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The very brave boy who talked to the Huffington Post media

This is for the very brave boy who talked to the Huffington Post media. He has a message “And all the protests, we the kids we start this. I want my voice to the TV and news. I want all the people to hear it”


Luke Collister
Luke Collister Flick Gibbens there does seem to be more media attention lately at least!

Claire Ting
Claire Ting 1000 days is horrendous even for adults.

Rhonda Kerr
Rhonda Kerr Australia we are better than this. holding people for 1000 days without progressing their applications and moving them to a place where their anguishe ceases and they can settle, work, learn and hope is one of our lowest times. We enjoy a lovely Easter inspired by the Resurrection. Transformation is possible especially at Easter.

Susan Newby
Susan Newby One day imprisoned without charge or trial is more than we allow in Australian law for someone suspected of a crime. These children, women and men are not even suspected of a crime, and yet days, months, years of imprisonment is deemed acceptable for tSee more

Tim Mackinaw
Tim Mackinaw a injured dog would gain better treatment by the government


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