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Statement from Omid’s family

Omid was an Iranian refugee who set himself on fire in Nauru on 27 April. He died in a Brisbane hospital on 29 April. Omid’s funeral was held in Iran yesterday, 20 May. The following is a statement from his family:

“Our hope is gone!
Omid is gone forever. He was only 24. “Omid” means “hope” in Persian. His father named him Omid because his birth gave hope, excitement, and life to his small family. As a child, Omid was so sweet and cute. He loved animals very much. He had built up a small shelter in his house where he kept his pets; they were just like his close friends.

Our Omid had it all: warm, friendly, always smiling, witty, and athletic ability. He was a lifeguard and saved a couple of children. Those kids still come to visit us. His friends describe him as a trustful, amiable, warm, and lovely fella. He was happy and joyful; full of life. It was impossible not to laugh when he was around.

Omid had a catchy slogan that everyone remembers: all his goodbyes were followed by this: “Chakeretam, Nokaretam”, a saying in Persian which implies: you can always count on me for everything. “Chakeretam, Nokaretam”, coming from his mouth, with a broad smile, while he was holding his cap with one hand and tapping your shoulder with the other hand.

There is no word that can express how bitter is his loss for us. Our Omid is gone, our hope is dead; so unbelievable, so sudden! We were counting on him, like always, like what he was saying every time; counting for better future, counting for sweet coming moments. Omid was doing well, enduring hardships for better future. What happened to Omid’s hope? Who has taken his hope? Who has taken our hope, our Omid? Who has made the life so bitter for him? We lost our Omid, our hope. Who has made the life so bitter for us? The endless bitterness . . .”

Carolyn Diamond
Carolyn Diamond Omid heart emoticon

Bijou Po
Bijou Po Vale Omid. heart emoticon

Donand Jean
Donand Jean Dear Lord,
This is so sad, my heart breaks to read this. frown emoticon

Robyn Rylands
Robyn Rylands And people wonder why young men become radicalised. How will this family ever recover from the fact that our government murdered their son.

Eva Luckeneder
Eva Luckeneder You have many loving memories of your loved one. They will always stay in your heart and never erase. Wishing you strength at this difficult time

Jean Litow
Jean Litow My profound sympathy for Omid’s family And their profound loss. Just heart breaking.

Leonie Morris
Leonie Morris We are so so sorry for what has happened, what a beautiful young man has been lost xx we are thinking of you

Claire Meaney Evaux
Claire Meaney Evaux So sorry you have to remember him and can’t be with him. So unnecessary and for no reason that makes sense. Perhaps his death will mean that more people will see what detention does to people and it will force governments to treat people with dignity and respect.

Maureen Shackleton Adams
Maureen Shackleton Adams And our government let it happen. 😡

Mel Harrison
Mel Harrison If I could send a message to Omid’s family I would tell how deeply sorry, sad and ashamed I am that such a beautiful soul has been driven to this. And love to them in this time of grief.
And to you dear children do not give up. More and more people here in Australia are fighting for you.

Olive Sant
Olive Sant A copy of this should be sent to our Prime Minister and the parents of Omid should receive an apology from him.


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