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They’ve lost my vote – Deng Thiak Adut

Matthias Wintergarden
Matthias Wintergarden Confused as to why he was a Liberal voter in the first place. Their refugee policy hasn’t changed in the last two days – it’s been pretty terrible for a while now

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Wendy Steed
Wendy Steed Well done !!

Mike Jones
Mike Jones Can hardly vote ALP either as they too support offshore detentions. Sad. frown emoticon

Pauline McKenzie
Pauline McKenzie Me too. I have never voted Greens in my life and don’t agree on some of their policies but my vote will go to them as a protest vote this time. LET THEM STAY!

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Roger Boyce
Roger Boyce Dutton is vile man. And I use the term man advisedly.

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Mez Macintyre-ly
Mez Macintyre-ly They had his vote initially?

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Maggie McEwan
Maggie McEwan Turnbull says he is inspired by refugees who have fled war torn countries and persecution but it looks to me like they have to have been here for 50 years before he can be. Seems he’s only interested in the ones that have already proven themselves not in the ones with potential.

Julie Savill
Julie Savill I’m totally amazed that he ever supported them

Matthew Stapleton
Matthew Stapleton what’s that word again? …Ignorance, yep

Maria Broide
Maria Broide It’s interesting that after they become successful they become migrants, and are no longer called refugees.

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Ina Mullin
Ina Mullin Don’t ever say you won’t vote one way, make your vote count each time by evaluating policies and choosing those that you believe benefit most. The idea that we are set just gives policy makers the blank cheque to create policies that benefit their own interests. Get engaged, stay engaged. Hold political parties to account!

Penelope Forlano
Penelope Forlano Thank you Deng!


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