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Mr Turnbull please remove all children from Nauru

We should start posting the plethora of letters written by advocates to the bureaucrats, begging for medical help for the sick and seriously injured children on Nauru right now! Mr Turnbull please remove all children from Nauru and please urgently medivac those children suffering from untreated medical conditions. They have been given a panadol, sleeping pills or anti psychotic drugs in place of an adequate diagnosis! Allowing them to suffer in pain for three years is cruel, criminal, inhumane and down right WRONG!


Christopher Haggarty-Weir
Christopher Haggarty-Weir I want a class action suit leveled against Labor and LNP politicians

Carmen Lee Platt
Carmen Lee Platt Let’s ask the Australian lawyers alliance for help!!!

Edith Wilson
Edith Wilson Rudd started this, just to win the redneck vote. He should be jailed for it.

Jill Robinson
Jill Robinson What both major parties have done under the guise of the offshore detention policy is immoral, disgusting and despicable.

Judy Buchanan
Judy Buchanan Yes, with the advocate’s permission, please post the letters!! Get the truth out there!

Ela Simon
Ela Simon How dare these politician allow this to happen? The burocrat who took his time approving the flight to Brisbane should be punished to the extent of the law. Thank you doctors for speaking out even though you may have been jailed. It’s despicable how negligent they were. I think the Four Corners program should be seen all over the world and Australia kicked out of the UN.

Wendy Steed
Wendy Steed Get them all out now !!!!!

Dianne Powell
Dianne Powell Great to see that doctors won’t be silenced on the disgusting treatment of asylum seekers in these prisons!

Larry Forbes
Larry Forbes Dear Australian politicians: No more excuses. Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. It’s over. Free the political prisoners in Manus, Nauru and Christmas Island, and bring them to Australia.

Estelle Philp
Estelle Philp Giving sleeping pills to children, or incorrectly prescribing anti psychotics is a suable offence. Can cause long teem problems. Totally immoral.



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