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An open letter to the asylum seekers on manus and nauru from first dog on the moon

Please don’t give up. Xxx


Brad Griffin
Brad Griffin Eat his head. It is a potato

Freida Dyson
Freida Dyson I love this First Dog on the Moon – thank goodness for them!!!

Julie Stirling
Julie Stirling Well said, but it makes very sad reading.

Margaret Hardy
Margaret Hardy The inhumanity begins to look like Nazism. Moving people in the middle of the night – dragging people from their beds – isolating them from support people. Who is giving these orders? Why do the security providers not refuse to carry out such inhumane actions? Are they too “just following orders?”

Brenda Thomson
Brenda Thomson What makes it even sadder are some of the horrible racist comments.

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Xavier Love
Xavier Love Sending you children and your community so much love xxx

Ann Fletcher
Ann Fletcher Dutton should be ashamed

Steven Atheelius
Steven Atheelius Politics has murdered our humanity.

Steven Atheelius's photo.

Catherine Claessens
Catherine Claessens Please don’t give up either guys! Our government is disgusting but we want you to have safety here. Will keep fighting for you.

Graeme Charles
Graeme Charles Appalling: The wheels are in motion and evidence is being collected. Dutton & Morrison..start preparing your defence for the Hague….

Sue Hassell
Sue Hassell I know the past few weeks has been hard on all of you, please keep fighting for life and living a better one, you are not forgotten



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