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Refugees don’t self-harm because of me, Peter Dutton, they self-harm because of you


John Brown
John Brown Look at those dead eyes

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Margaret Young
Margaret Young Thank you for your work and your story. I am one of many Australians who can’t believe the way Dutton and others try and spin, and hope that you you will continue to be the conscience and the best of our nation.

Dave Burgess
Dave Burgess I feel really sorry for that reptile.

Phil Sutherland
Phil Sutherland Dutton is a man who needs a compassion transplant. We should do it very slowly and without anaesthetic, as a warning to others. After all, he has set the precedent.

Peta Henderson
Peta Henderson Mr Dutton I challenge you to live as they do for a month, a week, a day………I bet you wouldn’t last. As an Australian I am ashamed we are treating people like this. I feel helpless to stop it…….

David Charles Crittle
David Charles Crittle Immigration Portfolio is a boot camp for new ministers. Look how ScMo was trained for his current role. A mercyectomy. Abuse powerless outsiders as preparation for disempowerment of Australians

Lonnie Kiss
Lonnie Kiss Its a pity he isn’t doing self harm, cretin.

Lonnie Kiss
Lonnie Kiss No Dutton its you!!!!

Julie Stirling
Julie Stirling A passionate and disturbing article. I pray for some glimmer of humanity from our government.

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Lynette Hill
Lynette Hill Good morning why can’t we let these people stay I need a good reason have they not done there time in Hell. I am Australian but keep thinking of other people that may have felt like this back in Second World War when No help was coming yes stop the boats .But not our Compassion

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Sheila Ryan
Sheila Ryan Catch and gaol people smugglers but don`t punish the poor people trying to escape persecution only to end up in hell.Bring them here.We have plenty of room.

Roger Boyce
Roger Boyce This guy makes one long for a literal hell.

Alie Cragg
Alie Cragg It causes me shame that my government condones this

Cecilia Broere
Cecilia Broere So evil. Get ready for The Hague, Dutton!

Alison Sandy
Alison Sandy I don’t know how this man sleeps at night. He truly lacks any humanity.

Bron Dahlstrom
Bron Dahlstrom What an excellent letter. Everyone should read it. I suppose Dutton won’t or if he does, he’ll dismiss it. How does he sleep?

Peter Hill
Peter Hill If Adolf Hitler blamed the Jews for the death camps, would you believe him?

Belinda McFayden
Belinda McFayden Dutton you douche. Do U honestly believe your own lies?


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