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DAY 10

DAY 10


Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke because dutton wont

Veronica Agass
Veronica Agass …neither will Turnbull.

Julie Stirling
Julie Stirling This is Australia’s greatest moral issue at this time.

Merrilyn Watson
Merrilyn Watson Keep hanging in there. There is much love from many Australians.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin We care about you and we are doing our best to help you! xx<3

Tree Jean Macleod
Tree Jean Macleod Will they get international help???

Lynne Kohler
Lynne Kohler We hear you…please don’t lose hope! One day out Government will be apologising to each and every one of you… I’m certain of it! This can’t go on…the World is watching.

Michael Thomson
Michael Thomson It’s unbelievable that families old ànd young are in a concentration camp like this.It is amazing that these good people are not treated with compassion and understanding,after all they have been through.I grew up with migrant/refugee kids that we accepted after World war 2, they and their families have help Australia to become a better place.

Wayne Jack Meddings
Wayne Jack Meddings Even God can’t give the Australian Government a heart

Elanra Ananan
Elanra Ananan …may the Love and Grace of God bless and dress each and all hearts …….and so be it….be loved I AM….

Paull Williams
Paull Williams Like maybe what is happening with IS. Or any other poor fault of misjudgement. Including everybody being at fault. Me also.

Rachel Jane
Rachel Jane We are standing with you, praying with you and raising our voices for you. Don’t give up. Thankyou for being courageous X

Skye Starkey
Skye Starkey If God exists I think he gave up caring a long time ago. No loving caring God would allow half the atrocities going on in our world at the moment.

Jo Macdonald
Jo Macdonald We stand with you even though we are not able to see you. How many days will you protest? And how can we help?

Roslyn Shailer East
Roslyn Shailer East Who had these people pose with a Christian banner when they do not all share the beliefs it represents? This post is troubling to me not only for the fact that these people are imprisoned but how this photo ever came to happen. I know many parts of the church have been vocal advocates for refugees, which is fantastic, but then to see this. I start to wonder what’s going on and what the motivation is.

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Hermann Schneider
Hermann Schneider and they call Australia a developed civilized country ! these things happened only in the midieval times !

Ron Pieres
Ron Pieres Our disgusting dispecible Govt still detains children and refugees in overseas camps funded with taxpayer money. Cruel and Unaustralian!



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