The seeds of victory

Lynette Muirhead
Lynette Muirhead I didn’t get to see the whole video…stay strong…tell us the whole rap, the whole story. This is a strong medium to tell your story…you go MC.MOREV,

Cathie Hawes
Cathie Hawes I love this. I hope so much that you are lead to freedom and you can follow your dreams.

Judy Buchanan
Judy Buchanan Brilliant work, MC. Morev! Please keep telling your story

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Merle Conyer
Merle Conyer Thank you for sharing your story through powerful music Mc Morev. Strong beat, strong spirit! Looking forward to hearing more

Wendy Ludvigsen
Wendy Ludvigsen sending love to you keep strong xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Xavier Love
Xavier Love Powerful words, thanks for sharing. Keep your spirit strong, your music is a gift xx

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Miriam Perkins
Miriam Perkins Wow amazing!!!

Remi Forcet
Remi Forcet Well done! This empty place you found, it may become a sacred place.

Bernie Richards
Bernie Richards Very cool way to share your story, MC Morev. Am waiting to hear more of your talent but more importantly, more about your story. Keep on expressing yourself and we will keep trying to get you free

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Elanra Ananan
Elanra Ananan ….spiritual awakening …..the ultimate gift of these troubling times….heartbreaking is/and heartopening…..blessings…beautiful…inspiring…

Jenny Geale
Jenny Geale Incredible! What an amazing talent and a great way to share your story. Eagerly awaiting part two. Thank you for sharing x

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Penny Dadswell Zyl
Penny Dadswell Zyl Wonderful!!!!!!

Mustafa Cahill
Mustafa Cahill Keep it real my brother I’m so proud of you

Adriana Michelle Lear
Adriana Michelle Lear Absolute respect MC MOREV. You’re a true artist, speaking from your heart about these problems. You are an inspiration, and a voice for so many. I encourage you to finish the song, as so many need to hear this message. One love!

Lesley Walker
Lesley Walker Shared.

Mary Blight
Mary Blight Great!

Sheryl Lawry
Sheryl Lawry Wow this just incredible, great talent! I wish for freedom for all!

Ruvanovich Rusch
Ruvanovich Rusch This is awesome!

Brad Griffin
Brad Griffin Awesome

Melinda Hughes
Melinda Hughes Still able to create in such adverse stifling conditions.applause.

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Franky More
Franky More This is fantastic MC MOREV…you’ve got great talent and a powerful message to share…I’ll look forward to part 2. Thank you and keep creating!

Chantico Love
Chantico Love Nice work, music is something everyone can relate to

Ronda Rutherford
Ronda Rutherford This is great! Please keep going with your music. You have a big message to be heard by many. Love it!

Margit Pataky
Margit Pataky MC.MOREV……your words and song are heartfelt and you have given many with the gift of your pain an opportunity for a major change in humanity… are so,right, we are one, equal, humanity……..we are human.. may your music being you peace, may your words and song and patience ultimately bring you freedom………..

Evie Azi
Evie Azi Don’t give up .

Penelope Langmead
Penelope Langmead MC Morev. You are very, very talented. But even more than that you have an ability to communicate from your heart, soul humanity and experience in a way that can reach out to the hearts, souls, humanity and experience of others.
I pray and do what I caSee more

Janet Pelly
Janet Pelly Right on! Please keep believing in your talent and your future. We believe in you



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