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Sack Dutton petition


Cheryl Cemeljic
Cheryl Cemeljic if i was so dishonest in my job – if i f’d up so royally – hell, if i was just this mean – i’d lose my job … about time these a’holes played by the same rules as everyone else. if you’re so ignorant that you can’t understand that illiteracy and innumeracy are teachable skills, but that lack of human empathy and compassion are unfortunately with you for life – then you have no business making rules for mankind.

Brian Leslie Blackwell
Brian Leslie Blackwell Nice thought but it’ll never happen., The only people who can sack this wretched man are the voters in his electorate. And will they do it?

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Janine Cullum Jones
Janine Cullum Jones He is opening his mouth and stupid, unthinking words come out ….not someone I want helping to run the country. If he worked in an average job he would be sacked for jeopardising the company like this. Not in my name Dutton!!!!!

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Nick Hall
Nick Hall Sack him for being a total creep.

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Sheila Ryan
Sheila Ryan Sack them all

Jacqui Jones
Jacqui Jones He won’t be sacked. Best solution is to turf the lot of them out in the coming election.

Peter Kelly
Peter Kelly Sack them all at the election

Leslie Arthur Crockford
Leslie Arthur Crockford Well, …. he didn’t exactly LIE, the real point is it’s just bloody irrelevant and demeaning to the people so tainted. Of course some will be illiterate, so were a lot of the people who now enhance our lives with their knowledge and experience, having come from overseas both as refugees and as migrants. I was something that did not need to be said coz it doesn’t matter one bit.

Dawn Forrer
Dawn Forrer Dump dopey Dutton

Sue Wilson
Sue Wilson This is a political tactic known as ‘throwing a dead cat on the table’: the aim is to keep people talking about the dead cat, and not the big issues such as education, employment, universal health care, and the inhumane detention of asylum seekers.…/any-election-involving…

Suzanne Yvette Startin
Suzanne Yvette Startin Dutton -Disastrous, Dim, Dastardly, Dumb and Dump Dump Dump.

Hackie Spew Sack
Hackie Spew Sack Where are these suppose facts? Refugees come here for their children. Are the children not going school learning english? If they are not locked up they are so where are these facts. Any politician says anything making it sound like facts. What a fkn joke.

Carolyn Diamond
Carolyn Diamond Why stop there? Sack the lot of them on July 2!

Pat Johnson
Pat Johnson OK Malcolm – let’s see what leadership you have? As you both lie – please sack Dutton – then sack yourself!

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Gail Loader
Gail Loader Dump Dud Dutton 😝

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Carol Drayson
Carol Drayson He didn’t lie, he spoke what is true about SOME refugees. It’s not true about OTHER refugees.

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Marc Pascal
Marc Pascal Duttonzombie

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Rachel Rae
Rachel Rae He is talking such rubbish I want to punch him whenever I see him. Yes some will be on welfare and some will get jobs. Like with all people living here. It’s how society works. Some work and pay taxes to help look after those who can’t. Stop phrasing See more

Dora Jahnes
Dora Jahnes And while you’re at it Malcolm…sack yourself for backing Dutton 100%

Bruni Staiger
Bruni Staiger For being a total incompetent moron

Jonathan Teh
Jonathan Teh And if you won’t sack him, Malcolm TurnBULL, then you should resign.

Kerry Morgan
Kerry Morgan If we sacked politicians fir lying, parliament woukd be virtually empty!

Graciela Muro
Graciela Muro Peter Dutton speaks and acts like a facist

Carolyn Sidaway
Carolyn Sidaway Are we the lucky country ? Or the locked up country ?
Or children are in day care, our parents are locked in debt, our First people are incarcerated, our sick are in institutions, our elderly are in (nursing)homes and our refugees are in concentration camps. Lucky our animals are in pounds ???

Margaret Blair
Margaret Blair He has to go !

Jane McMurray
Jane McMurray I’d sign this, but as a New Zealander I don’t have a vote over there!
(Actually, even if I lived and paid taxes in Australia for several years, I still wouldn’t have a vote! Unlike Australians coming here ….)

Pandy Benson
Pandy Benson sack the government for lying full stop and sue all of them (previous ones too) for crimes against humanity

Vivien Stanley
Vivien Stanley You call him a good minister. I call him a disgusting human being.

Helen Kar
Helen Kar Can refugees sue for defamation?

Warwick Drayton
Warwick Drayton Naughty Bill would be first out of Parliament. Even the ALP can’t stand him


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