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God bless MC.MOREV

We have a truly moving thank you message from our charismatic rapper MC.MOREV. He definitely has the X factor and his music should be appreciated world wide! If there are any recording agencies out there – please contact us!!!
MC.MOREV was so touched by the support he received from the friends of this page, he wanted to give a thank you back that matched his emotions. He wrote these beautiful words and he made a wonderful rock sculpture in the sand for all of you. This is for everyone listening to the young people behind this page.

“I’m gonna say thanks to you I think it’s not enough just to say it like that…..
So thousands millions billions big thanks to all the crews keep going….
Thanks to believe in me and to give me the music a chance to make the change ….

With out you guys i”m nothing
A dam big thanks again
After every strong big heavy rain the rainbow come up and shine
For any way seriously and once I’m just saying the true

That’s one of million hardness sickness weakness story happen to me inside the detention jail….God bless MC.MOREV

Kathryn Elich
Kathryn Elich You are welcome. Thank YOU.

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Free the Children NAURU
When I'm get angry and feeling nervous I'm stop talk and I go for walk and keeping searching until I find empty place and I start write my lyrics Down on my paper or on my phone and start rapping about my problem I do this since I was young-kids. 
I'm gonna send to me first part from the video clips name the Song lead me to get my freedom.
And I'm thanks-full to helping me and all this young beautiful kids. Check it out and I'm appreciate to you if you can share it on free the childrenNauru.... Let show all this overseas people refugee are human too and all the refugees are same. No different we are all equal

It's hard to believe that this incredibly sad, but inspiring music video clip has been made with limited sound recording resources available on Nauru. With the help of Connect Settlement Services and some free video making apps, this fine young man has managed to produce the first part of his brilliant rapping song. Let's send words of encouragement to MC. MOREV to finish the song. The waste of human potential is profound."
Brilliant Lead me to get my freedom (part one)

When I’m get angry and feeling nervous I’m stop talk and I go for walk and keeping searching until I find empty place and I start write my lyrics Down on

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