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Palm Sunday protest in Nauru camp

As thousands of people walk in solidarity at the Palm Sunday March in Australia, the 4 Babies, 45 children, 53 women and 46 men still in the detention camp Nauru hold a rally in the camp in Nauru. There are another 839 refugees in the community who face a jail term if they join the rally.

Bronwyn McNamee
Bronwyn McNamee LET THEM STAY.

Let those who are here stay. Let those on Nauru and Manus come. It’s long enough.

Let those others who can’t reach us by boat, because of turn-back, be supported with all the money now spent on offshore processing, by re-investment in UN refugee processing in countries ‘along the way’.

And may our fair share of those refugees be received here with open arms.

Bronwyn McNamee's photo.
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Annemieka Neenan
Annemieka Neenan Sending heart emoticon and I’m so sorry you are being treated in this manner..Its in-humane and an embarrassment ..I am so sorry you all have seen, experienced and suffered more then many will ever know. . I will continue to share posts I receive in the hope that your situation will be remedied soon and you can settle and call somewhere home..No-one..NO ONE Should have to live this.

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Trisha Grey
Trisha Grey Those detained on Nauru were very brave to hold their rally. Our government needs to release all the detainees on Nauru and Manus, and bring them to safety on the mainland. Their continued detention is inhumane.

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Sue Clark
Sue Clark My heart and prayers cry out for you all 🏼

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Isabella Porter
Isabella Porter Absolutely tragic, all of those refugees treated so badly by a govt that doesn’t act in the best interest of it own people either. So sad

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Tanya Parkinson
Tanya Parkinson Praying for you and standing up for you in Australia.

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Lynne Kohler
Lynne Kohler Thank you for sharing…please keep up the good work in making our government answer for this unacceptable and inexcusable treatment of such beautiful and innocent people. Please stay hopeful that things will change for the better soon.

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Sonia Cuni
Sonia Cuni Let them stay

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Wendy Roberts
Wendy Roberts Can never understand how anyone would think the kids need to be there I would love everyone to be out, but if that’s not immediately possible, at least give the kids a chance…!! 😟

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Grant Elliott
Grant Elliott It’s appallling to his is being done in my name and at such a price on to an economy that smells like a slipping clutch

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Annette Erdtsieck
Annette Erdtsieck Not in my name.
How do the politicians sleep on their money filled mattresses at night.

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Liz O'Sullivan
Liz O’Sullivan Thank you for sharing. I support you!

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Karis Ross
Karis Ross And so many more exiled on the island, unable to leave.

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Ayla Walker
Ayla Walker stay strong

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Margaret Moon
Margaret Moon Astounding courage. ALL SHALL BE WELL (yet)!

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Margot Rodrom-Robertson
Margot Rodrom-Robertson You are so brave! The threat of jail is terrible. So many of us want you all here in Australia. We will keep trying.

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Fran McKechnie
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