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Protest Day 4

Protest Day 4 We have been in detention nearly ONE THOUSAND DAYS. It is raining and flooding every few days. Our tents and get wet and more mould grows.

Kathleen McLeod
Kathleen McLeod Thinking of you all and your courage. Sending love and praying and working for your freedom xx

Daniella Olea
Daniella Olea Im so sorry. Send strength oxox

Ian Fisher
Ian Fisher Sorry for what our government is doing to you.

Eloise O'Hare
Eloise O’Hare Uk has changed its rules so that people can only be in detention for one month and have a court case. Australia should follow this example. Keeping people indefinitely is a human rights disgrace.

Kathryn Elich
Kathryn Elich It is better to tear the tents down than be around the mold. Or ask for white vinegar to wash them or demand they replace them .

Melanie Weaver
Melanie Weaver Feel ashamed for my country…..don’t like our government or what they are doing….sorry

Mary Blight
Mary Blight This MUST end. Shame on Australia for this.

Tia Bhana-Williams
Tia Bhana-Williams I’m
Liking to dislike
And share your story

Margaret Moon
Margaret Moon Hold on, things will change when we vote again (I hope!) in July.

Pamela Collett
Pamela Collett Not unless you vote The Australian Greens. The only party who supports change

Gisela Stieglitz
Gisela Stieglitz Sorry for how you all are treated, it must change.

Pamela Collett
Pamela Collett Vote The Australian Greens for change. thank you

Elma Fleming
Elma Fleming It HAS to change soon.

Sue Hoffman
Sue Hoffman When will this govt end their nightmare. Indefinite imprisonment is not a solution.

Sally Ryhanen
Sally Ryhanen You wouldn’t let your dog live like this

Taimur Afridi
Taimur Afridi To who r u protesting to the world which she doesn’t awake from the sleep , keep calm and live healthy wait for ur time there’s always a new sun rises after the sunset .

Taimur Afridi
Taimur Afridi Who care this government or other government, we moved from Christmas Island in labor government plz don’t blame government they r the same dog ears they r same they r same .

Voice of Nauru


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