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Australians all let us hang our heads in shame

Gisela Stieglitz
Gisela Stieglitz So True, but don’t know what to do

Kathy Johnstone
Kathy Johnstone Well said. Confronting but true

Sue Clisby
Sue Clisby Powerful article.

Kevin Quilligan
Kevin Quilligan Bruce, my man. Well said.

Julie Hallett
Julie Hallett The asylum seekers have been imprisoned because they didn’t drown. Is that fair?

Teresa French
Teresa French Great article.

Neville Smith
Neville Smith Thank you Bruce Haig.
I was born in a much less wealthy Australia 70+ years ago, but a much more humane Australia.See more

Steven Atheelius
Steven Atheelius The Great Aussie Stain…

Steven Atheelius's photo.

Peter Hill
Peter Hill The politicians think that we are all xenophobic.

Anna Fahy
Anna Fahy Sad state of of affairs when I’m ashamed to be am Aussie!!

Brenda Thomson
Brenda Thomson Also ashamed to be Australian

Peta Henderson
Peta Henderson Not to mention they get the media to do their dirty work, spreading fear mongering and falsehoods. These poor people do not stand a chance. Australians, as a whole, should be rising up and protesting about it, otherwise we are guilty of oppression ourselves.

Sallie Davies
Sallie Davies Couldn’t have been said better.

Julie Stirling
Julie Stirling Absolutely.

Eva Luckeneder
Eva Luckeneder I agree too

Kathryn Elich
Kathryn Elich Forget ‘confronting’ . Things and people’s situations sometimes require direct confrontation to get an answer everyone can hear.
Their reaction is silence now. Meanwhile- people linger in pain. Prayer is still a powerful force.

Chris Hatherley
Chris Hatherley Which children in Nauru do you want to free?

Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU Refugee and asylum seeker children

Chrissie Eilenberg
Chrissie Eilenberg Shame in Australia . Shame on us. #closethecamps#bringthemhere.

Malcolm Shackleton
Malcolm Shackleton Years ago I never thought that Australia would become a boorishly smug, self obsessed nation that ran cruel concentration camps but it has happened. When i was younger I remember the line “It could never happen in Australia” when people discussed the sort of cruelty we are witnessing now. When, as a nation, will we begin to feel the shame?

Sabina Gugler
Sabina Gugler Brilliant!! Bruce Haigh is finally telling it exactly like it is! We need more of this Senator Richard Di Natale, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young,Senator Scott Ludlam !! We need to call things out over and over and over, we need to hound them with the truth not stopping until these selfish idiots are cornered and have no where left to hide!

Ronda Rutherford
Ronda Rutherford Thanks for saying what many of us have been saying.

Cecilia Broere
Cecilia Broere Martijn this article is spot on.

Sandra O'Flynn
Sandra O’Flynn I can’t get over Dutton’s comments last night – I am just aghast! That man is evil!

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Jaci Wiley
Jaci Wiley Bruce Haig – thank you for voicing the disgust, contempt, and horror so many of us feel. If you would like to, perhaps you could move focus to indigenous Australians and the horrifying treatment they are teceiving at thevhands of these same politiciaSee more

Richard Shortt
Richard Shortt You missed one important thing, Bruce. When it comes to coming to Australia with money, no one cares to enquirer where it came from or how it was gained. So, not only are the poor immigrants persecuted, rich ‘dodgy’ immigrants arrive only to have their countries of origin then ask for them back. Ask China it’s view on Australia’s ‘buy your way in’ process (or any other country which operates similar ‘citizenship for sale’ schemes.


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