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Misty Eyed

The Prime Minister describes asylum seeker policy opponents as “misty eyed”. They are not – they are furious.


Lois Gaskin
Lois Gaskin And I am VERY angry!

Peter Llewellyn
Peter Llewellyn We sure are.

Sheila Ryan
Sheila Ryan I am more than angry.I am not misty eyed.I am determined not to vote for either major party this election.All their policies are directed to keeping them in power,not for the good of the Australian people.I am not responsible for Humans being locked up and torured —concentration camps in the Nazi way.However I am responsible because I am an Australian and my government makes these cruel decisions.

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Karen McLennan
Karen McLennan When is our government going to RESPECT the decision of Papua New Guinea and close the Manus Island camp ?????????

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Peter Llewellyn
Peter Llewellyn The “misty eyed” comment plus Dutton’s unconscionable attempt to shift the blame to asylum seeker advocates are among the most insulting things I’ve heard. It is one thing to write vile abusive stuff on FB posts, quite another for the government of this country, the PM no less, to vilify some of its finest citizens for standing up for the oppressed.#bringthemhere

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Jacob King
Jacob King As despicable is his attempt to blame journalists for inflaming passions.

Julie Stirling
Julie Stirling Misty eyed? We clearly see the inhumanity of this government and shed tears of rage, shame and frustration.

Brian Leslie Blackwell
Brian Leslie Blackwell Alas, people like Dutton, Turnbull, Abbott are beyond insult. You cannot insult them because they lack the ability to look inwards on themselves. We waste our breath on them. They are hollow men, bereft of any moral compass. They will go to their graves chanting their own mantras, never conceding a mistake, never taking blame for anything. They are a pestilence, a gnawing cancer at the very soul of this nation.

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Stan Florek
Stan Florek Sure Brian: Pestilence and cancer of this nation.

Russell Jordan
Russell Jordan Perhaps more a touch of the devil. Some horns coming out of his head would be appropriate surrounded by a ring of fire!

Bijou Po
Bijou Po Brian “They are hollow men, bereft of any moral compass”. Indeed they are but the Australian people are not and come 2nd July we can tell them exactly what we think of them at the ballott box.

Julie Hallett
Julie Hallett Why do 2000 people need to be imprisoned forever because they didn’t drown at sea?

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Jessen Cain
Jessen Cain Why dont you people take these people and put them in Australia.

Jeremy Summers
Jeremy Summers Been saying it for years. Future generations will look back on us with disgust that we allowed this to happen.

Ela Simon
Ela Simon Why are they punishing the Asylum Seekers instead f going after the people smugglers?

Mario Napolitano
Mario Napolitano Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels wrote in his diary on February 14, 1942:
“… determination to clean up the Jews in Europe pitilessly. There must be no squeamish sentimentalism about it. The Jews have deserved the catastrophe that has nowSee more

Jenn Tranter
Jenn Tranter We certainly are furious. And disgusted. And appalled. And pained ….

Kerry Morgan
Kerry Morgan The only reason the government has not been called on this is that they continue to play on people’s fears of terrorism – fear which is regularly stoked by the media.

Sue Leening
Sue Leening Intelligent and compassionate….well said Stephen Charles.

Peter Hill
Peter Hill They are death camps: every dead refugee is one problem less for the Government.

Leonie Ryntjes
Leonie Ryntjes This situation is a disgrace and a blight on our nation.


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