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“We are standing outside at the front gate” (of the Asylum Seekers detention camp). “This should be open camp and they say we are free to go out of the camp 24/7 and be free outside. The refugees are living on the other side of the road. They are suppose to be free. We are not free to take our own photo. Everyday when we do protest, they everyday take the camera and they will catch photo from us and give it to, I don’t know Immigration? And one child cover him to not get photo from the others. They will take refugee camera and delete photo. Everybody want their photo taken. They tell Australia peoples we are free. Freedom is more than walking. Freedom to make our chose what we can do and not have security bully us everyday”.

Kathryn Elich
Kathryn Elich The Aussies are losing my respect every post.

Alec Tibbitts
Alec Tibbitts I don’t know the percentage of Australians that support this shameful detention and strange misshapen version of freedom, Kathryn, but I do know that many of us are deeply ashamed of this policy too. The problem is we have two political parties that agree that this is a good policy. There seems nowhere to turn.
I am sorry.

Stephen Lomas
Stephen Lomas Glad to see the news is getting out. Oz is way more than a cute vacation destination on everyone’s bucket list. It’s hard to say how many Oz folk are against this inhumanity – the numbers certainly are swelling but at the same time there is more than enough ignorance, fear & hate to keep the governments line solid.

Kathryn Elich
Kathryn Elich Alec Tibbitts I am not sure much of Australia is aware, then. I read on the Government webpage these refugees could stay a long time just as they are. What hurts is they are not in control of any aspect to make their days better, to improve anything tSee more

Kathryn Elich
Kathryn Elich Alec Tibbetts Keep doing what you are doing.

Kathryn Elich
Kathryn Elich Stephen Lomas Stiff necked is what I call it.
UNICEF may have a way.

Mima Kirby
Mima Kirby A lot of Australians disagree with this. It’s disgusting and shameful and it makes us hate our government with a vengeance.

Kathryn Elich
Kathryn Elich Mima Kirby Well hate won’t get you too far, personally. But I know what you mean. Is there a spokesperson on the outside?

Can the people receive shipments of gifts? Perhaps a collection of rain gear or new tents and air mattresses or ‘ undies’ T shiSee more

Freja Leonard
Freja Leonard Some of our human rights lawyers have attempted to take our government to the international court to compel them to stop this concentration camp approach to refugee and asylum seeker intake. Hundreds of thousands of people protest across the country reSee more

Freja Leonard
Freja Leonard And Kathryn Elich no. We’ve tried sending letters of support to the people in detention and they are returned unopened. We’ve tried sending books for the kids but they’re never delivered. I dream that one day every Australian will walk or sail up to alSee more

Kathryn Elich
Kathryn Elich That’s quite a dream. And dreams do come true.
I will send a letter – I have the gov’t address.

Tiffany Brown
Tiffany Brown Australian Govt …so many aussies fighting horrible policies to get these camps closed and we will.not.stop. we lose support we.will.not.stop. #LetThemStay

Mary Blight
Mary Blight Shared. Please share widely everyone.

Dale Macfarlane
Dale Macfarlane The Australian government trying to hide their breaches of international laws. Hopefully the UN will charge Mr Dutton and the others responsible for their breaches of human rights.…/forgotten-children…

Dale Macfarlane's photo.
Reg Whitely
Reg Whitely Surely they are not Australian. They look like third world boofheads.

Adrian Broadby
Adrian Broadby Australia has plenty of boofheads unfortunately. Just look at the Immigration Minister for a start.

Tiffany Brown
Tiffany Brown I guess it’s our turn to be judged by Government policies ….thousands of people attend rallies to end detention organised at short notice…there are organisations helping as much as possible …yes there are the bigot brigade faction….pegida in germany , reclaim here , yuck….they are loud , but a minority …aus govt needs dismantling …replaced with humans with compassion

Rosemarie Jones
Rosemarie Jones This is another reason I will not vote labour or liberal with lies



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