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Snap rally


As the Australian government scrambles to decide what its next step on offshore detention will be, people who care must speak loudly and clearly.

Those we have illegally and immorally imprisoned must be brought to safety in Australia.

Rallies are being called all over the country by activists and community groups – can you make it to one near you?

Sheila Ryan
Sheila Ryan Can`t be there but with them all the way.

Jill Robinson
Jill Robinson Yes – bring them here!

Chris Rintel
Chris Rintel Surely they have suffered enough

Janet Minchin Hanna
Janet Minchin Hanna Why is there never a GetUp rally in Hobart?

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Leslie Arthur Crockford
Leslie Arthur Crockford Hardly ‘Around Australia’, Hobart and Perth not represented.

Pip Turner
Pip Turner Sarah Ross Janelle Sewell doesn’t look like a snap rally has been organized for perth. Just in case you’re in a position to help:)?? I can’t believe that nz are willing to assist with resettlement of up to 300 people but that Turnbull is saying we canSee more

Rachel Callin
Rachel Callin Cairns is an awful long way from Brisbane. Wish a group ciuld be organised here but I don’t have the skills needed – I wish I did.

Rufus Rigsby Black
Rufus Rigsby Black . . . ” In a Big Country it`ll stay with You , like a lover`s Voice on the mountainside . ” Oh Australia these dressed up “concentration camps ” cannot be the answer . Be a Leader not a follower . Show the world an example .


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