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The Nauruan Police are taking refugee’s phones

The Nauruan Police are taking refugee’s phones if they take photos of the protest. What would happen in Australia if police took your phone because the government didn’t want you to take a photo of a protest?

Dannielle Parisi-Preston
Dannielle Parisi-Preston With the criminalisation of protesting, nothing surprises me.

David Hunter
David Hunter Pretty soon the Aust. Police will have the power to do this…. In NSW anyways

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Tamsin Kelly
Tamsin Kelly We currently have a very right-wing government taking Australia in a bad direction.

Annette Erdtsieck
Annette Erdtsieck more like a dictatorship Tamsin

Chantico Love
Chantico Love Taking away their phones doesn’t make us forget they are there, may the truth prevail

Kathryn Elich
Kathryn Elich Use a lapel camera.

Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU No. The police are taking phones off “free” refugees on the outside.

Julie Stirling
Julie Stirling The issue with repression of the truth is that it requires increasing infringement of personal liberty to the point of cruelty. It is sad that that is a better option than having the courage to right the wrongs.

Wendy Steed
Wendy Steed I am totally voting Green at the next election, our government is out of touch with decent honourable behaviour

Julie Haschemeyer
Julie Haschemeyer They do that in the US

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Peter Hill
Peter Hill Probably nothing. We have no constitutional safeguards in Australia.

Bruce Powell
Bruce Powell You’d get a kicking for trying to photo stuff!


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