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An Open Letter To Malcolm Turnbull And Peter Dutton

Ronda Rutherford
Ronda Rutherford I for one have had enough Turnbull and Labor if you are going to support such heinous policies. This is NOT a third world despot where you get to do whatever you want. ENOUGH!! These people need protecting , these people need a new home , these people would do whatever was needed to be good upright citizens. But your only way into this country is economic which makes you a mockery of a gov. and the people that support ‘planes only’ have never been desperate enough to use any other measure than economy or first class seating – which they use use regularly as people who are NOT persecuted. GIVE THESE POOR DESPERATE PEOPLE A HOME! – IF YOU DISAGREE THEN PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR DISAGREEMENT IN 10 YEARS TIME WHEN IT IS PROVEN THAT YOU ARE DISCRIMINATORY AND FASCIST!! I’ll certainly remember you.

Ronda Rutherford
Ronda Rutherford You can’t seriously take your hate out on innocent women and children – you can’t and then say how religious or upstanding you are. You must see what others see…..

Peter Merel
Peter Merel The Turnbull government has totally failed its duty of care with dozens of its victims now burning themselves alive, swallowing razor blades and bleach. I never thought I’d see Australia stoop so low.

Julie Stirling
Julie Stirling A really disturbing read but minions will keep Dutton and Turnbull from reading it. I call it living in an alternate universe. Your name for their moral vacuum is much more powerful.

Melissa Vollebergh
Melissa Vollebergh They don’t care! I just don’t understand such inhumanity. I really really hope they lose the election. This is just so mean.

Sheila Ryan
Sheila Ryan An excellent article and should be shared as much as possible.

Kevin Quilligan
Kevin Quilligan It’s nice to have someone specific to blame but these policies are approved of by many Australians. This is like a mass psychosis and genuinely worthy of all Nazi comparisons.

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Steven Atheelius
Steven Atheelius Letter should have been sent to Shorten too!

Anne Tichborne
Anne Tichborne Well put, Liam.


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