Australian Asylum seeker policy · Australian Government · babies in detention on Nauru · International condemnation

NZ Parliament passes motion expressing concern over Nauru politics


Deborah Jones

Deborah Jones Can they now show some guts and condemn Australia for sending refugees there?

Adele Briskman

Adele Briskman They’ve been condemned by the UN and Amnesty International. The arrogant psychopathic government (and their predecessors) bang on about ‘saving lives’ by stopping the boats. The xenophobic Sheep lap it up.

Adele Briskman

Adele Briskman

The “Drowning” Argument by Julian Burnside | Apr 3, 2016 | Asylum Seekers, Human Rights | 0 comments Abbott, Morrison, Turnbull and Dutton are not to be believed when they express concern about people drowning in their attempt to reach safety.  Their policy (which Labor basically supports) seems to…
Vera Hunter

Vera Hunter Where is comment from Australia’s FM?

Sue McCarthy

Sue McCarthy Thank you for speaking up, New Zealand

Grant Elliott

Grant Elliott Well they should as Australian tax paying voters are being ignored.

Gunama Murray

Gunama Murray You’ve shown us up again, trans-Tasman brothers and sisters. Keep up the good work.

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Berril Creswell

Berril Creswell We have become an international disgrace!



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