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New York Times article

The world is starting to listen. The New York Times wrote: “Treat them with humanity as their demands for permanent settlement are assessed. Scrap a policy that shames a nation with its pointless cruelty.”


Jay Oh Jo
Jay Oh Jo What would Bernie Sanders say about this situation? If he would tell the truth about Nauru our grief about this would be global. Ask him to say something! The world is listening!

Tara Leslie
Tara Leslie If the world is listening why is it still happening? 😰

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Bruce Hale
Bruce Hale “Pointless cruelty” sums up that cretin Dutton

Mario Napolitano
Mario Napolitano Clearly the NYT doesn’t get it. Of course the cruelty isn’t pointless! The point of it is to win elections… by appeasing the bogans, bigots and bullies of this country.

Jodie Fergusson-Batte
Jodie Fergusson-Batte Good! They don’t listen to their own citizens but they tend to do anything the US says.

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Deborah Grice
Deborah Grice So many Australians deplore this policy… we’re a global embarrassment, a laughing stock – viewed as the red-neck-hill-billies of the world at the moment… but worse, we are allowing this vilely inhumane treatment of fellow humans to happen. We must use our power come 2nd July to right this wrong.

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Helen Hill
Helen Hill The US have Trump to embarrass them in front of the world, we have offshore detention, both countries should be hanging their heads!

Cristal Lee
Cristal Lee Can we have some ministers that don’t make us look like monsters? Between barnaby joyce, dutton, greg ‘minister against the environment’ hunt and abbott/turnbull we are the worlds jerks.

Free the Children NAURU
Free the Children NAURU We don’t care who started it or who has been the cruellest. We Care about who is going to have a heart and stop it. We are sick of hearing about blame!

Michael Noble
Michael Noble The problem is that red-necks like Dutton would take this as a compliment.

Regina Kroczek
Regina Kroczek Just like Nazi Germany; it takes a long time for the rest of the world to intervene, and with government secrecy, the worst has not been told…yet.

John Cotton
John Cotton Ahhh! A talking potato!

Roy Galey
Roy Galey Dutton and co are totally bereft of humanity and do not deserve to represent us. I hope that they will be held account for their inhuman actions.

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David Evans
David Evans Hey, potato head dutton, you’re famous!

Virginia Bowe
Virginia Bowe Not just Dutton, its the government and the opposition

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Mark Delaney
Mark Delaney We’ve mined our soil for Malcolm Turmoil; Our land is Girt by refugees …..

Chris Scott
Chris Scott “Beyond electoral calculations, people are dying,…Treat them with humanity as their demands for permanent settlement are assessed. Scrap a policy that shames a nation with its pointless cruelty.”

Judy Daniels
Judy Daniels Of course, the US welcomes refugees with open arms. How many Iraqi, Afghani,Syrian people have they taken in?

Anita Cooling
Anita Cooling What is it going to take for the Australian government to do the right thing, instead of what they think is politically advantageous (although it is beyond me why they think it is!!!!). Close the detention centres, it’s a no brainer.

Roz Lyn
Roz Lyn Finally things might change for the better! Compassion, kindness, love, understanding, empathy….. It’s not hard!! ❤️

Alison Rodrigo
Alison Rodrigo So it seems our govt needs to be internationally shamed into doing the right thing. I can’t believe it’s taken so long for this shameful policy to be scrutinised elsewhere.

Peter Llewellyn
Peter Llewellyn Don’t hold your breath folks. The only way to change the policy is to get rid of the policymakers; they won’t change their evil minds.

Theresa Clare
Theresa Clare ‘shames a nation’ is right

Ann Wherry
Ann Wherry Well done NY!

Kevin Lennox
Kevin Lennox Howard might have started this but unfortunately, Labour has bought into this garbage.

Alida Watson
Alida Watson Perhaps the Americans should sort out their own backyard They are about elect a person into the oval office that wants to build a fence to keep Mexicans out, expel all Muslims and whatever ever else appeases the rednecks

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Hazel Tong
Hazel Tong Just wanted to encourage you that I saw “grandmothers against detaining refugee children in camps” out in my home town raising awareness about Nauru. I’m praying for you.

Jud Milligan
Jud Milligan mmmm “shames a nation with it’s pointless cruelty”…

Jasmin Amie Pugh
Jasmin Amie Pugh Sealing asylum amazing documentary everyone should see it.

Sherilee Macready
Sherilee Macready Well done Nee York Times! You got it right.

Robert Care
Robert Care Right to call us despite coming from a rogue state. Doesn’t say much for Australia. 😬

Jenn Tranter
Jenn Tranter At last.



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