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Protest Day 4. This is Nauru RON Hospital flooding

Protest Day 4. This is Nauru RON Hospital flooding. This photo is taken 21.03.2016


Rosalind Kingston-Lee
Rosalind Kingston-Lee This is disgusting, shame on you Malcolm Turnbull and the rest of your self centred cohorts. Come on with the double dissolution so the people of Australia can tell you what we think of you.

Ray Morton
Ray Morton Voting for the other mob of clowns wont help, they’re just as rotten!

Rosalind Kingston-Lee
Rosalind Kingston-Lee I know but somewhere sometime we have to get someone on the government bench to stand up and be counted. Look at all the MP that have migrated to Australia but now feel they have the right to be so hard hearted and deny others. A refugee is a refugee until proven otherwise!

Deborah Basel
Deborah Basel That’s the point Elson. It’s happening. It always happens. This is not acceptable

Marian Grantham
Marian Grantham Keep protesting guys, the world is watching and more people every day are becoming aware. It is no secret that Nauru is sinking due to global warming.

Ron Pieres
Ron Pieres A free bath before medical treatment

Lizzie Chase
Lizzie Chase If this happened to you, it wouldn’t be funny, I’m thinking?

Ron Pieres
Ron Pieres It was tongue in cheek Lizzie no offence to the poor refugees on Nauru… The Govt is to blame 100%

Julian Rex
Julian Rex Remembering too that detainees don’t come in, they are sent.

Lynette Muirhead
Lynette Muirhead Oh no…that is horrible

Elizabeth Robinson
Elizabeth Robinson Shame on Australia

Francis Srečko Fabian
Francis Srečko Fabian How do Liberal & Labor politicians live with themselves? How do they justify this to their own consciences?

Ruta Minde
Ruta Minde They have no conscience….that is what allows them to make the decisions that they make.

Olive Sant
Olive Sant How come we have not seen this before . I agree, shame on Australia.

Anne Mccabe
Anne Mccabe I’m not an engineer, but couldn’t something be done to stop this from happening. Nauru doesn’t have the money to upgrade infrastructure, but the Australian government could do more to help ,seeing that the Nauruan government is hosting the camps. Makes it better for everyone. When the camps are eventually closed we could leave a decent legacy.

Angie Gittus
Angie Gittus According to govt. whitewash this hospital is “better than lots of Australian hospitals” 😟

Michael Thomson
Michael Thomson The government said that this hospital was fully capable of providing health care care to the inmates.What is the latest load of lies on the status of this so called facility.?

James Winter
James Winter Australia is a disgrace.

Fe Bradmostyn Weeks
Fe Bradmostyn Weeks Blame govement for rain as well!!!

Liza Carty
Liza Carty No I blame the govt for the treatment of these people!

Lynne Kohler
Lynne Kohler Not to mention their inaction on climate change – that’s not helping the situation either. We need a proactive and compassionate government now!

Lone Beldan
Lone Beldan Why don’t we know about this?

Sally Mack
Sally Mack It’s under water matters…

Colin Trainor
Colin Trainor rain or tidal surge?

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Lynda Carey
Lynda Carey This is what refugees paid for with Australian tax payer money are experiencing on Nauru. Just shocking.

Darrius Abel Detenamo
Darrius Abel Detenamo This is what Nauruans had to be paid for, for almost three generations.

Roger Carthey
Roger Carthey I worked on that hospital some years ago. The drains block up and no one unblocks them and the hospital floods. The hospital is a dump, basically fibro sheds.

Delta Cor
Delta Cor It burnt down and got replaced since then

Roger Carthey
Roger Carthey Delta Cor looks the same in the photo

Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU Darrius Abel Detenamo Just because it always has been does mean it should be. The Daily Telegraph – seriously !! We are deleting that because of all of the lies in it. In reference to your post – no one said the protests were in front of the hospital – Day 4 of the protest is 23/3 and the photo says it was taken on 21/3 obviously not the same day. The photos of the camp flooding and then the hospital flooding were just to show the effect of the torrential rains. Your posts attached just go to show that no matter what asylum seekers and refugees say, someone always says they are lying.

Free the Children NAURU's photo.
George Goring
George Goring Darrius Abel Detenamo,

The following is a text message exchange from earlier this evening between me and a friend on Nauru.


***, I have been protesting to Peter Dutton’s office in Canberra about the condition of the Nauru Hospital.

His Canberra staff say the Nauru Hospital is modern and efficient.

When you were in hospital about 2 weeks ago was it a new hospital or the old rubbish one?

You can send me an answer on FB Messenger, rather than use your credit sending me a text.

Thanks, ***. George.

My friend on Nauru:

The hospital is rubbish.there is a lot of dog.coacroch.mouse.very dirty….disaster

I rest my case.

Krystalmaine Finch
Krystalmaine Finch Send them all back home…. Who are these refugees where are they from… That is what you should ask first then ask them why they left their country…

Darrius Abel Detenamo
Darrius Abel Detenamo FTCN- I never said that there was a protest either and I’ve made that correction from my shared posts and within the thread because your click baiting is effective. I also understand how click baiting works.

And if you think that the Daily Telegraph posts lies? Regarding those updates and playgrounds? Then thats your problem. And if you’re not interested in impartial content then your journalism is in question.

Regarding the refugees and asylum seekers? I’m feeling for them but three generations of locals are enduring this. Welcome to our world. Climate Change is all relevant in this situation.

We’ve finally got an update on the hospital in order to keep up with the sudden influx of Asylum Seekers/ Refugees, Expats and locals.

The photo you’ve posted was originally from a local whistleblower.

We’re complaining too regarding our hospital. But who cares about the locals. It just so happens that refugees and asylum seekers and refugee advocates have more attention.

You’re absolutely right though. It shouldn’t be.

Sue Botha
Sue Botha Which isn’t open yet Darrius?

Darrius Abel Detenamo
Darrius Abel Detenamo Unveiled but not stocked yet.

Kerry Fagan
Kerry Fagan Ashamed to be Australian.

Emily Delos Reyes
Emily Delos Reyes I hope no one is hurt

Ellen O'gallagher
Ellen O’gallagher Remember, they say they spent eleven million dollars on the hospital. I want to see a photo of Dutton standing in the hospital with some proof that the picture actually shows people who are on Nauru. The snazzy place could be any where.

Kay Bennetts
Kay Bennetts Shame Australia.

Larry Yo Yo Wilson
Larry Yo Yo Wilson And people are in tents 🙄

Grant Elliott
Grant Elliott I’m ashamed to be Australian sometimes.

Krystalmaine Finch
Krystalmaine Finch Everybody in Nauru use the hospital not only bloody refugees, come on be real….

Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU Yes and this page doesn’t exclude the locals. We want good living conditions for AS, refugees and locals. If you have any suggestions about how we can work together, then please let us know

Caro Mcenroe
Caro Mcenroe I feel ashamed. I look at my beautiful child and give thanks for the life she has and I feel bad…… There but for the grace of God as they say


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