Australian Asylum seeker policy · Australian Government · babies in detention on Nauru · Days in detention · Detention harms children · Messages from the kids

1000 days


1000 days.

Bijou Po
Bijou Po frown emoticon

Sonia Cuni
Sonia Cuni Free the children

Janet Heunis
Janet Heunis I’m so ashamed

Garry Jago
Garry Jago I am over joyed to know that we can debate and highlight the awful way we treat other humans through the internet. For way too long they have been able to hide this violence but no more – others may avert their eyes but they then know their own shame. Keep sharing people – this needs to stop. The government of Australia needs to be brought to task over this attack on peoples human rights.

Margaret McDonald
Margaret McDonald Terrible! What does our government intend to do with these poor people? #freethechildren

Alec Tibbitts
Alec Tibbitts Enough is enough. This should be an election issue but Labor have bowed to the voices of hatred.

Tiffany Brown
Tiffany Brown ‘ like to dislike ‘

Claire Dowling
Claire Dowling Disgusting,inhumane, unethical and just wrong. I feel so very privileged that my children are free to be children



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