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Refugee on Nauru convicted of attempted suicide to ‘deter’ others


Leonie Tarnawski
Leonie Tarnawski Right! The best way to deter someone from doing something is to give them more reason to do it.

Ann Romain
Ann Romain Are they nuts?

Jean Shelley
Jean Shelley How disgustingly cruel.

Wendy Steed
Wendy Steed I loathe this government !!!!

Bec Harris
Bec Harris Bring them here.

Rosalind Kingston-Lee
Rosalind Kingston-Lee Oh dear, oh dear what is next for these poor people? How much lower can the government go.

Brad Griffin
Brad Griffin …because counselling is not in the contract? This is ridiculous

Anne-maria Plevier
Anne-maria Plevier So bizarre. Yeah that will make them want to live.

Kylie Higgins
Kylie Higgins Why cant he decide where he wants to live????

He is a refugeee on a temporary protection visa but still having his life controlled by the nauran authorities.See more

Mark Saunders
Mark Saunders wow… to stop them killing themselves to get their own way?

Kylie Higgins
Kylie Higgins To all who are appalled by the way this man and his 8 year old daughter have beeen treated please considee joining the facebook group gifts for manus and nauru run by Ali Murdoch. Thhe group purchases items that the refugees and asylum seekers need/request. You can help by donating to the bank account, purchasing requested items and sending to ali who organises parcels to send to manus and nauru or topping up phone cards directly. A full top up is around $35 but you can also do smaller amounts. Ali coordi ates things so that everyone gets phone topups in a fair way. There is often a 5 week gap where the refugees and asylum seekers have no credit. The need is desperate. Please hselp.

Shane Myers
Shane Myers What’s the Groups name ? – thanks Kylie

Kylie Higgins
Kylie Higgins Hi Shane the group is called Gifts for Manus and Nauru. It is a closed group. You can search for the group and ask to join or send a message to Ali Murdoch who created the group. I will send you a pm.

Denise Kelly
Denise Kelly How dare they.

Fiona Burrows
Fiona Burrows Horrific 😢

Mel Phillips
Mel Phillips This is a disgusting blight on humanity Australians should be ashamed of themselves

Ali Murdoch
Ali Murdoch cry emoticon

Melinda Hughes
Melinda Hughes This poor man and his little girl, Dutton, you are a monster, along with the other monsters in government who support this inhuman policy.

Light and Life Ministries
Light and Life Ministries Agreed… Amazing post

Betty Blue
Betty Blue ffs blood on our hands

Claire Ting
Claire Ting So if a refugee hurts himself he goes to jail. But if anyone else hurts that refugee nobody is allowed to even report it let alone get in trouble for it.

Maree Smith
Maree Smith And the ridiculous just get more ridiculous!

Ruth Leahy
Ruth Leahy So did the Nazis!

Maree Smith
Maree Smith Ruth Leahy time to put a stop to this b.s. makes me absolutely ill.

Ruth Leahy
Ruth Leahy Can’t comment on another countries’ judicial – legal system. Lah Lah Lah Lah Blah.

Peter Kere
Peter Kere The government will just say that they realised there mistake knowing full well what they were doing

Annah Evington
Annah Evington Oh Dutton. You ghastly, ghastly ghoul. How far removed from humanity can you be?

Scott Metcalfe
Scott Metcalfe this is so very sad. it puts mental health services back into the ’60s. Australians are good people. how can this be happening?


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