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Australia in court re crimes against humanity

Brenda Watts
Brenda Watts I hope they (the government ) are SEVERELY PUNISHED

Diego Negre
Diego Negre So they should

Julie Luke
Julie Luke About time..

Rik Eboy
Rik Eboy Well done Corporate Government.

Angie Gittus
Angie Gittus About time – I hope justice is done and the refugees imprisoned by Australia are brought to safety

Manfie Miller
Manfie Miller Hope justice is done.

David White
David White About bloody time

Alexis J Favenchi
Alexis J Favenchi There’s plenty of evidence…a result before the election please😬

Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke let justice be done…

Jan Harman
Jan Harman About bloody time.

マック デール
マック デール Unfortunately the people who are vehemently defending the governments policies won’t be held personally responsible.

Kate Jane
Kate Jane About time .

Elizabeth Anne Holt
Elizabeth Anne Holt Thankyou to the people who know what to do and care enough, Julian burnside has been tireless it seems. Once in another country in another camp I understood, when these people enter your heart they are there to stay❤️

Kathy Tidmarsh
Kathy Tidmarsh At last some hope.

Mark Delaney
Mark Delaney Good….. Turnbull’s policy is digusting and inhuman.

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Serial Pest
Serial Pest Well, well, well it couldn’t happen to a better bunch of Neo Nazis

Paul McLiesh
Paul McLiesh It’s a fair cop officer. Guilty as charged….

Claire Ahnon Chuong
Claire Ahnon Chuong Finally! Let this be just the start.

Ruby Dooby
Ruby Dooby About time!

Ruby Duggan
Ruby Duggan Yess!!! Finally!! still so embarrassed for my country though.

Annie Clarke
Annie Clarke And Indonisa?

Brian Leslie Blackwell
Brian Leslie Blackwell Unfortunately, I suspect that none of them will ever have to face the consequences in a court of law. They are among The Untouchables as far as guilt goes in war crimes and crimes against hunanity.

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Bronwyn Tudehope
Bronwyn Tudehope It’s about time

Dianne Powell
Dianne Powell Certainly it is about time, but will anything come from it, I doubt it unfortunately!

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Kate Burdett
Kate Burdett Hurrah the shame goes viral

Karin Hage
Karin Hage can we compare to PNG?

Karen Anne Pudney
Karen Anne Pudney For all to see- it’s about time.

Wendy Steed
Wendy Steed I am so relieved !!!!!

Kell White
Kell White Hoorah! Let these poor people be free!!

Acacia Endean
Acacia Endean Grace Morris dunno how legit this is but please let it be real

Sheree Kren
Sheree Kren Finally! Horrifying situation.

Ann Worcester
Ann Worcester This is great news! I hope it will raise awareness of what these human beings are suffering. I thought Scott Morrison was a terrible immigration minister, but Peter Dutton is worse! I hope they lose the election!

Julia Browell
Julia Browell Finally. May justice be done!

Julie Stirling
Julie Stirling At last, to our everlasting shame.

Naomi Naomi
Naomi Naomi You look just behind the scenes and the ugliness that is happening to the forgotten refugees living and working in Australia desperately going through immigration process that seems to have no rhyme or reason other than to cost large amounts of money wSee more

Heather Payne
Heather Payne .. if they win …. that would be the best thing to happen in our country for a long time

Roy Galey
Roy Galey It’s time for those who are responsible for these heinous crimes to be held accountable.

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Ela Simon
Ela Simon About bloody time. Make sure Peter Dutton is charged and removed from the government.

Wayne Jack Meddings
Wayne Jack Meddings It’s about time, send them all to Nauru.

Mim Malouf
Mim Malouf HURRAY!! Not before time.

Melissa Vollebergh
Melissa Vollebergh that’s fantastic; I hope common sense and decency wins. It’s not ok to lock up people without trial, why do I even need to say this?

Claire Meaney Evaux
Claire Meaney Evaux Long over due. Sad thing is it is down to a few horrible men misleading the public, using fear mongering tactics and letting vulnerable people take the blows.

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Chris Rintel
Chris Rintel I am glad somebody is able to do something about the inhuman way this country has treated REFUGEES.

Mike O'Brien
Mike O’Brien It’s about time that someone held the #LowNastyParty to account for their abuse of innocent assylum seekers.

Penski Maxwell
Penski Maxwell Good – about time


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