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Day 13

Day 13. We are still kept in the detention. They close the gate for us to go out and they didn’t let us out. We can’t even speak up for our freedom as a free soul heart children. We don’t want to protest but we are doing this because we want people to hear us and knows how our feeling hurts to be in detention for so long. We are fighting for our free body and free heart. We want to feel like we are free. We are so tired..


Sonia Cuni
Sonia Cuni Free the children

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Merrilyn Watson
Merrilyn Watson We are still hearing you. Don’t give up. xx

Like · Reply · 7 · 2 hrs
David Buckley
David Buckley Yes. So important to keep talking.

Like · Reply · 2 · 2 hrs
Natalie Behncken
Natalie Behncken Can’t believe they are still suffering! How long does it take these days to show some humanity? Haven’t they suffered enough?!

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Cath Bartley
Cath Bartley Free the children and the adults too. You all deserve safety and freedom.

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Ayesha Smith
Ayesha Smith We hear you!! Don’t give up hope x

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John Ashworth
John Ashworth I will write #letthemstay on my ballot paper

Kate Dohrti
Kate Dohrti Free all the refugees!


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